^^| Week of Circon Highlights #5 Funny Moments

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Source: SirCircon

Another week of by Eeellliot! Thanks for watching!


  1. What is best even good to use against

  2. I love listening to PC complain about the accuracy of the Tanks, when
    console WoT its like ur gunner is Blind folded.

  3. Gustav Crotchlickmeoff

    where is the “gargle my nuts” joke?

  4. Lets me tell you a bad joke

    Are you a banana?
    Cause you look ap-PEAL-ing

  5. 4:10

    WoT in a nutshell

  6. Dank memes

  7. I’m liking the regular uploads to Youtube :)

  8. these highlights is the best! <3

  9. Nice… Meme…… Nice meme…

  10. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    that moment went circon has a video which is exactly 10 mins lol

  11. Some of those missed shots were just painful to watch

  12. My World of Tanks Blitz Replays

    awesome vid

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