Watching my old videos from 7 years ago (Warning Cringe)

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What a wonderful year ya’ll have given me! Thank you so much, here is to another o7

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Watching my old videos from 7 years ago (Warning Cringe)


  1. *WHEWWWWW back in it phellas here is to another phun year! Also don’t forget to ask questions in the comments below!*

  2. Can you legally change your name to phloppy woppy

  3. Can we call you flydaily

  4. Can you change your channel name to flydaily

  5. Can I call you flydaily

  6. Best of luck for your married life. Love from India.

  7. Julian Grünfelder

    Even if it’s times long passed behind, I miss the videos you had with Baron. I discovered you by watching him and now you’re my favourite youtuber. ?

  8. Yo floppywobby svbeve keep up with the good work!!

  9. we will always be here for you

  10. I’m with you from Baron squad up games, keep it up and happy new year!

  11. 1000th comment

  12. 1.9 wow… I remember 1.25

  13. Phly watching his old videos and reminiscing about the PO-2 meme and laughing hysterically is the most wholesome thing ever

  14. Your ping and packet loss did not changed as well as i can see 😀 4:20

  15. Q&A: Phlip Phlop! When and how did you abd Laura meet? Luv u :))

  16. when you’re in fullscreen but Phly’s not so you double click your screen to make it bigger.

  17. Q&a: how did you first get into warthunder?

  18. MuaHahaha dat was cool/) Happy New Year!)

  19. I got a question, do you have any military service? And how do you know so much about planes?

  20. your videos are the best and my favorite

  21. 1m subs in 2020

  22. Can you do a video of all the vehicles you have?

  23. Great to see your back I was a bit worried the copy right crap had popped it’s ugly head up again

  24. Hey phlee take out a t10m with an ostwind! attempt #2

  25. Q&A :is Lora into to gaming if so which ones and can you see urself doing this in another 7 years.

  26. The loop in the Chaika was funny.

  27. Phly and Lora, t62 or t55?

  28. why did you decide to start YouTube and become the king of war thunder. Also your very honourable.

  29. Hey steve, Who was your main inspiration for becoming a YouTube creator?

  30. Phlya LaBeouf

  31. Fast, small bore (smaller than 60mm & preferably auto load)… Oh and Merry Christmas with a prosperous & safe new year for 2020… Consider ‘Bit Chute’ !!!

  32. What gender of baby do you want

  33. I’m not sure was he alluding to he’s a pilot when he said he was practicing on a flight simulator?

  34. Wow dude you used to sound like Butthead.

  35. Q&A: Hey Phly, how is your PC? When did it get phixed?

  36. I live for the advanced combat maneuver series

  37. Married…Married… what……you never said……married to YouTube…..?

  38. Phly, for everyone’s eyes. Please use dark mode!

  39. Serrakura Chandra

    Are you going to become a crew tank in WW3?

  40. George SRpluschannel


  41. All we need now is the 2019 compilation

  42. George SRpluschannel

    Now i know how to start my TU

  43. You and your content are so awesome! Wish you the best for 2020!

  44. I think Phly will be one of the first people to get drafted, he has shown his immeasureable skill.

  45. the lego hey at the start tho XD

  46. Hey phly why you dont make video where you teaching lola to play war thunder that will be great
    Aslo big hello from Croatia

  47. You look nice 🙂

  48. Ican'tThinkOfAName SoIWentWithThisOne

    Question, if war happens, are you gonna phly to the war with fighter jets?

  49. 4:21 Is this movie settings or it is just way better lighting?

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