Week of Circon Highlights #14 Funny Moments

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Source: Circonflexes

Actually made this one myself! https://discord./vnVP5FK

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  1. Made this highlight reel myself! 😀 Dont worry tho, Elliot is not gone! More vids on the way 😀 <3 <3

  2. i want more but the music is to loud 🙂

  3. i stopped playing wot so long ago, i don’t recognise half the tank and maps anymore lol

  4. 4:05 That Mäuschen, what a bro

  5. When I see a stream highlight real in my sub feed it feels like Christmas!!!

  6. Happy New Year Circon

  7. this editing is epic!

  8. Fuck yes I could not click on a vid any faster

  9. Happy New Year Circon !

  10. 1:14 Did anyone else notice how it said the O-ho was on 6hp despite Circon being in a 1v1.

  11. I would like to thank our Meme Lord for the content included in this Meme Colection – 2019 Edition. Also I would like to say you did such a good job, that I really at first praised Elliot for delivering this, you sneaky Circon you 😀 . God, 2019 already looks like it’s going to be great.

  12. WoW i made two clips of those SUUUUUUBB HYPE <3

  13. so basically Elliot is so lazy that the streamer has to make his own highlights, KKona


    Thanks elliot, we love you btw!

  15. Affirmative!

  16. 1:12
    Why the fuck are 2 other tanks alive if it is 14 : 14
    What is that O-Ho doing there

  17. 4:12
    I’m 95% sure that was aimbot looking for a weakspot, but it can’t find one because of balanced armor

  18. Jovan Schiebelbein

    This is the only good thing that’s happened to me in 2019

  19. I am a simple person, i see highlight i click.

  20. OMG my favourite YouTube series is back!

  21. Hoe heet de achtergrond muziek die je hebt gebruikt in deze video? @circonflexes

  22. More like: Quarterly circon hightlights
    i fucking love these tho xx

  23. Looks like I should be ashamed and feel bad for missing Circon this week.

  24. Game play is great but the laugh is the best.

  25. Love it. Nice portion of lugh 🙂

  26. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    That tracking shot was DIRTY!

  27. You forgot my favorite circon quote, chat person “circon how do you play the 430 well”. Circon replies “with a keyboard and a mouse”

  28. Finally 😀

  29. The music make it even better

  30. “I want you to go to the garage and THINK about what you’ve done here.” That was amazing. Wherever you are… I’m still slow clapping you.

  31. 2:55 nice to see Circon enjoying playing Steven Hawking

  32. Circon needs to play a game in the KV-220 with his screen upside down

  33. Change sixth sense sound to just be-


  34. That kv4 along with the emil 2 were amazing trash. Full hp kv4 afraid to take dmg from that td was triggering as fuck.

  35. Someone want an escape from tarkov 14 day key for Europe? Ill send them in in a moment they are only up for one hour so be quick


  36. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    Niceee!! Finally another stream highlight. I love those

  37. Those were so spicy memes ??

  38. This better be 3 months of circon or I’m reporting for clickbait

  39. 00:50 funniest moment commentary ever! I was LMAO on that episode.

  40. I pray for these highlights

  41. That Mäuschen killed me xD

  42. Krystian Olszański

    This series is the best

  43. whats the song that sounds cheerful and playful?

  44. ROLMAO Awesome Vid 🙂 ,  many this year be Awesome for you too  🙂 . TDS .

  45. The engine is damaged, we can only take locally! 5:02

  46. That first clip brought me joy, don’t get to see arty one shot much of anything anymore

  47. Circon is literally the only reason I care about WoT anymore. The only youtube videos of it I actually still watch

  48. In other news Make-A-Wish Foundation requests fall by 90%

  49. 6:40 that laugh fits the Excalibur’s looks so well lol

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