^^| Week of Circon Highlights #12 Funny Moments

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Enjoy 😀 It’s been a minute since I’ve done one for WoT so I hope you guys like it : }

  2. This is brilliant Elliot thanks for your time and efforts.

  3. Circon is the definition of a wot meme machine

  4. I watched the whole of this video and my elc evan 90 is still reloading…


  6. For fucks sake Circon……… its a small tank so its hard to hit and its got good camo!

  7. Elliot u da man, Sir

  8. I’m reporting your for animal cruelty against those Hellcats.

  9. Circon you are the most entertaining wot streamer/youtuber out there!

    also thanks elliot 😀

  10. Man this is fucking gold!

  11. watched every single second

  12. best fucking thing i have ever watched. i want more!!!!

  13. I love how your true statement about our cheese led directly into a true statement about our horrible healthcare system.

  14. Elliot is a genius

  15. If you check the _Johnny87 in the SU-122-44 at 32:04 then you’ll see that he paid his way to a Obj. 907 last CW season (From G__G)

    Edit: looking more into it and you’ll see that he also bought a boost to get his VK 72.01 K (From V-TER)

  16. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    You’ve made me a very very happy man with this video….

  17. Today we bore witness to many a glorious meme. Feels good.

  18. BestViewedWithCable

    Its good to know, circon gets crappy games too

  19. Elliot coming in clutch with the memes!

  20. you sir, are still a barbarian. 🙂

  21. Very nice video

  22. About fuckin time Eliot 🙂

  23. Hell…It’s about time

  24. Yaaaaaay I got so bored of watching the previous ones

  25. I’m so glad this is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. “Oh the stupidity” Lmao. Thank you , thank you ,thank you

  27. comrade circus tenk is stronk. small but stronk

  28. That was brilliant.

  29. that “circus song ” you like is called….get ready for it and sit down….its called “in come the gladiators”….WORTH

  30. Seriously, post these bitches more often

  31. A highlight video where theres no light and nothing high lmao.

  32. 0sh00tme0 World of Tanks Gameplay

    Thanks for the entertainment. I laughed so hard through the entire highlight real.

  33. Circon is so lovable. He sees his team did jack all and he starts laughing his ass off. I’d like to platoon with him just for the commentary. Who cares about winning when you can laugh all the time?

  34. Is ranting about how bad matchmaking is takes a moment to go holy crap 7k dmg. I approve

  35. some of these have cracked me… 😀 Circon dont ever change pleasee! 😀 😀 the memes are strong with you !

  36. Lol I made the cheese comment (ducks_kill)

  37. Working on my shooting noises now

  38. omg i love these so much almost died of laughter

  39. Apparently…. its a small tank, and its hard to hit? Thats what im taking from this.

  40. Man you need to do this shit every week I love the highlights videos

  41. Can someone explain the joke at 20:35? Didn’t understand. Thanks!

  42. They way he humiliated that Conqueror was funny as hell

  43. I fucked up. Okay, bye. Hahahaha, life of an autoloader.

  44. That savanah though 😀

  45. Eeelliottttt – can we have a highlights of you and Circon playing PUBG? It’s been one of the highlights of watching the stream offline, really enjoyed it. Great job on this one too 🙂

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