Watch This WG, I Show You THE POWER of This New Crew System

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New Crew and Perks in World of Tanks are Broken Strong, Let Me Show You! World of Tanks Plus (WOT+) New Pay to Win in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch – 1.20.1 Test Server.

Article cover in the video:

Because seems like does not want to test the game see the difference, let me show you myself how powerful and how big of a difference those new preks and the entire crew system can make in this game. Let's take AMX M4 mle 54 for example…

What do you think?


  1. And this was just one thing we saw after only couple hours of streaming and testing some of the crew skills and systems… M4 is just one example.
    What next? Object 279e?

    • 279e already has base .06 dispersion on gun traverse, there would not be much of a difference.
      Something with terrible gun traverse dispersion, like the Grille 15, would see a huge advantage with this.

      Honestly I think that’s a good thing and I’m looking forward to the crew changes.

    • Deiras Jankauskas

      They read my comment on wg forums

    • I’ve got a 9 skill crew, but I’m play for free, and all the skills in the world won’t beat RNG.

  2. Not all of us struggle to have EVERYTHING to be competitive. Why don’t you understand that there are players who play for pleasure? I don’t want to be competitive like daki! I want to be able to choose to improve which aspects I want on my favorite tank. I don’t want to have everything! The only problem i see is free bond equip demount

  3. All that crew bs is just to destract everyone from wot+ bond equioment demount…. wot+ offline crew trainung….
    Ffs, wake up, its completely p2w

  4. 30 days isn’t a very long time to play around with different setups

  5. you are going to test out the deathstar

  6. How op is super conq and chieftain going to be. Tho i think tanks that focus on camo will be the ones that benefit the most. You still need recon and situational awernes and brothers in arms a solid 3 skills most tank commanders need to have followed by camo for light tanks and stealthy mediums and tds bringing it up to 4 skills to make the tank work properly. What diversity is wg actualy talking about?

  7. WG will say: “We heard you, so we will nerf AMX M4 54 again”

  8. They should just straight up apply the crew system of WOTB

  9. This is great, I think most tanks should have better gun handling.

  10. The few changes I wanted as part of crew skill rework:
    – Remove BIA skill
    – Let skills & perks start having an effect when training starts (which they are giving)
    – Rework how intuition works with auto-re loaders

    Other skills which would’ve been useful in my personal opinion:
    – Gunner: Skill which would allow for decreased dispersion if the gunner/tank aimed at the same target for 4/5 seconds -> rewarding patience over reaction time
    – Loader: Shell tuning for reduced RNG is a good one + intuition being limited to 1 loader for full effect & other loaders get their XP back

  11. Test FV215b 183 or FV 4005 Accuracy

  12. social3ngin33rin

    nah, i’ll just reset everyone and stay logged off lolol
    WalletGaming knows their playerbase are masochists, of course they will spit in our faces lolol

  13. On top of 30 days of crew retraining, they should have given each tank a free reset after the 30 days.

  14. Crew 2.0 should have included a standardization of all tank crews where you had 1 crew member of each job. Although not realistic & flavor fail, it would make crew system to be more fair & balanced.

  15. been playing wot for years, stopped playing in 2021, and i didnt regret it, as 2023 is the year the game Dies anyway.

  16. The only way to get diversity in skills is to limit how many you can have, making it actually impossible to have everything.

  17. AusTankie Gaming

    I hate the crew skills I used them at the start but since I stopped playing the game has changed soooo damn much I have no idea what is going on. I had reinstalled the game to start playing again but no I’m out now it’s all just to damn much bullshit for me.

  18. Nathaniel Furedi

    YES CREW2.0!!! , I love the crying. You no skill Wallet Wariors PAID for legal cheating of Premium tanks, Premium time, crew skills, consumables, Directives, mounts …. But now you want to cry that there is more ways to legally cheat… DO YOU hear yourself??? You never had skill, you paid for it, and now you are reaping what you allowed to continue to evolve. GET GOOD

  19. The system to change equipment (those tokens) should be expanded to do the same with crew resets. Simples.

  20. 3 dudes tanks like sweedish will be a pain in the ass to grind.. This is so unfair.

  21. I see what WG is trying to do. They want us to chose different perks for different type of tanks and based on our playstyle. But the way they are doing it is horrible….
    They should make all perks free, completely delete that XP system, and limit the number of crew skills that you can chose. For example, maybe we have 8 different skill for each crew member now. Before the game, in the garage, you have time to chose 3, or 4. You can switch them for free any time, but thats the max number of skills you can have. This way everyone can customize their crew the way they want, and everyone can be equal, since it doesnt matter how many hours you played, in terms of crew skills, you can have the only the same amount as a new player. Kind of like in League of Legends, where you chose from different runes, here you chose from different crew skills.

  22. WG rattatta rattat brrr caput!!!!

  23. WG should reset our crews automatically with the patch 1.20.1 and give as ut least 6 months for testing. I have only 134 tanks and it is quite amount for testing, can’t imagine veteran players with couple of hundreds tanks in their garages.

  24. anynamethatsleft

    What happens if you don’t retrain your crews? I was going to stop playing WOT.

  25. Well if that nonsense is going through I guess I suddenly have a lot of free time. Not going to play this game any longer.

  26. ThatFinnish_ Guy

    F2p 50% crew with 2 crew members

  27. WG still can’t see difference between 2 crew tank like Manticore and 4 crew members EBR or even 6 crew members heavy tanks/td. “No Yuri there is no problem with that at all”.

    Each and every tank need to be balanced again. After this patch tanks with big crew compositions will be even better then now. If you have 4 crew members in heavy tank with 4 perks then you can have 4×4=16 perks, but if you have 6 crew members in other heavy tank with 4 perks then you get 8 (EIGHT!!!!) extra perks. Balanced like hell. Plus on top of that if you have 4 crew members then one of them has 2 qualification (for example commander + radio operator) and then you need to chose 4 perks from 12, when tank with separate radio operator get 4 commander perks + 4 radioman perks. All of this if you don’t even take into consideration shared perks – repair, camo and BiA (that are must have perks right now). Balanced as hell with those new perks… .

    WG is working in mysterious ways, but at the end one and only thing that matter for them is money – not game balance nor happy players in their game. If they set their eyes on something, even when their player base don’t want it they will do it – soviet way. If you don’t like it then you can go – you know where.

    From my perspective it’s look like they are going to sell 0 perk crews more after those changes, because those crew will be only chance to get more perks on small crew count tanks, and a lot of players will buy it. Milking player base like there is no tomorrow WG style.

  28. Thank you for the effort Dez but sadly, as usual, WG won’t give a damn …. they are milking this game as much as they can before the natural decline or a new game come out.

  29. This game becomes an RPG rather than a classic outsmarting. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future we get magics and mana (which are additionally charged). . . No definitely this is GAME OVER!

  30. Manticore, ELC Bis ……. commander needs 14 skills lol.

  31. the LightBringer

    the thing is, everyone mentions new player experience, and everyone fails to mention that even if you are not new, but are grinding a new tech tree, you are in for hell. imagine playing a weak mid tier tank, you have barely 100% crew, and you face seal clubbers with the meta mid tier tank, and all crew skills. you are just screwed, theres no way around it

  32. I estimate that resetting and reskilling my crews will take me roughly 11 hours, not counting the time I’ll need to spend on YT, streams and websites to find out the new skills meta.
    And when that is done the second stage will hit where I can convert unused crew into crewbooks. I’m starting to suspect that this will be 20k XP booklets, so another clickfest incoming. And we don’t know yet how this will be monetized.
    This “game” is starting to look slightly less fun than Excel.

  33. You should really just stop kvetching about the crew training buff from Plus.
    It’s *_ONE CREW_* ONE! I’m a casual player and I’ve got 175 vehicles… having one crew passively training is absolutely, utterly _meaningless._

    People need to focus on flip-flop crew roles (one tier the radio is also gunner position, the next tier the commander is the radio op) and vehicles with reduced crew count. 6 crew vehicles will become OP godlike where 2 crew vehicles will become slightly more useless than they are now.

  34. -40% gun traverse dispersion from ONE skill??? my M53/55 is gonna be a sniper arty wtf

  35. Basically LT is dead

  36. sad to s ay after 12+ years of playing but im quittick bc of this patch

  37. mikrobixmikrobix

    im old player, i remember times with invisible walls at hills
    but im tired and stopped playing fo a long time, what with my crews when i will back to game in feature?
    if i dont have time for retrain now, will i lost free reset crew ability?

  38. They should reset all crews automatically, in barracks and on tanks.

  39. How about Manticore

  40. Remember esports ready … not !

  41. The only way we users have to make WG choose a better way to make money is – stop playing until they rework this bullshit !

  42. I wont be wasting time transfering my crew, the game is at it’s end. No fix to the MM after all this time, too many 3-15, 3 minutes games, wheelies, absurdly powerful Premium tanks. I’ll spend the time looking at other games. Shame, 7 years of WoT.

  43. WG once again shows its incompetence to balance the game. Thats the main problem.

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