Week of Circon Highlights #16 Funny Moments

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Source: Circonflexes

Been a minute, enjoy! – elliot



  1. Turning on a reminder for this one

  2. Well, waiting for it……


  4. realy hate these, still have to wait 20 hours to watch ? damnit

  5. Just yesterday I watched 5 of the old ones 😂

  6. Liked already

  7. Premier? Stupid ass feature this is

  8. Oh man, such a tease, just gib me this

  9. Make a wish came through

  10. Griffin Bennett


  11. This is like wargamings update schedule. It’s comes out like 5 months after the previous weeks highlights

  12. That Dude Over There

    Oh my god, it’s happening, everybody stay calm

  13. Premieres in two hours? but I want it now!

  14. the fuck is this? we gotta wait to be entertained?!

  15. robert petrisor Borovina

    Old man Circon

  16. princeumar20.09

    Lets be friends

  17. wait how is 1200 base a first class in that boat ?

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Pogchamp bois

  19. *sniffles* excuses me, CiRCoN but i boughtz my type 64z. *sniffles*

  20. The fuck is T78?

  21. Circon, did you see that in the next update, they r buffing the cavalier and a couple other tanks? They will be so much better.

  22. What’s up with circ desperately not wanting to play the udes 16 ?

  23. Who is this Chad guy he keeps talking to?

  24. 60kph AT15 = 268 v 4

  25. now i get it, you want to complete the game!

  26. To be fair, if it *was* called “Sack My Ass Vikings Episode 4”, the fact that it managed to survive with that name for 4 installments would be a sign of quality.

  27. Anyone know the name of the mod that shows how far your gun can traverse? Is it part of Aslains by any chance?

  28. I mean, 22 Celsius is pretty cool for us here in Mississippi


  30. What will be out first boys you tell me. The end of this quarantine or the next highlight video?

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