Week of Circon Highlights #13 Funny Moments

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. SUBSCRIBE OR DIE! *cough* Eh, i mean enjoy! <3 Live soon at twitch.tv/circon <3

  2. Thanks Elliot ^~^

    PS: Circon you’ve played world of tanks for 5 years and still challenge the stalin laser guided missiles that the kv-2 fires to a peeking contest? :v whut r u casul?

  3. Yeah AufklärungsPanhter Mit 105cm Derp Gun!!!!! Me: JES JES JEEEEES.

    Like dat stream.

  4. this video was awesome.especially that crater artys part

  5. 10:22 That… _is_ a *thicc* …


  6. Thank you, Elliot!

  7. I’ve been waiting for another ”week of Circon” episode. They’re great

  8. That was pure joy. Loved every meme.

  9. Finally! A new highlight XD just love it. would be hilarious of ppl at WG WoT department watch all of his highlights XD

  10. Quantum Imperfections

    That final Sheridan tracking off of the bridge XD I literally laughed harder than I’ve laughed in a year XD

  11. Yaaaaaay my Favourite YouTube Red Series, Oh Wait…

  12. Circon vs thanos

  13. *pulls up this video in court*
    “evidence A against why RNG sucks…”

  14. Legs gone numb in the toilet watching this. WERF.

  15. 1:37 that mission name is WoT community motto.

  16. Where does Circon live? just curious

  17. It’s a necklace? A chocker? Or what(I kind of like the “detail”)

  18. Editing on point in this one!!!!

  19. UwU steam highlights desu

  20. YES! Finally some more highlights!

  21. Mmmm tasty memes slurp


  23. Really funny, gotta love circ, so British ! hahahaha

  24. broke my daughter and mine ears.

  25. I missed it so much 😀

  26. Epic video, many laughs had 🙂

  27. Man, this video really shows how much RNG rules this game.

  28. 2:28 how many millimeter do we have again? i hate when my girl asks this question :S

  29. 4:30 is the best “+2 muthafucka” lmao

  30. Very funny video sir. You can tell you enjoy WoT when you would rather injure yourself in a bus crash than play the game xD

  31. I was Entertained!

  32. therandomnessisreal

    -Get fucked son!-
    I mean
    _Roll out!_

  33. Arty players or K-Pop fans, which is worse?

    10:44 that is definitely a bot

  34. Funniest wot video ive ever seen

  35. In this showcase. RNG. Confusing spotting mechanics. Lines of sight. Polish tin foil ammo racks. Circon.

  36. I had a barrel of laughs watching that one! Thank you for suffering for us so we dont have to!

  37. WHY DID IT END!?! WHY?!?

  38. Great content Circon, and I love you arty tears, they taste delicious 😛

  39. I almost spat out my drink because of the ending bridge flop

  40. Load the Skill rounds

    That arty rant on the hill by the windmill with all the craters everywhere was legit! I can’t play heavy tanks in this game anymore and I’m loosing my will to even turn the game on these days because of the sky cancer and it’s worse now because of the second set of personal missions.

    I also enjoyed the quick verbal recap of the stream at the end, sums up the WoT experience nicely.

  41. Yes!!!!

  42. Arty and rng still look pretty fair, I’m glad Ive leave this game before lost my sanity :>

  43. the only way the awfulpanther will be a good premium is if it has a better engine and the derp gun

  44. also they are selling the tier 3 FCM super sealclub tank >->

  45. Holy shit i love these highlights, circon’s laugh is so contagious 😀

  46. I’m so happy I finally uninstalled this pos ripoff cancer game. The premium tanks are 3 or 4 times what they should be and I was stupid enough to buy tons of premium tanks….I’m a moron

  47. Honestly the funniest streamer!

  48. epic episode

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