^^| Week of Circon Highlights #4 Funny Moments

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Source: SirCircon

Another week of highlights by Eeellliot! Thanks for watching!


  1. Is this a reupload? I’ve seen the jagdtiger bits before and heard the whole
    “Mingles with Circon” line also.

  2. I died when trump built the wall lmao

  3. Someone seriously needs to make a mod of Circon saying
    “Biiiiiiitttcchhh!!!!” to play when you ammo rack an enemy :D

  4. These videos have Jingles and QB beat hands down Circon, keep ’em coming.

  5. I like these, thanks for editing.

  6. my grind to 3rd mark the M103 is sooooo painful, the gun on paper seems
    great but it somehow shoots like potato…….I am so glad it is over,
    moved the crew to the OP-E5 and left the M103 as a trophy in the garage

  7. It’s a shame Circon doesn’t have more YT subs. Everybody needs moar memes
    in their lives.

  8. Praise the mem god! Your the best Sir, keep up the mem work!

  9. @SirCircon this is one of the best WoT series ever pls continue do make

  10. Amazing WoT at is finest, fucking WG dumbasses

  11. This is quite the memes. Keep at it :D

  12. A sudden influx of dank memes was detected on the youtube servers

  13. Loving the more edited videos :)

  14. die van “at least they don’t have aaaaa…..” is echt geweldig, wat denk je
    van de arizona? ik had daar laatst iets van 140k damage in

  15. Spoiler alert
    “It’s TRUMP! It’s Trump in the E5!”

    i’m dieing, seriously, this is too good to be real xDDDDDD

  16. I hate to be that guy but ehhhh 4:05 moozak plz.

  17. I swear I have seen this before

  18. The Sanity Assassin

    “like, my…..My f**king… the thing with me is…. like, everything…
    hehe… like… eeeerr… like… like potatoes dude… pfft” Circon 2016

  19. Love more dank memes!

  20. 300th viewer! God I love even numbers!

  21. I feel like i’ve seen 90% of this video already lol

  22. I loved this, great video

  23. “You can’t spell party without arty” I’m in tears :D

  24. I really like these so funny man.

  25. Those 10 minutes sircon…

  26. love these vids but my fav is the meme hat and glasses

  27. yow Circon… heb een vraagje.. wanneer lifestream je ? laat je dat weten
    op twitter ofzo ? ben nog niet zo lang namelijk op je kanaal ! alleen heb
    gehoord dat je Nederlands bent ! je bent echt geweldig !

  28. first comment XD
    love you stream

  29. anonymous_scotsman `

    ten minutes of memes circHype

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