we are living in a simulation | Ostwind is a tank destroyer (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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we are living in a simulation | Ostwind is a tank destroyer (War Thunder)


  1. Nice to know someone else gets packet loss

  2. Hi PhlyDaily i’m here to tell you how to use it Ostwind you need to load 60 M.Gr.18 and the drop is not that bad the AP got a lot of drop and that’s why you can’t shot a plane the M.Gr.18 is much faster and more deadly to enemy aircraft well load 60 of M.Gr.18 and the rest load the AP full and you are ready to kick some ass xD GL.

  3. The best rounds I’ve had on warthunder, are the ones where there’s only ONE cap objective, and everyone is in a giant mosh-pit attempting to take it.
    Utter chaos, but rewarding if you have a good position, and know how to handle yourself.

  4. Phly go ahead and Play out that Panther D which stands for…. you know

  5. I think that intro made my brain hurt a little…. Or maybe i just need more caffeine? *shurg*

  6. I’m a hellcat main so I’m triggered

  7. I’m just going to assume Gaijin makes your tanks stronger so you can show case them to make people think they’re good and play the game.

  8. I’m the exact opposite of Phly; the Ostwind is the only Spaa that I can consistently kill planes with.

  9. Please play the panther d

  10. Who is Shawn

  11. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Please try to use the M19 or M42 Duster with the twin Bofors 40mm’s as an anti tank gun!

  12. ki-109 in ground forces

  13. Give them the (Panther) D xD


    Play panther A instead of D


    Phly, attempt number sechs

    Play Herman ze German Sherman plox

  16. Most painful video I’m sorry I love u phly da.. I mean tank daily

  17. That intro had me in tinfoil mode

  18. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Anyone else see the sneaky bt5

  19. Phly new update comes out tomorrow

  20. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Attempt number. 100+ easy 8 sherman

  21. Play zhe two big D. Zhe panther D und zhe Dicker max

  22. @11:17 that pilot should be proud of himself

  23. 7:00 WTF was that???

  24. russians get rolled by superior german guns “you don’t see this alot” lol ok bro

  25. I uninstalled wt to this video, but not because of this video :v

  26. Phly play the XM1 (GM)

  27. 6.3 respective tank destroyer..? that kind of matches never happen to me. Maybe it’s because of my german IP 😛

  28. *What is a tank?*

    WG knows the answer.

  29. My brains stopped working from 0:00 1:15

  30. where you high in the beginning?

  31. Life & Times of JCM

    whats up with all the different ingame screen names? who do i send a friend request to????

  32. Hah! Use a stock Zsu-57-2 next time and try shooting down a plane with APHE shell.


  34. I got killed by an ostwind in a t29 and i was afraid i made it on this episode.
    Thank fuck i didnt.

  35. The ostwind is best AA and can kill tanks, I’ve got more tank and plane kills with it in RB than any other vehicle

  36. Федя Федоров
  37. Proof that gaijin servers are utter trash.

  38. Phly the philosopher, everyone, but it’s a good thing

  39. I love mowing down Leopards with my Falcon. 110mm of penetration with APDS belt will enable you to delete most vehicles from a flank or behind in a second or two. Glorious:)

  40. PHLY you have to play the Lorraine 40t and see how fast u go bankrupt

  41. PhilosophyDaily

  42. It’s ez, just point the corsair in front of the plane and miss

  43. Davide Ariel Rossolato

    I prefer games with a single cap too

  44. Phly! The Panther A is 5.7 now, go play the first true MBT at its glorious new tier!

  45. just play any tank u want for a week

  46. Tank-ception

  47. so tired of this nonsense in WT, I don’t care if the ammo is “accurate”, remove AP from all SPAA’s

  48. 15:27 HOW in actual fuck did you survive that cheese grater and only get a yellow receiver ?

  49. Everything is wrong in this video

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