Warthunder’s strange History of April Fools

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Source: ZoltanSultan

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  1. Become a channel member, join the https://discord.gg/nrbsVmjkDG and check the description for links to original source videos + music.

    Thank you to my boi SalteWalte for furry tiger clip https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHJV6b2HSxaWkrZOAFG0d_A

    • @SleepySkull Gaijin on many chances has denied many features or stuff so “take the CEO’s word” isn’t so convincing when there is tons upon tons of evidence against that

    • They denies stuff for the next update everyday. But it’s very rare they outright say “No” or “never” for future updates.
      There’s the supersonic aircraft they said wasn’t fun during testing, But they implemented it anyway because of high demand and you know what? They are right, top tier Air Battle is a shit hole.

    • eyyyyyyyy the robot one is from war robots btw i love war robots try it

    • Im born on april 1st!

    • 5:29 britain intensifies

  2. That march to victory event is literally a game I have been wanting for so long. But honestly all of them look great.

  3. Next ? Infantry.

  4. Who else really wants submarines to be a full tech tree / game mode?

  5. I wonder what 2021 will have in store…

  6. I always thought of MGS when I saw the walkers, rather than Star Wars

  7. The song is taken from assasin’s creed 4 sea shanties I think. (Or maybe it’s editied in)

  8. 5:21 я аж замер от удивления, очень люблю 4-ю часть Ассасинов и эти прекрасные шанти)

  9. Unrealistic Battles was my favorite one

  10. With the ponys if you didnt retract gear…. would It just rip off there legs

  11. 2017: BR 14.0 as a joke
    2021: Gaijin: BRs higher than 11.0 are literally impossible!11!

  12. second tank of nitro

    I just got warthunder and I’m super excited to experience my first April fools

  13. It would be cool if they added ww1 airplanes and tanks this April Fools Day.

  14. Abdulhameed Al-Sikafi

    Making fun of WoT, look which game looks better now.

  15. George Papageorgiou

    I like the third one the armored walkers

  16. excellent video and great channel

  17. PanzerJäger Tiger Porsche

    The balloon tanks in the 2015 April fools was based off of the inflatable tanks made by Hollywood that were used to trick the Germans into thinking that the British were going to attack a different area of France where the British channel was thinnest instead of Normandy

  18. I’d love to just play these in custom games

  19. It is awesome how wt actually makes the game fun.

  20. Master Chief doing at MCDonalds

    an idea for april fools:tiny tanks


  22. War thunder brony? Since when!


  24. I don’t think anyone is gonna see this comment. But my birthday is on april fool’s day!

  25. My first day of warthunder was the my little pony April fools and I was really confused

  26. They should add a mode with all this ridiculous shit in it. Imagine youre walking along in your mech, you just took out a Tiger II wearing a ridiculously large hat, and you see a pony hunting down a flying saucer in the distance in front of you.

  27. What do you mean they had mechs?!?

  28. I played 2019 and 2020 and those two need to be their own games respectively 2020 best event out of the two i played Space Thunder was pretty enjoyable with good controls and easy to learn I want a Space Thunder game or gamemode in WT

  29. Giratina The_distorter

    Submarines low key look awesome

  30. The bronies have infiltrated dev

  31. They had too much of meth

  32. My little pony well armed and boney

  33. the mechs were awesome!

  34. I played the submarine one

  35. It be fun if there was a game mode to play Old April fools events

  36. 4:30 the AT ST one is my favorite

  37. The best part of the pony event was when people took out their fancy new tempests and me262s just to get nerfed by near supersonic ponies with laser guns

  38. If they want to troll players, should announce they aren’t going to do one, then spring it on us with no warning.

  39. They should do more space thunder like events, I liked where you had to craft all your items and stuff. It was super fun

  40. I’ve been playing since 2012 but never got into the War Tinder news until 2018. 2019 was the first April Fools I played ^^; I really wish I was more active in the community back in those hilarious glory days when it was a tight community. It was much nicer, but the future is always better. I wouldn’t trade it.
    A memory is better than a wish

  41. i love the 2016 one

  42. It would be great if each day leading up to April 1st they had one of the old April 1st pranks. :happysigh:

  43. Hoping they make a joke infantry update

  44. o.O
    tfw you realize the next April fools event is just few days away!

  45. kingdom of Italy At War.

    5:05 *Now This Fells Like a Picture Taken From Iron Harvest*

  46. kingdom of Italy At War.

    Damn I Wish I Didn’t Miss The Ufo Event.

  47. kingdom of Italy At War.

    *When The 2019 April Fools Becomes A Feature in 2200*

  48. Can’t wait for the 2021 April Fool’s.

  49. Blitz With Michael


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