WE SHALL FIGHT – Matilda Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. That was a great intro! Hey with that neck it’s like a war thunder AT-AT at 3.0

  2. British pay-to-win, A43 and Wyvern attempt #3

  3. that into though

  4. Bravissimo, thanks dude.

  5. LIKED for that epic opener with the epic speech voice-over!

  6. for a combo can you do the Tiger h1 with the He 219 A-7 an op combo for me and it might be the same for you ?

  7. 1:09 did Churchill have a stroke or something?

  8. WHY A FATASS DILDO? 14:33

  9. Sick intro, also play the T-92 pls

  10. the opening is soo inspiring!

  11. Your intro on this video is one of the best you’ve ever done! Keep up the great work Phly!

  12. intro reminds me gameplay with matilda in world of tanks tho.

  13. Best Final Words at the end of the Video “God Damn it”

  14. Get the classic soviet comrade combo
    KV-1/L-11 and the Yak7b with the 6 vodka rockets

  15. Please do IS 6 and TU4 show them what the power of the stalinium

  16. This has to be the best video u have ever done loved it ??

  17. Lancaster squadron

  18. Churchill
    Everybody’s lord and saviour

  19. heavy tank No. VI japanese tiger

  20. That opening gave me chills.

  21. that intro had my hairs on stand

  22. Thorbjørn Ragnar

    Please Phly, play again the baby tiger, the german m18 : the panzer II H, but in High Br ! Try to flank em up !
    attempt #4

  23. Cesar antonioquiñonez

    i wonder if he would have that same confidence whit the matilda against a tigar XD

  24. Hey dude!

    Can u just try out british top tier? I mean cheiftain, swingfire and cent mark x? I’d like to see how u can handle horde of leos!

  25. Panzer 2 F and the He 112 A-0 back to basics

  26. What an intro man !!! the gameplay ! the music ! … the speech…..
    I’ve just loved it !
    By the way : GG ^^

  27. What is the lock on the top left?

  28. Please let me carry it to Chinese BILIBILI,Thank you!

  29. ok for the clarification, it’s a medium tank 😉

  30. Intro was deep…

    -Pair of bombs land beside the tank
    “God Dammit…”
    -Bombs explode and flip the tank over in a glorious ball of fire

    That has to be one of the most epic ways to go out XD.

  31. The struggle is real:
    Take out the M4A3 (105) using only HE shells, and the TBf-1c death trap.
    I managed to get lucky and one shot a Pz III, you can too.
    (For extra challenge unequip the spare parts modification)
    Attempt #2

  32. Phly, give the ruskies a taste of their own derp. Take out the KV-II 754(r), and the BF-109 G2 Trop for fighter support!

  33. The intro man..

  34. PhlyDaily play this combo F86-F2 and M2 medium please play this combo!!!!

  35. 😐 What an EPIC intro!

  36. the IS 2 i want too se wen u beat up those tigers 😀

  37. That 3 Inch Gun Carrier flipping over… lmao.

  38. lwolface R.W.K CLAN


  39. the nose of the matilda is piked, much like the bt 7. Those thin sheets are storage bins. Aparantly they got shot off quite often, so you wouldn’t want to put anything valuable in them

  40. The Wolverine fly

  41. fighter pilot assassin 200

    hey sir.phly we would like u to take out the is6 and the yak 9k for your comrades which our trapped during the attack on the rhur good luck

  42. one of the best intros

  43. Because you are doing mighty British tanks why not do the most legendery plane of WW2 the Spitefire. MK2b version.

  44. Like for the awesome intro

  45. Pls more steel ocean

  46. hey guys go to phlys old 3 inch gun carrier video and see if you like his intro better because I love it

  47. Next time pls japanese vehicles

  48. 14:37-14:47 LOL

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