WATCH OUT FOR THIS TANK! 114 SP2 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The 114 SP2 was just delivered to all the 2021-2022 ranked veterans in World of Tanks is quite the danger – here’s why!



  1. Why bothering to make a tank like this?

  2. Hello, I was just wondering since I wasn’t able to play during the first season if it would be possible to still get this tank ? I’m hoping I’d get it next season since I currently have 8 ranked tokens.

  3. Great video !

  4. 11:00 how did that bounce????

  5. From the looks of it it’s pretty much a sneaky slow Grille 15, it looks interesting and fun also 😀

  6. Ranked is crap

  7. How wot take v v long to b loaded too many player

  8. Bounced 🥺

  9. Looks like the tank is a real dragonfly. Drags uphill and flys downhill.

  10. Give this to the better players…time to become fodder fir these in my T8’s.

  11. Seekingtruth Notfindingany

    I found in pubs today that they blow up real good and reasonably easy to pen with a med.

  12. Reverse side scraping engage!

  13. How to get this post-game screen at 12:55 ?
    Where you can see where on the enemy armor you hit your shots?

  14. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    Two best games and only Class2 Dang.

  15. WOW poor RNG

  16. Wot Addict Global

    Thanks for the review.

  17. so far have only had premium ammo shot at me by this tank.

    • yeah those gold noobs don’t know any other ammo. And that’s why they got to gold in ranked in the first place, just by firing gold only. After that, they just simply forgot to turn back to normal ammo (if they ever fired that in the first place). Those people are just absolute disgusting, throwing money left right and center at WG. Ofc WG doesn’t care about balance when there are so many whales who just buy everything WG throws at them.
      It’s like with the Chieftains, I swear 99 percent of all of them fire gold only. I swear they must be buying credits with gold, cos no way this is sustainable even with a premium account. People like that are just pure Pay-to-win players, absolute scum and everything that is wrong with this game.
      However it feels oh so more satisfying when killing one of those gold n00bs with regular ammo and defeating them fair and square. I swear those kind of players would still continue to shoot gold even if all the enemy tanks were tier I tanks.

  18. I fell off with WOT but you made me all back in love with it, love the vids❤️

  19. Grille15: Wow, they nerfed its camo significantly? It’s still large for that camo tho LOL

    *sarcastic laugh intensifies*

  20. way to slow for also having no armor, rather just play a E100

  21. wargaming says 5% camo increase but do you apply that to overall (16+5) or to the 16% x5% of actual camo and then it becomes only 16.8… surprise mother somethings, i stopped using that upgrade for this very reason.. lol

  22. 6:00 don’t wanna lose hp cuz he is at low hp. What a dumb statement. Your allies are even lower hp and you let them die first. TEAMPLAY

  23. Damn I got on fire like 3 times in a row 🙁

  24. I played 50 battles today after a few beers. Still managed a 67% win rate with it. The gun is absolutely insane. For a skilled player this tank is excellent. It’s not easy to play.

  25. I haven’t played wot in 6 years and I actually thought that was a replay of me getting ammo racked

  26. you actually cant use vert stabs on this tank, only a rotation device

  27. Fun first game 👍

  28. hahaha fuck wot. thats all there is to say.

  29. CrunchyMunchyManCookie

    its like a turreted jagtiger

  30. So this tank reloads only 0,2 seconds slower than an IS-7. With 160 more alpha and a ton more pen… IS-7 becoming more and more unusable and useless in the game by every tank they add to tier 10…

  31. I am a newb, How in the world do you get these tanks? I can’t seem to ever find them to buy.

  32. Wow, I dont watch the twitch streams but damn that first game was very entertaining and tense, WP QB

  33. we shell see in few months how is this tank doing

  34. Dude turned into stewie Griffin after the skoda shot

  35. Oh wow that bounce on the CDA 😂

  36. That first game was the reason I play wot, those games are addicting, but rare

  37. QBs excuses for loading gold are just too funny, I need shell velocity to hit camping tank, Im on 6 kills so I better load gold, this is important moment so I better load gold lmao 😀

  38. Woah an actually engaging live battle on QB’s channel

  39. Undoubtably it is fun to watch you play live.

  40. Oof. That bounce

  41. Nestor I.Alexandru

    How can you see where you got penetrated , after the battle is done , like Quicky did ?
    It’s some sort of mod pack ?

  42. the AMX Cda 105 got only 1 pen and it was that one that kille qb F

  43. 8:30 Quackybaby’s perfect Stewie impersonation 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  44. Average Stegosaurus

    I was peeking with my new AMX M4 51 against this tank and some other tanks. He clapped me twice in the weakpoint and after that I got flanked, so I cried in the corner.

  45. 8:30 That Stewie voice omg 😀

  46. quickybaby can you play a e100 ????

  47. Recent subscriber, and loving binge watching your back catalogue of videos 🙂

  48. what do you think is better 114 sp2 or obj 268 5?

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