Was Onslaught the BEST World of Tanks Yet?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Onslaught in World of Tanks 7 7 game mode with tonnes of new features like tank picking, fog of war and abilities – but is it any good?



  1. QB complaining about not seing arty in this mode…

  2. My best is 6 kills 11k dmg ….with Leo ….yea I know …

  3. I’m a new player and don’t have any T10 tanks. I guess I’ve fallen even further behind lol.

  4. Not having arty is a GOOD thing !! How the f*** is the fact of being forced to play actively in this game mode is supposed to be a bad thing ?!
    We are tired of fat 44% WR players clicking from the back of the map. We are tired of camping TDs waiting for enemies to pop in front of their gun.
    Players need to learn how to impact the game instead of complaining of their “playstyle” not being encouraged, without questionning wether this playstyle is viable or not.

  5. About best equipment. You forgot that WoT is MMORPG. Like all MMORPG you grind to get better eq than others to make your character (or tank in WoT) better than others. That’s the core of MMORPG games.

  6. I absolutely HATED it. Im not a shlt player, but I got quickly up to Silver… And then with 8 loss in a row and bad luck all day, I was back to ZERO rating. Only platoons of friends can do well in this BS.

  7. Complaints Department

    Short answer, no.
    Long answer, hell no.

    The only upside to me was being able to switch tanks at the start of the match, depending on what map you were on.

  8. Yeah you can always pick the “right” tank….. If you already own all the correct “meta” tier X tanks and have them all set up correctly with a maxed out crew. Which I dont.

  9. On one side this mode was great . As the main reward was not linked with the ranks so you could brute force /grind the 160 wins in Iron rank . On the other side as some here wrote the loss streaks were brutal. I managed to get to silver A division was 1 point away from Gold and got a loss streak that put me almost on Bronze A division after that i just stopped playing. I dont understand why WG did not make it so that if u managed to get to a rank you would retain it . Sure loose points and fall into lower division / group but why loose the rank all together ?

  10. Got my 20 wins credits mission done and stopped playing immediately. The mode is soooo boring that it’s not even funny, bond turbo or not, wg can stick the turbo in a place where no light ever goes, not going to grind for hours in a boring af mode

  11. Yeah the length and imbalance of the battles…. 7 players. PRETTY MUCH means if one team loses 1 tank, its a steamroll loss. And you very rarely feel able to make an impact. Hated this.

  12. biggest good point is, that no 279 e s or chiefs were allowed

  13. I hate the Super Conq, and dont own the other 2 tanks. So I had to use other things. I played the Controcarro a lot. And Object 277 – 430U.

  14. Have to agree. Those modes are fun but to get some good rewards you need to grind like crazy which is not possible for anyone to whom WoT is just a way to have some fun. The worthwhile rewards should be within reach even for the casual player. I think this will encourage more people to play the game . As QB said- if you see 160 wins on this mode for the top prize, then you might as well don’t start it. I am curious what WG will think of for the Christmas event- last year was a bit of a blunder and felt like too much grinding again.

  15. I agree with you totaly. And the 15 v 15 with ELO on all maps sounds great

  16. QB i think you reached the level of a Demigod. You are understand the thinking of WG and how an average player fell. I am enjoying your show abaut years. I was ther when wot start . But year pass and the fun part of gameing is gone now. But you bring it back when i watcing you. Keep it up!

  17. ELO would be fantastic for ending seal clubbing stat padders. As a noob, who finally tryed the game after watching you for 5 years, I HATE the damn game. it is unrewarding, unfair and totally offputting at the low tiers. 80% of the games had me overrun and clubbed by ‘experts’ before I had even had a chance to see where to go. How can a noob “Get gud” in that scenario? In the real world this is called Bullying. Strange that it is just people “having fun” in WoT. Not an environment to encourage new players, so I am praying for ELO in the random queue

  18. Detective Patchouli

    hey Quicky Baby i got question , does this game even still relevant ?

  19. I pretty much never play wot anymore but for some reason this game mode brought me back.

  20. best mod ever… i played it each day.

  21. They need a mode with no gold rounds and arty. That would be the best ever.

  22. For me, the most ugly thing was, that you can lose all your progress and easily droped down from, let’s say gold A to the iron or debutant.. In so many battles it doesn’t if you are rly good player or bad.. You just need to be lucky, but oh boy.. If you are not the lucky one, then u can have 10 losses in a row and then it’s simply GG and Alt+F4

  23. Antanas Rapkevicius

    Grinded my 160 wins within first 2 weeks or so and forgot this game mode. I found 7v7 being more fun than random 15v15 simply as you had more room to operate (i only play mediums) and the games were faster. however i was disgusted with the ranking system as i could never really climb higher than the gold league. After a good session you hit the gold league, then next day no matter what you start with typical 8-10 defeats in a row and you are back to debutant or silver league. i calculated my win ratio about 49% in the mode that is about standard for any occasional players but with that average you wont climb up the leagues. tank selection was always the same 6 or 7 different tanks, with least 4 super conquerors any game between both teams.

  24. I have made it to the 160th win…playing MAUS in more than 70% of my games… I have played 277 a bit,but it did not had the impact on the result.
    I don’t want to play that mode ever again… It was borring and i felt slow and fat exp bag. WarGaming forced me to play the Maus since it was exclusive tier 10 mode,and i have only two tier 10s,plus a FOCH 155.

  25. Basically WoTB modes but only T10.

  26. I completed onslaught free to play, no premium consumables, handful of gold rounds, achieved a 55% win ratio, got to gold rank before completing the 160 wins, while using my only 3 t10 tanks, Manticore, Strv103b and T110e3.

  27. I’ve got team reported every tima i tried to try my Fv4005, Strv, or every LT. Got so boring over time that i could not touch the mode after barely finishing

  28. Welcome to WoT Blitz 😀
    As great Blitz player but poor PC player, I had a lot of fun playing Onslaught. I felt right at home in the 7v7 format. Agressive actions were more rewarding!

  29. Let us all be honest. Most of the time better players are better cuz they pay for premium, use premium ammo, consumables etc. So actually when QB says people are better thru skill and should not be thru money, its how it is from start. The more you pay the better you are, fact

  30. Regarding rewards i don.t agree with u because without them nobody would play any mode.5vs5 was more fun because:1-ppl always went to the base.2-there were no “special” abilitties which means that team didn.t split up.3-as u said,playin meds or just ht made me sick…with this mode wg just tried to replace ranked but with fewer rewards…

  31. I definitely felt the pain of not having meta tanks. It really stopped me from being able to climb to the highest ranks.

  32. This mode made me very salty and frustrated and having to force my self to thous 160 wins that i needed a brake from the game after. Tier 10 is so salty like no where else

  33. i’m really angry that Wargaming didn’t bring Mriny 13 to 2022 but they did bring back the Last blitztrager event

  34. Totally agree with you ..
    I got bored after 10 games and got back to the random queue

  35. Milan van de Zanden

    Having a bond turbo versus a normal one is a difference, but not game winning on a consistent basis. Most of the skill has to come from actual tactics knowledge and skillful aim

  36. I enjoyed Onslaught quite a bit. Very nice change from the standard random games.

    The reduced amount of players (7 instead of 15 per team) is the top positive.

    The lack of artillery wasnt a problem at all. And the low number of TDs or lights wasnt felt negative.

  37. For weeks I am at 40% tops…. No fun anymore. FU Wargaming

  38. the ruin of this gamemode was the rigged mm,boosting noobs up to high ranks,ending up ruining competitive players experience

  39. who the hell would report someone for playing a tank they feel is wrong? if so, the reporting system should be shut down.

  40. The points you mention are exactly the reasons I chose not to play Onslaught. WG doesn’t balance these gamemodes, It’s for the no-lifers and try-hard players. Not the regular player.

  41. Oops forgot #1.5 no chieftain 279e or 907!

  42. I thought onslaught was mental torture. No matter how you performed your teammates could easily throw a game. It boiled down to S.Conqs, CS-63s and the AMX M4 54. I’ve been trying to reach champion and in the last 2 hours alone I’ve had people choose leopard 1’s and camp at the back, afk players, people choosing arty etc. The game mode is nearly there but it honestly feels down to the luck of the draw. Even if you performed well but lost you were still punished.

  43. Its also yet another tier 10 only event.

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