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Stream date: 29/5/20


  1. Wow cool video circon when’s the next highlights coming out

  2. Quadroflix Humixerum

    what about the tier X german light tank, isnt it a passive scout? What can it do without camo net and binos?

  3. I think they should remove all equipment up to tier 4, noone needs low tier sealclubbing

  4. New player at tier 3 vs a player at tier 5 is going to be a whole lot worse off now to less gear that can be mounted on the t3.

  5. Removing binos from scout tanks is a gigantic nerf. I especially hate that you now have to demount them for gold. One of the best things you could do as a free to play player is get a set of binos to move around on your tanks.

  6. -5% to aiming circle seems great for arty & derp guns and bad for everyone else

  7. The look on your face Circon lol

  8. Jennen Geeraerts

    tl;dr – yeah the possibilities are endless and the changes in gameplay could change dramatically…. seems most ppl dont like change even if its for the best, and will be so short sighted that they immediately have a negative opinion on the entire situation before theyve even considered how all this will change the gameplay.

    *sigh* why so many ppl playing this game so stupid? this change in equipment is more than needed, especially granting a huge diversity in enhancing playstyles and strategies. like srsly?… how is this video and everything they explained so hard to understand? we all know 2/3 of the current equipment in game is redundant as youre so limited in terms of what pieces equipment are actually useful for the tank you play. if this went into the game as it is majority of my tanks will end up having the equipment switched to these newer types purely so i can focus on the specialization of the tank.

    ive always compared to WoT to LoL, both are competitive based MOBAs, instead of heroes you have tanks, and each hero/tank is set up to fit a specific role. you dont play LoL and use the exact same upgrades from the shop with every single hero like we have been doing in WoT since release. yes you can keep all the equipment you had before on your light tank, vent, optics, rammer/stabs etc. but then youre suffering in other aspects where you can out perform other scouts. if your LT-432 is still the same with vents, optics and stabs, youre gonna get out performed in scouting by your own teammates who have better scouting setups, or the enemy scouts who could likely out spot you, remain hidden, and keep you spotted for longer so their snipers can wipe you out, where you wouldve previously disappeared sooner and avoided getting shut down

    my STRV 103B already has crazy DPM, i dont need to make it even more crazy with vents and rammer when i could easily focus on making the tank more mobile or stealthy, or more durable. my light tanks are not built to take on mediums and heavies frontally, im supposed to scout.. so why would i go for better DPM and overbuffing my view range thats already at 445m when i could focus on stealth so i can get closer and remain hidden and negating the need for overbuffed view range when im already close enough to spot fairly well hidden tanks in bushes…

    as for the ppl in the stream chat i can see the majority of them are just dumb asf… most of them wouldnt be able to balance a game even if they were paid to do it, and then a shit load of the playerbase will be calling them twats for not having a clue how to do their job… its easy to criticize stuff and other ppl like a complete jerk, its not as easy as actually fucking doing it. fucking armchair game balancing savants… just cos you play the game dont mean you know jack shit about how to balance the gameplay *facepalm*

    • The problem is that the game is built around seeing enemy tanks first and destroying them as fast as possible, as reliably as possible. Play well enough and you won’t lose enough hitpoints to matter.

      This results in anything to do with firepower and vision dominating, and occasionally camo. The less time the enemy tank has to exist, the less time they have to fire back. The faster you spot them, the easier it is for you to shoot first and retreat behind cover, avoiding damage entirely. Getting more hitpoints means you have to trade away seeing someone earlier, or destroying a tank earlier. And if people don’t shoot you all that often, that means that piece of equipment did nothing.

      On the other hand, you always want to shoot tanks, you always want to see tanks before they see you. Better mobility may be a valid choice, but then again, some games you go to one corner and wiggle back and forth for 5 minutes, so great job, +5% speed.

    • Jennen Geeraerts

      @Appletank8 there are other aspects that nobody is considering though, you NEVER notice the shots that almost killed you from unspotted enemies cos you cant see their tracers, having that extra bit of engine power will allow you to get into cover just a few moments quicker than before where you wouldve been killed before without that extra engine power… how many times youve been killed literally just before you got into cover cos the enemy managed to reload in time? Besides what moron uses a piece of equipment for mobility if theyre only going to camp one corner for 5 minutes? If i wanted more mobility ill stick it on a tank that needs the mobility to survive longer, id use it for my 103B as i dont sit on redline and snipe, youd be surprised how effective it is at pushing flanks in the right situation and being able to run away quicker in reverse will be very useful for me

      As for the ‘see the enemy first, shoot first, you win’ ideology doesnt always work… its essentially a useless strategy in a brawl when both sides are already in each others faces. Like my E2 jumbo, i dont use optics even with the stock turret… im blind as a bat but im not trying to spot im trying to assault, most situations i find myself in, like most others, youre not doing the spotting and your job is just to tank and fire as much as possible.

      The situations youre trying to use to justify your argument require maps like prokhorovka, most of those situations happen late game where spotting becomes a lot more important. But spotting is a pointless stat to increase on maps like himmelsdorf, ensk etc. Id rather fire more accurately and faster on ensk and likely have a little more HP on my heavy on ensk… optics are literally pointless when i can buff my DPM and HP.

      Optics is not as important as everyone says it is… would you rather more firepower and durability in CQB situations in city maps or are you happy to keep your optics and have less survivability considering spotting tanks is almost a guarantee when youre driving around on himmelsdorf or ensk? This is why im saying ppl are being short sighted cos theyre not considering the drawbacks and disadvantages compared to their opponents depending on the tank you play, which map you play on, and who your opponents will be. Meta can change and will change, light tanks become better at spotting than mediums or heavies or some TDs, heavies can become more durable without needing to buff their armor/hp stats, TDs become more deadly and accurate… remember the overhaul rebalance where tier 10 mediums were given less than 400m view range to make lights better scouts and ultimately got scrapped?

      To say most of these equipment pieces are useless compared to current meta is entirely invalid before the changes have even reached the live server. You literally have no idea how the gameplay will change if the changes go forward without too much tweaking. Even i dont know but i know for sure that the current equipment setups for nearly all tanks needs changing as it gives literally no option to specialise in a particular role, otherwise why bother playing anything other than mediums and heavies

  9. I think you won’t change your setup that much if you use meta all rounder speed-armor-gun tanks, but this might open up some meme setups for specialized turtling/yolo scouting/camping builds.

    Like you won’t diss out optic in your scouts, but you might want to add that extra spotting time over rammer if you are doing spotting mission or you are playing with your td friends.

  10. just turn all arty into new td’s

  11. I think WG can solve the low tier issue by either making special MM by seperating low tier shits from the new players. Or they can leave the slots on the tanks and force reduce equipment when a certain amount of matches have been met overall. There’s no real reason that a player should have over 600 matches between tiers 1 and 3 even if you were to have gone with the old tech tree.

  12. The decreased bush camo can be useful
    Currently bushes give (according to the wiki) up to 64% camo, depending on whether it will use 64% as the base value or deduct the 20% off the 64% directly, it’ll make certain tanks visible without needing proximity detection

    Only useful on wheelies tho, in my opinion.

    • The Improved radio at +4 seconds plus crew skill +2 seconds plus directive +2 seconds thats 16 seconds enemies will remain spotted, which is lethal especialy on a wheelie scouting the mid and righthand side on Prokhorovka for example..
      then combine it with the decreased bush camo… oh dear.. there’s going to be alot of salt
      A yolo wheelie is going to be Really lethal on a open map

    • @Zava scouts really get the fun modules yea
      Although the radio wouldn’t be my first pick since it is very map dependant.
      Still, I’d rather not meet your setup on that map in an EBR….

    • Like EBR are not OP now. If you meet 105 or more of them(had game with 4 ebr105) u can’t move from your base without getting spotted. And if u move and take position in some good bush, but ebr does have this new equipment, that bush is useless and again u are spotted and dead. First ebr is going to autoaim u from across the map for 500 damage, then enemy team reticles shrink and boom boom boom. If u are trackes light your only hope was that when u entered bush ebr wasn’t there and throughout the game you were hoping that ebr won’t drive near you, but with that equipment mounted on ebr it probably won’t be possible

  13. Brandon Custodio

    Timmy can make his tank a lot more tank cuz he always dies in the first 2 seconds, now he can do in the first 3. But for most of players they are gonna stick with the usual

    • true, you can run a bunch of “help I dont know what im doing” modules and get a bit more life. I think the cool idea is that you can focus all 3 on one aspect of the tank, but the problem is I dont see how that beats vents+optics+gun for the 2 most important aspects for 99% of situations, those being rof (dpm) and view range

  14. running the Turbocharger(10% engine power) on the maus means you can get 10.18 power to weight instead of 9.26

    Edit: spelling

  15. so whats to stop wheeled tanks from using only speed and flying around at 120 km/h

  16. i use spall liner on my 705A bc HE is all people shoot at it when you do play hull down

  17. Wargaming – “We wanted to make the new player experience easier so we took away consumables and equipment from low tier vehicles so you don’t even get a chance to learn how to use them until you face higher tier players and we made them more accessible and easier to understand by making it so you have to keep buying higher grade copies of the same equipment as you move up the tech tree….”

  18. Seeing this honestly its evident most of them wont work because none of them really matter because the reality is killing the enemy faster> Not getting killed yourself>anything else. IE DPM, Gun Accuracy, and view range matter more since you have an advantage over the opponent. Beyond that Camo and bushes help you not get spotted so you dont get torn asunder, and then thats it, nothing else matters because you loose HP way to quickly for it to matter in the long run. That or it relies entirely on a certain class being present which wont always be there, and you have 3 slots to compete for all this equipment. What i think they should have done is let all the equipment which is “Normal” stay there in 3 slots then have 3 “Role/Class” Specific sub slots which use the new equipment instead so you can pick stuff which benefits the tanks role without having to give up the things that matters more. So for a Maus it gets 3 additional slots for Durability for instance, so taking things like Super Heavy spall liner in those slots wont be painful since if you dont get use out of the ram/HE/Stun its not being given up for something really important. A large part of the problem is you are just limited on how much you can take, when 3 of those go towards Finding/Shooting its hard to justify anything which improves your durability since Killing the enemy means you take less damage since 1 less gun shooting at you.

  19. The wargaming balance developer does exist. But will still ignore your feed back

  20. I could see the CO2 being useful over vents/stabs, then you can just get food for free on specifically russian and german tanks, the only two tech trees that regularly catch fire frontally and the only ones I get annihilated in for bringing food. The aiming circle reduction and bush camo devaluer could also be more efficient than their homologues. For instance on a dedicated active scout like the ebrs, not having enough viewrange could mean that you have to be within 300 meters of an opponent to counterspot someone who can spot you at 350 meters. Carrying the bush camo reduction could mean that in some tanks, particularly mediums, could have their camouflage rating cut in half (45% combined camo behind a bush reduced by 20% equals 25% camo assuming this is the method by which it is calculated, but it could also be calculated at 20% of 45 which is -10 effective reduction of camo on an average medium, which could still mean spotting at 360 meters while your opponent only spots you at 350 meters). And for passive scouts and all medium tanks there is the devalued camo against moving opponents that negates the bush cutter but you would again have to give up a slot for that.

    Also the smaller reticle equipment sounds like it has the potential to be op if it just flat reduces the aiming circle size by 9% at all times. And a couple of tanks could also benefit from buffed spall liners and extra hitpoints, namely the overarmored ones that get HE spammed. There would be fringe cases where the mathematical benefit of the extra health could be the difference of being one-shotted or two-shotted or 3 versus 4 shotted. Take the average tier 10 medium at 1950 hp, an extra 5% hp means 2050 hp. You go from being a possible 4 shot by a 490 alpha gun into a definite 5 shot barring extreme rolls. That could mean an extra 10 seconds alive and influencing the outcome of a battle if a mistake is made. However this effect would only be most noticeable in 1v1s on particular vehicles with particular matchups. In those circumstances it could be better than a gun rammer though.

    All in all, gun laying drive, binos, spare parts, and camo net are dead after this equipment update, which I think is worse off for the game since 3/4 of these equipments are demountable for free in game and used by most free to play players, which means the free to play players are getting nerfed. I would disagree with circon that the TDs are getting nerfed. For the first time ever an assault TD would be able to move 20% faster, able to use a repair kit every 10 seconds to stop being permatracked, and get better gun performance on the open hull TDs. But what I think this will really do is try and shift the meta even further away from medium tanks with vision control to heavy tanks that can do the jobs of medium tanks.

  21. All I’m seeing is these people who are supposed to “balance” devs living in a paper fantasy version fo the game, with no real understanding of why people go for the very few specific equipments. Also, I like the idea of low tier consumables being limited to the basics until tier V (as this is where you start getting +2mm), but they should have all three slots from the beginning. Removing them is just dumb, as there is no “skill difference” between a player who gets tracked and a player who gets tracked but has a repair kit.

  22. Lead balance designer? leader of bullsh&t department.and he is still working.that is scary.

  23. conclusion : these are the guys that are screwing all the fun in the game

  24. Let lights have binocs, and tds have optics! Keep the binocs and toolbox as demountable! Who’s with me?

  25. Dear WarGaming,
    Drop my even 90 camo by 10~20% when I’m parked in a bush and I want a refund. It’s a one trick tank that still depends on teammates that can turn their tank/turret then click and remember breathe at the same time, and that’s a rarity on the NA server.
    Edit: No camo nets on light tanks? I’d like all my payments refunded. Time to switch games.

    • You should have switched games a long time ago buddy. There were a lot of shitty decisions, removing camo net is nowhere near lol

  26. Trevor Renkevens

    Oh wargaming, why are you killing your game?

  27. Circon the only tank that heavy spall liner is mandatory is ToG II. Because even if there is no arty there is usually kv2’s

  28. Idk why everyone is implementing touchscreen interfaces to mouse-controlled rigs…. 4k resolution overcompensated by HMI for toddlers…

  29. Can you please now record yourself watching this exact video, so that you react to your react to a vid?

  30. Gonna say the same thing as on quicky’s video:

    The gap between lower tiers will increase because the higher tier tank is not only better, but the extra equipment and module slots only increases the difference

  31. “I strongly recommend you try it out” said the guys that is involved in game development and yet is not competent by any standards, Circon is right most of this stuff doesn’t change a thing and those stupid smiles on their faces just show how out of touch are they with the game. It might be OK as a tool to balance out some tanks by not giving firepower slots to them and rather giving them to old outdated tanks(but its not like they will do something like that) or give extra bonus for your equipment if you got matched as bottom tier. The slot amount tied to your tank tier is also F-uped considering +2 MM lets see how nice will it be for tier 3 against a tier 5 that already got all the shit unlocked (low tier battles will be more skill based my ass +2MM you Vatnik)

  32. They really should’ve gone bonkers with these. It’s still a few great ones and then 90% nobody will use.
    Bring back the arcade feel to World of Tanks.
    Equipment: We Hate Weed – Radio in a bomber nuking ALL foliage on any map. If all players have this equipment, nuke all building cover as well.
    Equipment: My Hat Goes Off To You, Sir – Blow your own turret off, random direction but it will insta-kill any enemy hit by it.
    Crew skill: Found ‘Em – Get hit by arty and your excellent new rain-man crew member will calcuate the exact location of the enemy arty, spotting the arty for 5 seconds.
    Crew skill: Sew It Has Come To This – Your crew members have taken up sewing in their spare time and will change the enemy flag into an allied flag 50% faster.

    Maybe just add a completely new game mode for this >_>

    • I actually think the “found ’em” one is legit, maybe not spot for the team, but you can ping the exact spot or whatever

  33. binos: not complex equipment, can be remounted easily, limited to TDs
    coated optics: complex equipment, open to most tank classes
    how is this fair for players with no prem account/gold?

  34. hehe, so basically they are nerfing mause with its dedicated survivability slots where you won’t get the bonus as others do with the most common and still best equipment. You will not use the dedicated equipment there, because it would be an even bigger nerf, so you would have to go with the mid nerf version:)
    and what about t3 tank against t5 tank. Now we have equal number of slots, but with the new system, t3 would have less that t5. So +2/-2 mm and the new equipment system will het low and mid tier game-play so hard, that it is kinda unreal, they did not think on that themselves.

  35. Why is wargaming so obsessed with GLD? Like the mentioned it over optics in the “most popular type of equipment”. Who even uses GLD over stab in anything that isn’t an artillery or TD?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a popular casual pick. It’s available before vert stabs so someone who glances at equipment early will grab that and rely on it.

  36. i too used to believe nobody used a gun laying drive. but then i logged onto my friend’s account, and he uses it on EVERY SINGLE tank

  37. Hello I am game balance designer
    We made font bigger

  38. I only agree with removing arty

  39. and no binos on mid tier heavies and meds where kinda cool to get some spotting assist when playing in -2 mm.

  40. The parts of this that look good are the simplification of suspensions from 27 to 1 type, and the low tier equipment limitations but even that is flawed when they face higher tiers. The rest of the sandbox is a MESS. The buffs to equipment are spiking DPM which the game doesn’t need, the additioal spotting gear for EBRs is not good for the health of the game. The weird class specific restrictions are upsetting as passive scouting is going from nearly dead to completely dead (sorry awful british light tanks, sorry T-100LT, sorry people who paid money for an ELC Even 90) via banning camo nets and binocs from lights – another relative buff to the EBR! Hurray! Meanwhile the new gas tanks, engine filters and ammo rack are less useless than the old ones but as you repeatedly point out in the video who the hell is going to take ‘situationally makes your tank less bad when something horrible happens’ over ‘always makes your tank better’. TL:DR; The WG balancing department seems to think the future is better EBRs, more accurate artillery, and higher DPM for faster matches. I’m not sure that’s a game I will be very excited to play.

  41. Can’t wait to snap with my kv-2 with 25% to accuracy on hull traverse and 9% to aiming circle

  42. The problem with some of the equipment changes is mainly regarding free to play players. Camo net not on lights and binocs onoy on TDs? Plus they will now have demounting cost

  43. “meme”T95 … Spall liner + suspension + Improved Consumables (to you are a really freaking RAM)…

  44. I hope that someday wg chance that skill ammo like this that it Will Ben 20pros More than normal ap and it do 20pros less dmg than normal ap and all ammo cost same of money. It Will Be best on this game. Now they Ben and win hows The money for that. Just Been apart on this game 7 years and seen where this game are Been going and it IS just sad.

  45. just my opinion

    With all this new kit why can`t they add extra slots for each tier,i.e tier 5 get`s 5 slots instead of 3 upto tier 10 get`s 10 slots instead of 3 (that would really make game play interesting) and what of premium vehicle`s, shouldn`t they get extra slot`s because you pay for them?

  46. If the top speed equipment was a flat number (5-6 kph) it could actually be viable on really slow tanks like the Maus, T95, or TOG II*. But with a percentage it will only be useful on tanks that already go really fast and probably won’t need it.

  47. 39:30 Actually, no binos on the brit lights. The tank line the devs specifically wanted you to just camp in a bush and spot the enemy is going to be even more blind as they’ll lack binos for boosted vision.

  48. they should do away with the more general equipment like vert stabs, optics, vents and rammer. All these ideas are pretty neat but they are too niche where as vents are always usefull the entire game. If they’d nerf/remove those then you would take items that cater towards your tanks characteristics better i think

  49. NoHomeLike

    bought chot vs moss

  50. 1:00 – I second all of this.

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