Weak Spots Hiding Styles are Cool, P2W or OP? | World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 2 Update 1.9.1

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World Tanks Battle Pass Season 2 – Rewards, 3D Styles. World of Tanks Update 1.9.1 Patch Test Server News. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

In today’s episode I welcome you back to the Update 1.9.1 Patch test server to show you what is coming with Battle Pass season 2.0. It introduces new leveling system, new bounty equipment units, special commander and new 3D styles, which has raised couple questions in the community. Are styles, which hide weak spots too , overpowered or pay to win?

Let me know what you think!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– No tanks, just equipment.


  1. Yes. Must nerf. God forbid a non-Russian tank get some accidental advantage.

  2. It isn’t p2w when you lose because of bad matchmaking

  3. its a cheating camo it hides weak spots and its for sale

  4. I don’t think it is p2w, I think it is closer to WG just being dumb and not thinking about it.

  5. This doesnt matter at all, they can cramp all kind of shit on the tank. The only thing that matters is when u sniper mode and that dot goes green and you shoot. This is not War Thunder so you have to notice enemies yourself. This is arcade game, basically all you have to do is wait for the spot. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Doesn’t matter if the commander hatch seems to be hidden. There are not as many new players in tier 10 so that should be a non-issue, since it will be revealed after hovering over it when aiming. Russian tier 10s already barely have weak spots on their turrets and the style does not augment the weak spot at all other than the pure visual aspect of it.

  7. It’s hard to call, because realistically, you can use the penetration indicator quite easily to know when to fire. So it’s unlikely to effect more experienced players (which you really should be if you’re playing Tier X), but someone who isn’t as familiar with the Patton might not realise there is a cupola there just using sight alone.

  8. Miss Milotova really does not hold the candle for those Xmas girls xD

  9. Or they dropped down those levels since they noticed that vast majority of players never reach further than around 15/45? Unless you play WoT hours every day there is not a chance of anyone reaching to the final prices

    • Michelangelo Draw CARS

      I think thats the fun i don’t like to dumb down some things just because the casuals cant get them and you could get bonds from random battle anyway

  10. with this camo problem will have problem only new player ..in options in game u can set u aim to change color when u on weak spot its green when u not is red ..is that simple ..

  11. Why is this an issue? Okay, sure, the most noob players will have problem finding them, but at the same time, will they actually aim for the weak spots? For the more experienced players, they already know where the weak spots are, and that shouldn’t be a problem. For those in between, yes I agree it can be hard to see them. But remember that you can hover over a tank to see its outline? You can literally combine that with some other visual cues to figure out where the weak spots are. Yes, it would still be a bit harder, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

  12. I mean the Super Pershing already has a cupola / viewport that isn’t even part of the armor model and no one seems to be up in arms about that…

  13. Patton style is too messy for me.

  14. I don’t see this as an issue really. This kind of “problem” is old, i first noticed with Super Pershing and its commander hatch which seems camouflaged by the two rocket launchers. Learned pretty quickly to aim for the launchers instead of focusing on the hatch as the shells went right in anyway.
    As for being in a tier 8 against a tier 10 hull down Patton, maybe the best approach is not to try and put a string through a sewing needle and just retreat. I mean, a bad result of premium rounds is precisely that, nullifying good positions. And this perceived problem is just that, perceived. As it’s really a nonissue. As for new players which can’t make some assumptions at all, i’m sure they shouldn’t play top tiers anyway.

  15. Matei Dumitrescu

    Dez, did you find yourself the image of the surf board from the movie “Apocalipse now”? congrats! Great movie.

  16. 8:47 I love the smell of napalm in the morning 🙈

  17. Will the is4 never get a 3d style?

  18. Кристиян Тодоров

    I will say only T110E4

  19. Just turn off non historic skins?

  20. it wont make any difference with the styles, the only players that might have any trouble with it, already had trouble hitting anything before it had 3d styles on it, imo, if your dot is green, send it, i dont care what crap is covering the tank, avg players may have to adjust a bit, but they will be fine, bad players might have some troubles, but they do anyways, all of them do almost nothing in battle every battle anyways so technically it wont effect them much either

  21. yeah don’t like these 3rd style in TVP straight up ugly, and hidden weak spot is a problem if you are not cheating with aimbot so most of the community is OK… 😀

  22. Styles should only ever be the stock tank silhouette.

  23. i dont see any problems

  24. Well, I don’t think they are selling that. You can take it for free just playing the game.

  25. pattons camo is amazing … tvp hmmm i dont like those things in front 🙁

  26. Dez u r so damn right. The weak spot is no longer visible and that will be a huge problem.

  27. Well, considering how certain tanks can obliterate their enemies and ruin complete matches, I do not think this was a big issue. I’d rather like to see something done with the Chieftain/Obj 279…

  28. just do not mark the outline of the cammo red and everything is fine

  29. Better effort on the camo this time, unlike SQ camo that sucks

  30. Shitty WG increasing points for each level in battlepass to get less rewards.

  31. Weak spots? No problem….much potatos full spam.apcr and heat 😂

  32. Literally remove the stupid mine sweeper for TVP and you got a good skin and remove the surfboard from Patton to stop the entire immersion being removed.

    Or add the option for people to remove those bits.

  33. If the 279 or Chieftain had 3D styles…

  34. Its not even hiding it tbh

  35. Although I am not surprised by the increasing attempts of WG to squeeze every last Dollar out of WoT, I am still disgusted. I am very close to end my commitment to the game.

    As far as the weak spot goes: A player who doesn’t know where to find the weak spot on any American tier 9 and 10, shouldn’t be playing tier 9 and 10….

  36. Wtf that tvp skin. Think Wargaming is a bit too much into Warhammer designs now….

  37. The styles cant be OP or pay to win for one simple reason. You can just turn them off.

  38. They put waaay to much on these styles they don’t even look better.

  39. if people sctually fall for shooting these 3d elements its there problem also who gets to tier 10 and did not once go on tanksgg or something sure the 3d style increses youre suvivability against bots or people that shouldnt be at tier 10 wow great analysis my guy

  40. hiding the weakspots ?? nahh. since we all have penetration indicators it doesnt matter anyway

  41. There is a huge cheat that will see through any camo skin, its called outline highlighting.

  42. Doesn’t make sense they pick tvp…… should have been Leo or something that has a bigger tech three…… WG logic…

  43. The Captured Tiger you get with Twitch is their first pay to play premium as every other premium you only have to pay once. This you have to pay monthly to use.

  44. New players should NEVER be able to get to tier VIII fast. If they reach that tier they should be able to understand basic gaming tactics so knowing this weakspot

  45. I dont understand what you mean by its blocking it. Its not visible if your looking at it like this, but when you are in a battle and you look at the tank, its outlined in red, so thrn you can see a hatch from that and aim there. Doesnt seem like a problem at all for me and as previously said, new players shouldnt be in tier 10 games or tier 8, unless they spend money on the game…but thats rare

  46. i mean.. it’s not p2w for me ‘cuz you can select it, same as 277 a see alot of ppl cant penning my sides bcuz of the “skirts” so..
    or you can do 2 2 and heat the shit out of patton xd

  47. boonstyle twitch

    Hide non-historical elements => case closed ?

  48. Dwonatam Patricio

    Why create a dramma behind a style?

  49. Hasn’t this issue already been addressed by being able to disable non-historical elements in the settings? Or are 3d styles considered historical

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