Week of Circon Highlights #10

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Source: SirCircon


  1. The last time I was this early my girlfriend was mad at me .

  2. Poor ELC AMX xD

  3. Quack, quack , I am a duck
    AMX 40

  4. Holy fuck i am early

  5. what did he mean with people like this are gonna get nerfed next patch ? whats gonna hapen next patch?

  6. I dont know if its just me, but with the new matchmaker I have never been top tier with my T26E4… always middle… also, new stun mechanics… arta balanced

  7. Keep up the good work Circon, really like the new editing :), I am ready for friday memes 馃檪

  8. Strum todoy?

  9. Hayhayhayhay what’s wrong with muh Ferdi?

  10. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    sero demege, sero demege, sero demege, top teer sewens do nating naice :DDDDDDDDD this cracked me up

  11. Mmmm, more spicy memes…
    Keep fighting the good fight Circon!

  12. Greetings…I’m really interested in if you have the server side crosshair for 9.18 already? If yes how could Iget it?

  13. This was so denk,comrade!

    Fuckign still laughing my ass of!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

  15. Hmm thinking hmmm

  16. While World of Tanks wore thin on me and I quit playing a while ago, I still smile every time I see one of these videos in my sub box, even though I can never really catch the streams. Thanks for the memes, Circon!

  17. Username TripleZero

    Oh yeahh ! great to see another one 馃榾

  18. who is jedi? Circon is playing with him in sec 8:48

  19. Fucking hilarious, love it Circon xD

  20. Load the Skill rounds

    That sick RNG in that skoda though… I don’t know why but I seem to get that a lot with guns that are supposed to be accurate.

  21. Theese two ELC AMX players are gonna raaage soooo haaard this patch!!! omg xD

  22. I want to see more stuff like this 馃榾

  23. Gross Domestic Plums

    Oh i’m early, its time to watch memes

  24. Love the editing

  25. The Chi-To is powered by captured British troops.

  26. meme overload! meme overload! please proceed to evacuation exit

  27. Glorious memes, hallelujah

  28. at about 6:15 or so we see Circon dealing with the same RNG the plebs get.

  29. I love the crayons in the thumbnail 馃榾

  30. My daily dose of memes

  31. MrImmortalityPrince

    I both love and hate how Circon makes 3rd marking look so easy.

  32. How about that Skoda T40 and it’s marshmallow cannon? Love that tank! lol

  33. new mm with e25 is so broken. Only have tier 8s every 3rd or 4th game and even then there are only 3 馃檪

  34. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    is it just me or circon’s going to have one certain tank where he can’t hit even in point blank range or if he did, just tracking every week? because last time it’s the jackson isn’t it?

  35. I lost it at 1:36 hahahhahahahahaha

  36. Well, the M40/M43 has some frontal armour, you can actually bounce from it with Tier 6 guns 馃檪

  37. I love these videos especially! Please, more! Nice edits

  38. Wait what the fuck is defender?

  39. A special group at 1:00

  40. Time to make a joke…
    World of Tanks players are mature, intelligent people that can turn their frustration and rage in something constructive that will help them in the next battle.


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