Way too STUBBORN! – ST. EMIL – World of Tanks

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  1. 4:30 Circon made some burger Patton.

  2. Thoughts on Blitz getting a new line before PC and Console? I think it’s dumb.

    • What line?

    • IStoleYourLife Japanese TDS and if you want to really get into it AGTMs as well.

    • AGTMs is usual, there are things on blitz that you cannot get in other games because it’s just targeted to other kind of players (for example that bulldozer thing, like the new patton, but even worse, or some Halloween tanks that looked like frankenstein, etc)
      About the japanese TDs… it should come to PC as well. But I will honestly be surprised if it comes to blitz before PC

    • Beroun you misunderstand AGTMs, imagine a regular tank with the capability of artillery but you guide the shells. That Warhammer 40k tank is pretty much godawful and no one honestly cares about it.

    • well yes, I know what AGTMs are. That’s why I said “there are things that will never go to PC”. Everyone would rage if something like that comes to PC.

  3. I was there at the historic 3 mark of the worst TD in WoT! Upload something in your new SU-122-44 btw, nice meme.

  4. Spicey meatsaballs. Can’t wait to see the Overlord game.

  5. I am waiting for Redshire game

  6. Mingles with Circon

  7. I just ate 2 pizzas 1/2 a chicken and a 250 ml Tom and Jerry ice cream ! Yer I know, sorry I’m on a diet !

  8. Who would pay good money to see Circon hang from a roof? Who said that?

  9. Unreal! Only this guy could save that game….WOW!

  10. How can I get that pen numbers thingy that circon has when he’s aiming?
    What mode is that

  11. im gonna be real with you circon, that ending would have been a clencher if it was anyone other than DADDY behind the wheel of that tank.

  12. Emil stronk tenk

  13. I’d pay good money to see Circon hang from the roof….

  14. He missed the opportunity to say korean bbq because of m46 kr

  15. 13:05 This commander is perfect

  16. People call it a youtue video.
    i call it waifu time

  17. Never in my life did i think i’d click on ST.Emil gameplay

  18. I like the Stubborn Emil not because is I love the tank the top gun gives my ears orgasm when you play an Open top TD the sound different if your in sniper mode tho ….

    (I got a second mark on the tank with 5 kills and 4.7k damage with a stock gun before I even research and buy the top gun)

  19. *Breaking NEWS!* : Local ST. EMIL literally too pissed off to die.

  20. The st.emil is low key quite the meme machine with all that gun depession.

  21. Nice game circ, for this crap tank

  22. 1:38 lmao felt that, sometimes I just can’t even if I know it’s the best play

  23. Hey Circon not really ribs kind of guy…I prefer BRISKET…

  24. I literally just ate and im full.. but RIBS maaaaaan, there isnt a red blooded man alive who wouldn’t go for ribs any time of the day anywhere. Also don’t say that ribs are not feasable.. just don’t say that.

  25. Eagle Eye directive?

    Mabey it let’s you know the enemy players fears so you can mess with their head lol.

  26. Hang from the roof? does he mean to pay circon to hang him self?

  27. Never doubted it.

  28. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    What a muppet that enemy SU 122 44 to cross to the base, letting Circon know, hello I’m here lol

  29. That’s why you carry one HE

  30. Someone on your stream does not know the power of the sturer Emil he shells

  31. snowisthebestweather

    Stanky Emil OP pls nerf

  32. 3 v 1 and wins it in a stuer emil… That should be a kolobanovs for that turd.

  33. Caernarvon driver name. Onlypaytowin…..

  34. Sturer Emil is so OP! 😉

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