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World of Tanks and Light Tank Matchmaking with Too Many of Them. World of Tanks Manticore Gameplay. World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay. World of Tanks EBR 105, The Best and Overpowered Light Tanks.
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Today let’s talk about and how we see more and more 4+ light tank battles. Some may enjoy it, but me personally do not.. It takes the fun out of battles for anyone other than those light tanks. On the top of that, if 4+ light tanks are combined with 3 SPGs in the same match, then halleluujah.

What is your take on it? Do you see a problem or not?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– British Manticore, Tier 10 Light Tank
– France/French EBR 105, Tier 10 Wheeled Light Tank
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  1. So, what is your take on it, do you see a problem or not? Which one is worse for you – Too many light tanks or triple arty? Or both?
    Let me now and stay tuned for some big stuff, coming soon!

    • @_J0NAS disagree, it is not the BAD players being the problem, but that bad players are forced to compete with good players

    • I think it would be enough if WG would remove tier X and tier IX ebr (ofcourse they should give to players whose having these tanks some compenzation-week of premium acc or buying price of that vehicle) because as you could see in that screenshots in every battle was atleast 3 ebrs

    • Torbjörn Svensson

      MM has been broken for looooong!!
      My opinion is…Max 2 arty/game and 2 lights/game….and at least 1/game of each.
      To often…as you say in the video….you get 4-6 light tanks in a citymap and you end up in an open map with 0 (ZERO) lights/arty!!
      ….mm is really boken….
      …..btw….to many citymaps…as well 😉😁!!!

    • ‘auto/assist aim’, ‘shield wheels’ and ‘ferrari speed’ and a big gun…. all in one vehicle. ‘THAT’is the problem. 3 or 4 of them per team doesn’t help either XD. 1 arty per team is not a problem. 3 are.

  2. Didnt they have a cap for scouts (2) back in the early days?

  3. How i would fix it ?
    Medium/Heavy/TDs – to be able to play them, there is no restriction.
    SPG – to be ably to play them, you need 6000 personal rating. Just to eliminate 43% winrate bots from the game (although, even 4000 personal rating cap would be enough).
    LIGHTS – to be able to play them, you need 7000 personal rating.

    Suddenly, the matchmaker and the whole game becomes way more enjoyable.

  4. Christophe Regnier

    i have so much screenshot when there is this type of mm, , actually the mm is totally broken, we need to get lights cap, to max 3

  5. Make it like in ranked, max 1 ebr per team, max 2 arties per team, max 3 lights per team.

  6. World of tanks BLITZ !!

    So many wanting to play the EBR … hmm i wonder why WG ?

  7. I’d definitely be in favour of restricting the number lights in the MM. But that alone doesn’t fix the problem with how OP wheeled vehicles are and I feel further nerfs specifically to them are needed. I’d like to see at least some of the following nerfs:
    1) Actual physics apply to them so they flip over if they turn to hard or hit obstacles. Pulling a 180 at 90 kph in two tank lengths in a top heavy vehicle is BS.
    2) Unable to repair the wheels while moving so they all those shots that get eaten up by the wheels actually affect them for longer than it takes you to reload. Hitting them in the wheels is supposed to actually affect them.
    3) A reduction in on the move accuracy. Possibly by stopping them using auto aim as nerfing stats likely leaves the tier 8 premium untouched.

  8. Problem is simple: WG doesn’t care. I play my AMX 13-90 and every second battle I am matched against EBR 90. Totally moronic, but if you dare to post ANYTHING WG dooes’t like on their facebook page, you get permanent ban. No chance to post ever again. No discussion, no explanation, no response, just ban. So after they banned me I decided to NEVER again give them any money. I guess that is the only language they understand.

  9. Before everything else, people should start pay attention to how matchmaking generally works these days. From my statistics (I plan to do 1000 matches in tier 8 vehicles, currently at 468 matches) for example, a tier 8 vehicle gets a full tier 8 match almost 50% (48%) of the time (although having actually 6 possibilities: 6-8, 7-8, 8, 8-9, 8-10 matches), while a whopping 38% of the matches are tier 8-10 matches (i.e. more than twice than it statistically should be). That alone is broken. (Before anyone ask, I am also currently doing statistics for tier 9 vehicles.

    Tier 10 vehicles have only three possible match types: 8-10, 9-10, 10. So statistically speaking, if there’s too many light tanks lately in the game, there’s also higher chance of tier 10 light tank being one of the few top tiers in tier 8-10 match. Which is broken too.

    Combine these two things together and you have a broken game overall.

    Then there’s the artillery problem, which would require more research for me, but from my point of view, it looks like 50% of the games are actually with 3 artilleries as well.

    tl;dr fixing these issues is honestly way more difficult than introducing a hard cap for some vehicle types. The game is honestly in my opinion way beyond being able to be fixed. Any problem solution leads eventually to a new problem, because the core of the gameplay is already corrupted by decisions that can’t be taken back. Introducing the hard cap for arta and lights for example will imho buff already strong top tier mediums, which would be a step back to what the game was five six years ago. What needs to be done is way more difficult and honestly can’t be done anymore. The game’s already beyond its’ peak and will eventually decline. Sadly. Some would say the game’s already declined and dead, which is even more sad.

  10. There is lots of abuse for SPGs but its the uber speed tanks like EBR which ruin the game. Some maps you get spotted within 10 seconds and are then dead. Its stupid.

  11. when clown cars start driving in circles, everybody stops. the game stops while all try to shoot them. when there are multiple clown cars, just park in the back. game is broken. wot not listening

  12. I feel like a lot of players are playing EBR for missions and not for fun, so WG should leave the requirements for missions the same if someone plays a regular light with tracks, but increase the requirement of missions by 20% – 30% if someone is playing a wheeled light.
    Let’s say you need 8k spotting and damage, leave those 8k requirement for other lights and put 10k for wheeled lights.
    That should make MM more bearable for those who hate getting outplayed by yolo EBR’s.

  13. Finally nerf this fckin EBR! This is so frustrating.

  14. my biggest problem with 3 spgs and 5lts is that in full TX battle there is simply not enough HP on the battlefield

  15. This game is done,… You cant fix it anymore !

  16. 1 wheel scout and 1 normal scout, 1 arty per game and lot of problems disappear ☝️.

  17. Anybody gonna point out that Tier 7 LTs is in a huge disadvantage against Tier 8s that have access to CVS?

  18. Vincent Tarroux

    Problem started with bush buff which allowed any tanks to take a bush and outspot
    When WG created T9-10 LT and modified whole LT MM, they allowed LT to take as dmg as meds/tds…
    Finally, premiums rounds made armour useless if not hulldown: no armour no problem.
    So LT have no drawbacks, they are made for shot and run. Deal dmg and avoid taking some which is what every player is looking for.
    + scouting still exist but isn’t crucial for LT anymore + average players in LT can be outplayed by meds.
    How to fix it:
    Nerf the EBR if it’s broken, but it’s only part of the problem
    Then, we have a problem, in lots of map scouting is useless, even if it’s 1vs1 LT.
    So there is no solution in reducing scout’s alpha, reload time…
    Maps where different when T5 met T10, so were the camo and bush mechanism.
    I believe the only way is to reduce the number in the MM as for the arty:
    3 arty
    3 LT
    9+ slots for tds/meds/heavies
    Finally, reduce the differences between wheelies and classical LT would be simplier.
    It would be annoying but less than rework the whole game.

  19. Andrejus Solovjovas

    All wheel tanks tier 8, 9, 10 are toxic and spoils the game. Drives without gravity like rockets. Game spoiled actualy. Remove them from game. Another point, you hit them with ISU-152 and they still goes fast. Nerf did not help at all. Three arty in one session is small pain compare to wheel EBR’s You just drive around wit “turbo” in slot and do more damage as other players, Need For Speed….

  20. YES FORWARD IT TO WG DEZ, SHOUTOUT FROM TWITCH and that was the 3rd HYPE TRAIN that reached lvl 5 and yes Hrraimond, tmond and I helped a lot dezzgold dezzgold dezzgold:)

  21. for me what’s killing the game is the matchmaking when a tier 8 has to fight tier 10s and 9s most games i get now are with 4 tier 10s and 5 tier 9s yet most of my tier 8s can’t even pen half of the tanks of the team they are against, is a sick joke, and war gaming are driving players away from playing the game due to the matchmaking ebrs should never be in the game or should arty its called world of tanks not wheels or arty, the game is going down hill due to this matchmaking soon no one will be playing it anymore

  22. Maximum 2 scouts per game, starting at tier V. Low tiers have too many scouts to begin with, in the tech tree, so you cant limit scout in low tiers.

  23. Ambient Light387

    One problem is that there are lights in the game that can handle ANY target effectively… Their guns can penetrate any target. This combined with their insane speed and accuracy they simply dominate the battlefield…
    Lights should primarily be spotters and arty / light TD hunters. They should have problems fighting medium and heavy tanks directly.

  24. The problem are not the light tanks, are the wheelied clown karts. It’s not just they are ruining the classic light tank play style (hide, scout, kill), but the entire playing style (waste your first five minutes of the game shooting clowns).
    EBR are over-powered: vibranium shields, light speed and laser accuracy guns.
    Everybody and their mother are playing them.
    Take their vibranium (aka: “detrack” them when shot in the wheels), reduce their speed or maneuvrability (make them crash more often when played idiotic) and/or cut their accuracy on the move (I cannot hit them but they can headshot me from 200m away while running in circles at 100kph.
    Nerf them to NORMAL levels, and clowns will stop over-playing them and will return to OP heavies, meds, TDs (or even lights)… or to arties, but as jeffs are currently limited to three per battle, there will be no impact on the game as the drifting wagoon.

  25. When would WG ever do anything to make improvements to the MM? 4 lights tanks per game in this map then zero in the next. What is the percentage of AFK players per game also….this adds to a fun game! How bad is the MM ~ 4 in every 10 games IMO, many times I just leave if targeted by arty…..how much fun is tracked stunned, tracked, stunned, tracked stunned…..dead….The reaction of WG response is like finding rocking horse shit….expect a clutch of new tier 8 premium tanks before ever making real game play experience improvements

  26. Honestly, I see no problem.

  27. Can we also talk about map rotation and how it feels like it hasn’t changed since the game came out, can we please make an actual map rotation (where we can play every map in a single day without needing to switch servers or just wait till the next day )

  28. Michael Oracion

    Yeah but maybe just maybe asia server is kinda worse, i mean aside from all the ebr tanks we also have things like the nameless 😂

  29. Bring on the African Rooikat, the Italian B1 centauro & vs 2, Chinese PTL02, French AMX10-RC and the Rusian Bumerang(stil in devolment btw 😉 etc….. cant wait meep meep BOOM!.

  30. They stop top tier tanks numbers why not lights tanks as well limited number to 3 only like Arty that’s 6 position lost to support tanks why limit both numbers to 2 each only that gives more positions for fighting tanks to play.

  31. If the number of LT’s is a problem, then the LT should be fixed, not MM. Even one EBR105 per battle is too much. The concept of LT is quit fuzzy, when a LT pens a front of a HT at full speed … Just fix physics of UFO’s (a’ka wheeled vehicles), make the probability of LT penning rear of HT to 50% and reduce the DPM of LT by 30% and there is no more problem. SIMPLE. Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

  32. max 2 lt would be great but only 1 on city maps

  33. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    Nice one Dez
    You didn’t mention that often those tier Xs are being driven by really skilled players which throw games even worse. I think the solution is 2-part. 1st, Nerf the wheeled tech tree tanks HARD and 2, fix the MM so that there is a max of 2 lights per team/match and only 1 may be wheeled. This would result in long queues as you point out but then the player count in lights would drop. In reality, there should be limited scouts/lights in a typical battle….

  34. Disallow EBR platoons. Limit wheelies, FIX F*ing EBR HE

  35. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    Almost forgot-the physics surrounding survivability of those light skinned wheeled vehicles really needs to be fixed. They defy gravity when moving and the broken wheel thing is a joke when the wheel would be gone in reality assuming the vehicle isn’t biked to start with

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    WG is lazy.

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  37. For me. Only 1 arty and 1 EBR per team and a maximum of 3 lights per team. Cheers Dez.

  38. nerf ferraries, remove stun (or 1 arty per team as it is) and the problem is gone

  39. WG: Hot daily deals! Pay more for less!

  40. Anderson Powell

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  41. I dont agree with the removal of artillery because I enjoy playing it . I do however believe 1 arty is enough per team!
    Queue times of upto 1 minute are acceptable to me !
    Light tanks do way to much damage 300+ should be more like 150 and a small ammo load after all they are small vehicles

  42. WG is blind for that

  43. Well, I am hoping that a tank game will come along eventually where it puts WOT out on the street with the homeless……

  44. All wheeled tanks should have their view range drastically reduced! Big view range Nerf. Or better yet just remove them from world of TANKS

  45. WG need to not mix Wheeled with other LT. and also cap it at 3 LT per game.

    The thing I am becoming a victim of is Premium MM. Just played a game they had Obj 703, E75TS and 122TM, we had no premium. Guess who won?! Next game me in Panterra with Lorr 40t vs platooned Bourrasque, crazy.

  46. “Wargaming please listen”
    Good joke Dez. seriosuly, best one i heard in weeks…
    If Wargaming would listen to the community we wouldn’t be in this mess…
    I suggest to flood the forums with this topic. Imagine if all 30000 people that watched this open a forum post or respond to one about the topic. We’d probably get somewhere, but only if all of us move as one.
    And sadly, as much as i’d liek to, i cannot coordinate such a movement, this needs to be organised by someone like you, Dez.
    Maybe do a video where you “call to arms” about the subject?

  47. I would say the mm could be way better if they could add the same level of players to both teams. Sadly if on one team we have ie.10 good players and 5 red, and on the other team 5 good and 10 bad players then it’s no wonder we have 15 to 2 battles

  48. I think the meta is a bit different on the na server. I don’t see many 5 light tank games that often

  49. More and more suchlike battle’s I play every day….MM is disgusting as well as wheeled tank’s like EBR etc. sometimes happens that you lose 10 or more games one after the other and that’s what kill the fun of the game, no matter how much damage you do to the enemy you can do 7k dmg your team lose and the results are usually 3 : 15 or so and WG do f…… NOTHING ABOUT THAT….as I say disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

  50. im to slow and to old 🙂 for the lighttanks , when they put the clowncars in the game
    So for me onley 1 light and 1 clowncar

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