^^| Week of Circon Highlights #6 Funny Moments

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Source: SirCircon

Another week of by Eeellliot! Thanks for watching!


  1. “The only thing improved from the m4 improved is wargamings bank account”
    lost it at that one dank meme Circon

  2. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    i don’t know what’s with Circon and T110E5, they always lose whenever
    there’s one on the enemy team

  3. Lol, surprise that people still listen to Boney M, xD

  4. Oh baby yes. I’ve been waiting for the memes to return.

  5. WP Oake

  6. Wait why did it sound like the audio kept glitch ing, is it just me or?

  7. james ward-gwilliam

    now if you were playing world of warships and got 5 kills you would have
    unleashed the kraken or should we say unleashed the circon xD

  8. biiiiitch

  9. 9:06 – favourite part Kappa

  10. Nice video Circ

  11. @Circon Come do some bitch slapping on the SEA server it will be grand fun


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