WE DID IT! 100k GOLD CHALLENGE – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

You helped me win 100,000 gold in World of Tanks and now I want to give it back to you! This Sunday with a Challenge!
Join it HERE ►https://challenge-eu.wargaming.net/challenge/44


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. But I don’t have a KV2 🙁

  2. Somehow I want QB to be the man in charge in WG headquarter to make this game fun again..

  3. so sad we frm Asian

  4. Well I dont have the KV2 so gg 🙁

  5. I wish I could join the crew on Sunday but I will be working 🙁

  6. sucks i cant join cus im from the na sever

  7. Is it EU only?

  8. Hello from Venezuela. Only EU server?

  9. I don’t even got a KV-2

  10. I guess I know what I’m going to be doing in mu SU 100 this Sunday KV-2 Hunting 😅🤣😂

  11. I cannot login using my NA account, I don’t know if QB mentioned in the video but I think it is only for EU players.

  12. RIP to all of the NA players. I love my KV-2 and would play it anyways, but it is a little sad that I can’t participate :'(. Thanks for the awesome vids tho!

  13. SIR pls ive been free to play for years

  14. Are there rentals

  15. Is this only for wot eu? Or can other wot players from different servers participate as well? 🙂

  16. So you complained about the best tanks being given away to the best players by wargaming,,,, and now you’re doing the same thing,,, interesting.

  17. Damnit QuickyBaby! I will be on a flight back to japan for that whole entire day. Three marked my KV-2 and got excited for this event until I realized the date. Whish it was next week

  18. Asian never have a chance to participate 🥲

  19. my first heavy was kv2

  20. Hey QB: sorry for this – so I subscribed to your channels years ago particularly because I loved your tank reviews and although I haven’t played World of Tanks in years, I was wondering if you’d enjoy Sprocket. Since you used to do tank reviews about armor, speed, gun handling etc. maybe a game where you get to design your own tank? And do user reviews of other people’s designs 😛

  21. Am I getting this right, you have to play random matches for that? In that case, people who own KV-2 AND KV-2(R) can jump right into the next battle if they die, while people who only own one of them have to wait until the battle ends. So people with both KV-2s clearly have an advantage.

  22. Камен Михайлов

    i even dont have that KV2 🙂

  23. As usual only for the EU… sigh…

  24. Sadness that Sunday is the only day I can’t play

  25. Keep ya gold old mate, more profit for them, nothing more nothing less


  27. EU only!? POOOO! :-p

  28. Are you trolling us?
    I tried logging in so many times, even changed my password and I still cant log in.


  30. They should give it too returning players and not youtubers… as we don’t care about that , if we come back they need to change the game it’s all , wonder how WG buying players to c ome back… , thats why War Thunder is and will stay better than world of tanks

  31. me in asia server be like:

  32. Airinei Lucian Ionut

    if i would have the skill that i have in blitz… 600 + batles , 67 wnr and one shoting half of the team… gud days….i have to rebuy the kv 2 here …

  33. hahahahahaha with the HE changes i hate the KV 2 good luck everybody

  34. QB and his community win again.

  35. so I joined…but on my page is written from 6pm to 8 pm…I live in Slovakia…

  36. yo qb i play in a obj.277 my only tier 10 tank and i literally average 2k damage a game i dont get what im doing wrong

  37. yeah qb ive been playing since 2011, im just done with the game with the most recent patch, the game is toxic af and very pay 2 win. gl in you future wot bs im unsubbing.

  38. What so this is only for European region? I cant join if i’m in another region? the one time i think i can participate in something, very sad.

  39. You’re so selfish..

  40. was anyone surprised?

  41. Doesn’t a premium tank make better base XP? Am I wrong?

  42. Glad You made it! I only linked it to help, personally not going to play WoT in the P2W state it is, especially now with the incoming rain of Tier 9 premiums 🙂

  43. It starts at 5PM, GMT+1 ?

  44. I don’t get my gaming PC until later down in the week😭😪No sweat, I’ll be fine watching the community have fun🙃

  45. Is it only base xp that count,or with premium and boosters?

  46. How many xp did you get in the end? Was it close compared to the other contestants? 🙂

  47. Dont come back to wot,its a trap

  48. If Trump supporters want to use ivermectin for Covid… Fine, let them, but don’t waste time and money treating them. Don’t let them, or anti-vaxers, take up ICU space. Let them stew and die in their churches celebrating their “religious freedom” and owning the libs. Natural selection…

  49. I just started playing WOT again after not playing for 4 years. Jury is still out whether I will continue to play.

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