WEAPONIZE GO-KART – RU-251 PTW Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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WEAPONIZE GO-KART – RU-251 PTW Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Is the same exact story every time… Before telling it’s pay to win , every tanks or plane should be checked in average score of all players. That’s the only way to understand if a tank or plane is too strong.

  2. Kenneth Fenris Lund

    The T29 is also a PTW, the german have ENOUGH bad tanks ingame, tis is only one of the few tanks germans have that can actually compete decently! and saying this need highger br, and its a german tank, its gonna get nerfed to shit and/or get higher br….and its bullshit that it has too low br, it has NO armor, most players dont know how to use it either, but i agree Leo should be lower br, but hey its GAYjin they love their “glorious russian machines” wich they make better in almost every aspect even if its far from the truth in real life….

  3. SDSavage McGamerson

    t-34-85 and Yak-9t CYKA BLYAT attempt 23

  4. its br is WAY too low…its a pain fighting them in 5.7 because no matter what you ahve they can pen you, and they use their speed to get out of the map…into places they shouldent, im so sick of them, that and the is 6 but i have LESS issues with the is6 than the ru 251

  5. Hey phly!
    Love your aviation content very much, keep up the good work! I have a challenge/video request for you: “Radio warfare”
    Dust of your Il-2 1946 CUP/BAT, disable all icons,map-waypoints etc, get realistic navigation and radar mods, start up your Me110 G4 nightfighter and hunt bombers in the absolut dark. Try to achieve 15 areal kills, which would make you the 69th highest scoring german nightfighter ace.
    Maybe get help from devil dog as your copilot/operator.
    Horrido! 😉

  6. this tank is why i cant play my lovely t-95

  7. GeneralSlothingtonIII

    Phlee you’ve taken out the king of head ons, the twin mustang, but why leave out the queen? Take out the Ju87 D with 8 20mm cannons. Attempt #2

  8. My new strat when I play Tiger II H:
    1.Get views on obj
    2.Hold out
    3.wait for RU’s to clean up

  9. KlavanGepizlac Keemstar

    nice tank

  10. Do the M4A1 Sherman and the F4U 1-D Corsair 1st attempt

  11. should i get the tiger2 sla or ru251

  12. I REALLY hope they increase the BR of this tank. I know they probably wont… but i really hope they do.

  13. how many lions did you get from the first game must have been a lot

  14. yer was far to fast and big ass gun.Attempt 5 #Tier 1 20mm madnessPanzer MK 2 20mmHe 112 A-0 20mm.

  15. The machine gun also awesome lol

  16. Your videos make me want to actually play War Thunder. I’ve played a few times but never been able to get into it. Any tips for someone who is relatively new?

  17. horror and pokemon


  18. José Matheus Ferreira

    u can have the most pay to win tank but the t-34-85 always kills you 😀

  19. Phly, get the family trio, ru251, leopard, n the gepard

  20. average player :3

    for my opinion it ain’t a ptw vehicle , you can kill this light tank….light tank. the only way to make or tired to balance this light tank is up the br and reduce the performance a little or nerf it down a bit. ain’t that hard to tell gajin , but hey it just my opinion. : p
    I do understand the hate of this unique vehicle : )

  21. Awesome, when I type War thunder in search bar of youtube, you’re the first thing on the list, not even freaking War Thunder official channel.

  22. 10:05 I thought it was only possible in Battlefield xD

  23. Play the m103

  24. I’ve gotten uptiered in every game I’ve played for the last three days and I’m getting really tired of my M36 bouncing rounds on side armor at 100m.

  25. Phly says “I just feel fucking dirty” just how dirty do you really feel tho Phly?

  26. Bas Van De Kreeke

    10:20 who needs aa now and days

  27. Worth pressing LIkE

  28. Jordan Scholfield

    Matilda II and Hunter F Mk.1 for next challenge

  29. that was brutal

  30. #Fatherland #OpAgain

  31. Ru251 is not P2W. L2P noobs

  32. That intro. LOL.

  33. The RU-251 is the last fucking thing from p2w, please check your SL privilege. It costs 600SL per shot… and it’s a one hit fucking kill.

  34. Wonder how it feels to have every tank not looking at you and calling it “p2w”

  35. Why did you only select footage of downtier?

  36. The do 335 b2 has been buffed I think it now has 390-400 30mm ammo instead of 210 it’s a good ground pounder now so try to take that out with your next line up

  37. Yohan L.naraidoo

    Plz don’t save anything about the German br it’s already unfair as it is

  38. idiot game…. why even play with such discrepances in performance???

  39. hey PHLYDAILY, from all the way in Australia mate, bro can you take out some Russian bais tanks you pick the tank but i would like too see the LA5FN with 2xfab50 and kill a Tiger2 ???

  40. do the combo you like the most

  41. Charles kevin Villareal

    Nice shooting mate!

  42. In the test map,i killed an is4m with HESH from the front by shooting the optics from the driver side

  43. very good ////////// PZ f2//////////////

  44. phly play with the He-111 the first german bomber u get (the Do is not a bomber)

  45. phly try out the j21 (user mission). best plane!?

  46. Phly! Please play M47 next time ?

  47. I wonder why phly always tries to go for the ammo when the crew shots are much safer

  48. Hello Dear Sir,

    We, the British army, have decided it is time you lay waist to those non-Tea drinkers. We have supplied you with a top of the line Cromwell V to assist in the destruction of the German lines. To support you we have supplied you with a sausage-shooting Spitfire Mk llb. Do the British army proud, and wipe those coffee drinkers off the face of the earth!

    Attempt #1

  49. TheCat PlaysGamez

    66.667 views TRIGGERREDDDDD

  50. First game, awesome ?

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