Was This the RIGHT DECISION?!? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing Centurion AX in World of Tanks and faced with a tough decision – will it be the right one?



  1. Your teammates sucked, typical game though lol I bet that grille was shooting gold and then just hit tracks or something stupid I see people do that all the time. Load gold then just hit tracks 🙄

  2. Of course, it was, and it is cool that it was. Since most of your decisions in the last few years have been wrong, and detrimental to your mental health. But at the least, you can make videos like this still. Just take 20 games where you make WRONG DECISIONS?!?

  3. I left the game a year ago. Have they fixed the match making system yet?, or is it still teams of pro’s vs teams of new people and vets that suck? I love the game, just didn’t like the lopsided matches even if I was on the winning team.

  4. I still think the AX is a good tank, caz I only play blitz and we still have the 4202 at tier X…

  5. I remember I watched this battle on your stream, but in the beginning I was like, I remember watching your steam and your on the same tank and same map I was like hmmmmmm this is very similar to what I watched on the stream and then I realized that this is the battle I watched on the stream when you shut down that arty

  6. I think you did the perfect play. You just got a super noob grille and leopard, I don’t think you can win this unless you got lucky

  7. 8000+ dmg in a lost game is just a waste off time, no more, no less….

  8. @QuickyBaby I’ve played this tank many times in all game modes. It was a great tank up till they nerfed its Hesh. They buffed the mobility. Its no different from Patton 48.

  9. FletcherTheNoble 45

    i am loving all this qb content keep up the good work

  10. Miguel Arespacochaga

    I always wonder why WG don´t give some reward for the top 3 players in the losing team (or even the best one). It´s frustrating to do (like in this one) 7k damage and kill 4 tanks, and get a tiny reward even if you performed excellent.

  11. fear of getting “proxi spotted” from 400m away :))

  12. You should give the AMX 30B or AMX 30 some love :'( at least the tier 9 is fun

  13. I remember seeing this stream, what and heartbreak…

  14. 12:02 “the leo shuts down the leopard” lol

  15. I would have gone after the 268 off the hill initially. Arty be darned

  16. @12:00 “and the Leo shuts down the leopard on my team”

  17. Aries Arthur Garcia

    121b HE shells have 110pen i think

  18. You should try the amx cdc with it mobility you will like it 💀

  19. I like to grind AMX30B but the tank no more on tech tree 😂😂😂

  20. I hate players like that Leopard, sits and does nothing waiting for the team to do the heavy lifting, then goes and “secures” kills at the end. He cost you that game for sure.

  21. That utter glue-sniffing idiot in the Leopard lost you guys the match. It’s players like him that make me hate this game so, so much.

  22. Action x aka instant ammo rack!

  23. Complaints Department

    The Cent Action 10 is trash. The gun handling is so atrocious that I got sick of shots that had no business missing OR bouncing, CONSISTENTLY MISSING AND/OR BOUNCING, that I sold this stupid thing in disgust.

  24. Such a nice looking tank but that’s if

  25. When you were still 2 tanks, I think it was right to tell your teammate to be safe then try to team up. A turretless tank is not that scary when you have mobile tanks to flank. Ideally you both have mics to coordinate your final movements than giving them 2x 1 on 1 engagements

  26. I love my 30b it’s the first tier 10 I got

  27. Perhaps the only thing that could have been done better would be to start moving as soon as the tree fell – then you would be closer to cover. But hindsight is 20/20.

  28. Is Quickybaby using a MOD to be able to see all of the enemies tank.. the tank is red where you can’t hit it… Is that a MOD or a function I’m missing?

  29. When a tank is outnumbered like 268 was, you shouldv’e attacked it. Instead you let Grille by itself and tried to cap. You showed fear.

    Just a heads up.

  30. I feel like the panther/m10 also has a bad silhouette. I am surprised that I ever bounce anything.

  31. “and the leo (268*) actually shuts down the leopard on my team”

  32. “I’m bad drive” well thank God you’re just driving the most driving-focused vehicle

  33. QB you can’t fix a team that don’t pull there weight

  34. I don’t think the question was what you did-didn’t do at the end of the battle.
    The mistake was needlessly putting yourself into a cross fire by going to the top of the hill.
    It was greedy and cost you most of your HP. Now if you had that additional HP at the end of the battle……

  35. You should have left the cap once you see the tree fall and go to the cover. That way you can shoot him once and get behind cover more quickly. 268 could’ve stopped coming for you when you left the cap and ends up as a draw but that way, you’d have better chance winning.

  36. Leo reported grill was a idiot

  37. Thanks for continuing to example good sportsmanship for our young and older players.

  38. it’s a matter of luck and guess in these moments i say gg qb

  39. I like this tank a lot . I think they could buff this tanks dpm or turret armor and it would be ok . Not both but one or the other or maybe 440 alpha make it slap give it a 120 mm .

  40. I love the Centurion AX. It was my first Tier 10 and whenever I play it it just feels like such a nice middle ground (especially as I’m mostly a medium tank player). It has great gun depression, enough armour to pull off some bounces, nice gun handling and pretty fast. Feels a bit like an armoured Leopard which is slightly worse at long distances but has a much better chance at close range

  41. R U on too much coffie or you speed it up? Bugs bunny vibe 😀

  42. That hill is a favorite spot to kill tanks you are on in the NA servers you hardly see players use that hill 🤣

  43. I dont know his set up but my AX reaches 60KPH, my view range is 490+. I find the gun unreliable shots going way of center 90% of the time bounces easy pens. Cent7/1 gun behaves way more reliably has a lower profile and better turret. WG making a teir x worse than a teir 9. You can scrap in this tank but everyone using heat at teir x means no bounces you have to play long range support these days depending upon opposition line up. I seem to have better view range than other medium tanks in my team so play as scout when no lights in team. I cant make this tank work coinsitently in current meta.

  44. Being a one shot being on the cap puts you at a disadvantage, you needed some distance to get 2 shots on him, being in the cap put you to far away from cover so you were only getting one shot on him and him one on you. But hind site is 20/20, can’t fault you I would have done the same.

  45. Israel Rey Canceran

    heartbreaking loss

  46. You could go for the cap circle where the 268 popup track him then go around him track again you win

  47. The gun handling of the Centurion should be improved. It is basically a paper med like the Leo. And it should consequently excel by its gun

  48. I’ve actually been really loving the AX in onslaught. Just seems to be a solid performer

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