^^| Week of Circon Highlights #3 Funny Moments

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Source: SirCircon

Another week of highlights by Eeellliot! Thanks for watching!


  1. 386 likes 0 dislikes ??reflects the quality of your videos

  2. This video was awesome Circ! GJ

  3. this is some dank material. top notch memes.. thumbs up circ

  4. Top kek video m8

  5. Best vid I have watched in weeks :’)

  6. SirCon I watch your vids all the time, but today I forgot I had a headset
    on and was laughing so hard my coworkers were peaking over the cube to see
    what was going on lol. Keep it up!!!

  7. Whats the song in the endcard (from 9:00 onward) called?
    I know the song but I forgot the name and every attempt to find out on my
    own failed.

  8. I cry when my Skoda T25 is 15% winrate after 13 games.

  9. This is the most funny thing on WoT ever

  10. i almost pizzed my pants, holy shit this video was fun :D

  11. lol, had a few LOLz moments in there. Why can’t I find fun people to toon
    with like you dammit!


  13. hahahahaha i loved the first hit with the arty :D

  14. o my god i laughed so hard keep it up :)

  15. Lucky_the_Realm_Walker

    The memes in this video XD circDeal

  16. 526 they see me rollin circon hatinnn

  17. This is too good.

  18. If I roll lower I would actually healing them :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D best line

  19. +SirCircon I laughed way more than I should have at the Hat & Gegs combo

  20. welcome to world of tanks eat sh** and die i mean roll out

  21. Funny guy…You allways make me laugh so thank you sir!

  22. RNGesus is an asshole.

  23. The Sanity Assassin

    It’s all about the memes, bout dem memes bout dem memes…
    Quote of the week – ” If I roll any lower, I’m healing them.” – Circon 2016
    Quote of last week – “I didn’t know the memes could roll this high!” –
    Circon 2016

  24. Oh man this has got to be the funniest video I’ve seen all week.

  25. This is the stuff we want from Circon – watching someone thoroughly enjoy
    himself in WoT and being too freaking good at it!

  26. “If I roll any lower I am going to heal them.” – Keyboard got a little wet
    on that one.

  27. “if i roll any lower, i will be healing them” best video ever (i may have
    peed a little i laughed so hard)

  28. Need more memes plz

  29. The low-rolls party is over, dammit.

  30. Circ rage is best rage.

  31. 3 mark the jägeru

  32. “If I roll any lower, I would be healing them” ~ Circon 2016

  33. pls more of the meme outfit @Circon

  34. hey kid, want some thumbnails?

  35. SirCon i love the Jagdtiger! I have like 3k average dmg per game in it. And
    i have my highest dmg ever in it!

  36. If I roll any lower, Imma heal them 😀 lmao so good :D

  37. I love this videos circ, and I love u too <3

  38. Please please give me more memes!

  39. these are so funny, keep up!

  40. Epic kek…

  41. 100% guaranteed to laugh. If you don’t well do dank for you!

  42. Circon, you probably got that Ace right after the weekly Ace reset, so a
    lower-XP game than is normally required for the Ace was accepted as the
    Ace…this probably makes no sense

  43. I’m already subscribed Circon, I would subscribe again if I can. (on

  44. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS waitting it for 2014214 years, so much
    fun…. AAAAA

  45. “If I roll any lower, I’m healing them.”

  46. is this 1080p wow what this quality gr8 m8 super awesome amazing funfunfun

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