^^| Week of Circon Highlights #11 Funny Moments

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  1. Plese keep this series going

  2. It is time, to stop!

  3. I never thought this day would come…. another highlights video….

  4. Several braincells have been lost watching this video

  5. I love gettingt focused by tier 8 and 9 arty when Im in a FUCKING TIER 7 LIGHT TANK!!!! FUCK OFF! My wn8 isn’t even purple! Maybe because its 10 times better than theirs

  6. Ah yes, more memes to watch.

  7. Circon, you should have put a warning, my brain hurts because of that scorpion

  8. someone has been watching EL CHAPO ^^

  9. Finally another meme Circulation


  11. Haha the ending. “The fuck was that”

  12. I’m just here for the memes

  13. You done gone and forgot the ?

  14. i bought T-34-100 and is stock is so terreble that i want to kill myself.
    i cant deal 1000 dmg in one fkin game

  15. Syahareen Sha Rani

    My brain hurts when seeing people do stuff like that ugh god why do they keep doing like that

  16. i bought the chrysler before i knew that it was op, so i shoot he only to nerf it, what does it say when i still do over 2k dmg in it?

  17. Just when I was about to launch WoT for the first time this month, I decided to watch this video first. Now I remember why I haven’t touched it in weeks… 😀

  18. when you’ve seen them all on the live feelsgoodman

  19. WTF was that! LOL

  20. The “deployed the crutches” memes are my favorite. love your videos Circon, keep doing you man.

  21. noone watch F map 😀 crazy MF

  22. OMG the face at 4:02 priceless.

  23. You see autism is allowed to breed and play online games

  24. world of retards


  26. Brilliant comedy ?! Keep it up

  27. “This prehistoric asshole” ?

  28. Carlos Valenzuela

    2:33 tried playing what? I didnt understant!

  29. Best Emil driver on the planet (I’m just being Scarcastic)

  30. I’m not sure what hurts more, my sides from laughing, or my brain from watching some of those players

  31. That Critical Hit face has Multi-Meme Capacity

  32. The phone call to planned parenthood, lolololololol…..

  33. Having not been able to tune into WoT streams much lately, what I get from these videos is: 1. Circon is hilarious 2. WoT and the crayon eaters playing it are brain meltingly bad

  34. The Cliche Meme Guy

    3:56 Best part.

  35. Michael Wittmann

    I’m actually sorry that retard in Skorpion killed that Comet..

  36. this scorpion clearly out-played you: he survived of the battle, you didn’t. xD

  37. 4:01 I died of laughter

  38. There’s a city on the map, and nature and water, where do I take my Type4Heavy? Lol

  39. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great end to a day watching this xD

  40. Vytenis Kajackas

    6:05 … what a gang bang 😀

  41. mexican tank, i wonder how long before they make another pres trump meme from this hahaha

  42. Ethnic Kekistani

    I’m guessing the reticle is a mod, where do I get it?

  43. Dinosaur 1966?? Then I am antediluvian 1955 and grandmother to boot. Then again I play on the Asian server so it’s easy to hide my incompetence. P.S. Love watching your vids, it’s my daily tonic.

  44. manofsheerawsomness

    Keep making these highlight reels mr. unicum

  45. you have the dankest memes ive seen in awhile

  46. I laughed out loud at 0:46

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