Was This Tank NOT GOOD ENOUGH?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Tanks – Object 268. Today I'm asking why the Object 268 version 4 was needed and if its predecessor was ever bad!


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  1. “pay to win rounds” everything in the game is pay to win.

  2. 263 was way better than 268 4 when he was tier 10

  3. What we need is more premium tanks with 4-5 shoot magazines…and 321 pen on tier 8….so tree tanks can go fuck them self’s.., situation from yesterday ….out from 15 tanks 12 were premium

    • What’s so “special” about the GSOR’s pen? Lot of T8 TD’s, premiums and tech tree, have better pen than 321. Also the shell pen drop on that round is absolute garbage.

  4. QB update your info. The 268 was nerfed in terms of mobility and alpha as well as HEAT pen. The nerfs killed it and even some recent buffs (armor and gun arc) didn’t do good enough to make it relevant.

  5. I sold my Obj. 268 when they nerfed it hard the first time. Reverse and traverse speed was almost halved, and alpha damage was nerfed by 100 I believe. This was years ago, but it pissed me off so bad, I raged and sold it off. Then after the v.4 came out, it was rendered obsolete, so I was pretty happy about selling.

  6. Was this question really necessary :is the 268 4 necessary to the game?
    MIKE HELL NO! How many have youd said that already

    BTW this gameplay does not show the true power of the 268, amazing AP and Heat, fast and really accurate for such a gun

  7. Hi Quicky, i feel quiet a noob in this game though i have some tier x. I always see you playing with a premium consumable in the third slot without using the fire extinguisher. I mean how do you manage fire if it happens?
    I also want to let you know i love your videos 🙂

  8. I used to play Obj 268 on Wot Blitz. Fun time having one of the most powerful guns in the game. Until FV4005 arrived 🙁
    Blitz is probably not welcomed here (I just don’t know) but that’s what made me attracted to QB’s videos, so don’t be too harsh, please 🙂

    (Grille arrived before FV4005, but hitting it with an HE was so satisfying :D)

  9. I think the Version 4 operates more to what makes a meta tank. Like either you are are brusty damage that can relocate or your have the armor to brawl.

  10. I absolutely adore the standard 268, but i guess i belong to a small group of people haha

  11. Honestly I want the old 263 back instead of the bobjects mind numbingly idiot proof gameplay style. Love the 268 still but the v4 is just dumb and boring to play, requiring none of the skill and unique gameplay the old 263 offered

  12. i used to play the 268 right when it came out after the 704, rolling big gun, pushing the heavys away as it was new and with a huge alpha

  13. No QB, they have nerfed this tank to the ground while making alpha dmg reduction from 850 to 750. Gun accuracy is worse, dpm is worse, armor used to be much better. Nowadays tanks like that P44 don’t need to flank this tank, they will just aim and pen it frontaly reliably … Such a shame, it was such a nice tank, now it’s close to garbage. Fun fact JPzE100 still hasa a high chance to pen IS-7 turret…

  14. dead tank no one is playing it because it’s garbage, every body can out play you or even pen you so easily, not a fun tank

  15. I watch your videos in between GSOR reloads

  16. direction it takes is to more mario carts…wounder if I can make mario tank in mario car games and go around shoot all the players there just to ruin their game like wg did to ours…oh.well is a nice tought 🙂

  17. My old 268 had a 4.xx damage ratio and the same 4.xx KD! After months of grinding, I had 2 weeks to play this TD and to achieve this and a max damage output of almost 9k, before the patch came. But I had a great time with loads of in-match insults from both sides how I can this easily kill so much Maus, E100, IS7, JGE100 and even E3. At this time I had a 5000 Rating, very average.

  18. 1:13 fact that t30 is better than e4 🙁

  19. Mad_TOGII_Jax noob_tetris_player

    V 8 games 😀 AHAHAHAHAHA!

  20. I love playing aggressive in TDs. I just yell ASSUALT TANK!!! As is pray to god i dont get trained.

  21. My first tier 10 TD. I like it very much, but you can’t play it like this unless playing against tier 8, and on a good map. This TD is out of meta for a looooong time. I guess that’s why WG introduced a beast that is version 4. I’m not sure we needed version 4, I grind to it as soon as it appeared in game, but I still like my original 268 better.

  22. Historicalgamer 2002

    he is the top tier tank, getting lucky that the fv4005 doesn’t shoot HESH and declares that this tank is good

  23. 0.33 my ass, maybe 0.53. The original 268 was great, I would even say slightly op. Then the nerfs came (pene, alpha, mobility, camo) and it was just a bit too much.

  24. What is the reason why consoles do not get the same maps you play? Different server?

  25. for six months im thinking if i should buy it or not . got the 268v4 in the mean time …

  26. 5:55 “exposing only the absolute smallest amount of my tank as possible” > exposes entire lower plate to the ISU152.

  27. _Ilija__2016 Replays

    Obj. 268 is good

  28. 0:54 Ammo changes were not the biggest change to this take. It used to have the single most accurate gun in the game, it was 0.2something (cant remember exactly, like 0.22 or 0.28). It was nerfed shortly before I unlocked it, haven’t bothered to buy it as a result.

  29. The main thing I’m not liking from the game today is I used to love taking my time and aiming and hitting the target almost all of the time it was so rewarding but now doesn’t matter if your fully aimed it will still miss the target by a mile and is just frustrating so I just turn the game off

  30. Back in the day when the Object 704 was top of the tree along with the Jagdtiger the 704 was untouchable, then they introduced the Obj 263 and Obj268 lines.
    Even back then the 268 promised so much, more armour, more pen, more damage….but…even back then the Obj704 was more consistent and more survivable.
    I got bored of the Obj 268 after the p*ss poor accuracy meant you could miss the side of a tank from 100m, everything you faced could go straight through your armour seemingly without trying and one in every 4-5 shots you did manage to land bounced of things it really shouldn’t, like ELC’s.
    It was the ultimate troll tank…unfortunately it was you that was getting trolled

  31. I cant really see how v4 is op I seem to do better in the 263? People just load gold and go through every where and I am constantly being hit by arty?

  32. Just HATE all of the newly minted encounter maps like Cliff and This map your showing ( Polish thingie ). I hate them so much that after playing WoT for 6 years with encounter on I turned it off I can’t see these maps or I will quit.

  33. I bought this vehicle when it was top of the tree. Enemies destroyed my weak point on top too often. I sold it a few days later. Tier IX better. There is not much reason to play this vehicle. But I agree. 268-4 is too stronk. Even now 🙂 Well… you would do well with tier VIII in the battle… But with Full tier X spamming gold 90% of the time… not fun.

  34. Why is a relatively slow turretless TD played so poorly in a time of EBR’s etc. I wonder.

  35. I love the 268 because of how fast this thing reloads a shell even without food and with regular modules.

    13 seconds reload for 750 damage with trolly armor is fantastic. It’s hilarious that if I can bait the shot of an E3 or E4, I can take my time to aim at them and still be faster on the second shot before I fall back again.

  36. Carl Khentan Allen U. Altovar

    im currntly grinding for this tank i hope Wg will not remove it

  37. This thing was my first tier 10 TD. Has QB said, I never had a problem with it. I did always die being too aggressive, but that was down to my skill at the time.

  38. I opened 25 loot boxes and I got 2 teir 3 tanks a Matilda and a gsor(and of course gold and credits and premium)

  39. I did not know foomanchew was making videos for quickybaby

  40. Im currently grinding for this tank i dont want the v4 of it TD is TD not TD/HT lol

  41. Nice matchup here. Typical for me is: T9/10. 2/3 arties. Super spotting lights me up first time I fire. I get tracked. Arti wrecks me.

  42. I sold mine. You miss or bounce quite a lot of shells in it. Before the nerf the he rounds where very nice but now not so much. I kept only the isu 152 but again, bl10 gun is not what it once was. Again after the nerf…..

  43. The 268 definitely needs some love. It’s pretty lack luster. Only thing it has is the big boom gun, but it’s very derpy.

  44. i’m so done with people playing broken tanks and still cry about it not being the most broken one, keep in mind that 268.4 and Rhm. Pzw are in the same tier… (BTW fuck 268.4)

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