We Got MANY Free Premium Tanks, Actually… | World of Tanks in 2020 – All New Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks in 2020, All Tanks Added into The Game. New Premium Tanks and New Tech Tanks. World of Tanks Best Premium 2021. World of Tanks RHM Skorpion Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battles and Epic Replays.

► Information from:
– Clips from: https://wotexpress.info/news/world-of-tanks/luchshie-kouby-world-of-tanks-za-vtoruyu-polovinu-/
– https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/vehicle-yearbook-2020/

00:00 | Introduction
01:35 | Class of 2020
02:30 | Start of the Year
04:00 | Boxes Announcement
07:28 | Details to follow
08:58 | Class of 2020 Continues
20:40 | Conclusion

Today I am going to look at 2020 and focusing on which were released in this year. We have 2 tech branches added together with many premium tanks and reward vehicles, but which are your favorite? 🙂
Continue enjoying your Holidays and happy end of 2020.

What do you think?


  1. Actually quite surprised to see how many free tanks or *a chance to get a free tanks* we had in 2020… Not bad! Which new tanks were your favorite in 2020, let me know? 😉
    Good luck on yet another massive GA, which puts us over to 300 boxes given away in total in Dezember, on YT and Twitch combined: https://gleam.io/8lskG/69-boxes-hype-part-4 🔥🎄🔥

  2. Name:Tyallk
    I hope 2021 is better year for every one and in wot too.

  3. Username: cro_498
    Server: EU
    Happy holidays to all the Dez comunity and i hope you all won’t get full hp ammoracked in 2021 😛

  4. Johnny2373
    Hopes and dreams to a much better 2021! Thank you Dez for amazing videos!

  5. Name: Ilija22
    Server: Eu

  6. Hi
    I didnt received that hero on the game. Fresh install too 🙁
    Too many ads with buy this, buy that…10€/20€/30€…dont like it

  7. Server: EU
    Nickname: hulkjupik
    Let’s have better 2021.

  8. Name TigersharkTR
    Server EU
    Good luck everyone

  9. Hi Dez, just watching your twitch channel. In it you said that Death Star wanted to go down guns swinging and balls hanging out. Nah, he wanted to go out with his guns blazing and his balls SWINGING out.

  10. happy holydays and stay negative! (kurwa virus related)

  11. Name: Schoumi89
    Server: EU

    Keep up the good work man!

  12. Nickname: KillroY2
    Server: EU
    Happy holidays! 🙂

  13. name: demian75
    server: EU

  14. Hi dez, can you make E50 M Ram monster with equipment 2.0?
    I mean
    turbocharger and HP upgrade.

  15. Θωμας Ανδριανος

    Name: tommynelly
    Server: EU

  16. daniel dave calunsag

    Name: masterjack14
    Server: HK

  17. My favorite is BBQ – I play him like a light (518m view range without directives) with a big gun (720 damage at 2 sec)

    Name: 9oostaf
    Server: EU

  18. name: scunc
    server: EU

    May 2021 bring stronk tanks for all!

  19. question is when we will get new line of fpgs xd and premium spgs xd

  20. Name: MalejKugi
    Server: EU
    Best of luck to everybody in 2021. Hope it sucks much less than 2020!

  21. Name: Fredon13
    Server: EU

  22. Petros Aristotelous

    Name: Nerazoul
    Server EU

    Greetings and wishing you all a better 2021

  23. Enki & Lorien Lamouche

    username: arco0
    server: EU

    Happy new year Dezgamez you’re the best Wot Youtuber . <3

  24. Hope the best for everybody in 2021.

  25. name: Sabla_112
    server: EU
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  26. Name: MarcusNaxus
    Server: EU

    I have the Version II, it’s a fun tank to play 😉
    Happier New Year everyone 🙂

  27. Name.. Noobilux_Maximus_
    EU Server.
    The game evolves, new comes old goes… I think there was good tanks, BBQ was one, im sad I cant get the Super Hellcat – Im not shure about autoloader but exspect 2121 gives a double barrel autoloader medium or maybe a ligth. I dont mind longer, a game is what it is the moment you play it, if like it, its a good time, dont like it… move on, there are lots of other games… Yes I subscribe gladly, notis bell and patriot, course you make good honest reviews ans news stories. Hmm or Italian heavy double barrel autoload. I like that bumble bee french tier 6 we got in christmas boxes, its a very very fun tank. T77 was my biggest disapointment, and the loot boxes also.

  28. Server EU
    Happy lockdown and and a good vaccine:)

  29. Wait, BBQ is 2020 unit? I thought 2019 cause i got one from the loot boxes.

  30. Nickname:HausserBG

    Wish you great luck in the incoming 2021

  31. Name: Bload
    Server: EU

  32. Name : yanistournier
    Server: EU
    good luck =)

  33. Gundore_Destroyer
    Sever NA
    I been playing for awhile now. I got a Scorp G an A lowe I use to farm Money on . Is there a away to make more . trying to get my next tank so i can start working on more t10s tanks .. I just unlocked to super Conq .. i have 2 more t10s i can’t buy just yet.. not enuff $$ …..Any ways Happy New yearTO you DezGamez AN to every one else..

  34. Name: raphiwolf7
    Server: EU
    Happy new year 2021!!

  35. Name :_AbbatH_
    Server: EU
    I dont have too much luck with large boxes so i want a damn camo with Dez !!!

  36. Username: GummiTrazan
    Server: EU

    Happy new year!

  37. Name: Reapening
    Let it Snow

  38. depowa

  39. name: ArnasLT
    server: EU

    Wish you all the best of luck in 2021!

  40. JaraTomas
    im kinda sad that i didnt get Bat bbc

  41. Leady07
    NA Server

    Bring back the Waffentrager E100!

  42. name: “_gRm_”
    server: EU
    What a sad end of year event with the obj 703 v2 buyable only with real money for the last week… smh WG…

  43. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    Server: EU

    Love memes in the video please add more in the future 😂😂😂👍

  44. Thanks, Dez. AntonioAndolini in NA server.

  45. nick: kko67
    server: eu
    im happy that there are new tanks :3 no matter which

  46. I’m sorry, maybe its my fault, but Im unable to enter in-game name, server etc. into any of yours Giveaways ..

    How can I rewrite these values?
    First Name: Username (in World of Tanks)
    Last Name: Server (in World of Tanks)
    Email: Enter your VALID e-mail!

    Thank you.

  47. Name: Batmulen
    Server: EU

  48. Double Barrel Tanks were the best new tanks for me.
    Name: A_G_Klimov
    Server: EU

  49. Kristoffer Tvedt Skråmestø

    Name: Kristoffer008
    Server: NA
    Hopefully Covid will come to an end with the new vaccine
    I got the german T25 and i absolutely love it😄

  50. any one remember the 37mm auto gun with a 20 or 30 pound clip?

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