^^| Week of Circon Highlights #8 Funny Moments

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  1. ah those misses are cute. You’ll feel the pain even more when your full
    aimed Grille 15 shot(0.25 dispersion, the most accurate gun in the game)
    dunks on you and hits the aiming circle at 50 meters….

  2. I was so mad on Saturday too playing my UDES stock so i started counting
    the games, results 21 games low tier, 14 mid and only THREE as top
    tier….this shit is getting sooooo old!!!

  3. Great video, I thought it was just me who had real bad days, glad to see
    I’m not alone.

  4. where is circon from ?

  5. This is basically why I sold my Pershing…my average damage was on pair
    with KR, but somehow I always landed in tier 10 battles with dumb tier 10s
    in my team. The WR in KR is around 60%, in Pershing 49%…

  6. fuck me sideways chat :P

  7. this video is too fucking funny. that look you give the camera is fucking
    perfect XD!

  8. what is that end song , pls ?

  9. It feels so good to see a unicorn suffers from the same shit as we do~

  10. Looks like someone forgot to renew their premium RNG

  11. 3:25 ‘People like this, they need their own server’

    It exists. It’s called the SEA server.. fml…..

  12. 1000 mods are the best! :D

  13. Æ sa det.

  14. And this is some of the reasons why I like Wows more than Wot.

    Wows feels more rewarding and no matter what tier you actually feel like
    you can do something.

    In Wot, its if you can see them, if they see you, if you got good armor to
    hold back their shells, RNGesus, stupid people in general that throw it
    away (don’t get me wrong this happens in wows as well but it does not feel
    as severe) you die very quickly in this game and it does not seem as fair
    cause you cant even see them but you get an Idea but when you actually get
    to see them, you get focused by everything and die. Sure this happens in
    wows but at least you have a chance to survive and kill something before
    dying (unless torps)

    But in all I feel that Wows is way more rewardable and not as painful
    (Maybe its cause I actually pay attention to the map and stuff but you get
    my point)

  15. I love these but at the beginning I wasn’t feeling it. At about the 7
    minute mark after the frustration you were exhibiting and the editing I was
    rolling. Absolutely love this series keep it up.

  16. You know what they say: unlucky in game, lucky in love!

  17. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    Not gonna complain I guess…….

  18. These are terrific!

  19. Alexander Krikorian

    “pershing has good gun handling they said”

    “it’s a good tank they said”

  20. This was my experience all weekend on NA

  21. NA population ehhhh. I play on the NA server and that video is everyday for
    me, almost always low tier, bouncing shots that should go right in, ammo
    rack, ammo rack, ammo rack or fire. I’v had those invisible heavies too.
    When the game trolls you it can get so fustrating, but then I play
    something with a lot of armor and fire premium rounds with abandon and all
    of a sudden it stops, very strange that. I play mostly solo games, maybe
    that’s why, I don’t know.

  22. Thank you for this. I’ve never laughed so hard at someone getting the luck
    a majority of the tanks population gets on a regular basis. Keeps these
    videos rolling!

  23. I feel your pain Circon. My entire Pershing grind was a photocopy of your
    Monday game play….

  24. God i love to see that not only i am hatin mondays ??

  25. those type of highlights missed me quite a fair bit 😀 PLZ MAKE MORE OF
    THEM (love you) i can’t stop LMAO watching them :P

  26. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Thx for making thisn^^

  27. Great vid, again. Ill guess we will see more and more of this when AccuNerf
    II hits the servers. Heil RNG and HEAT.

  28. “We will never remove 25% RNG… *cyka blyat!*”

  29. Umbreon Pryomancer

    “Eu matchmaking? More like NA population” As an NA player…this is 100%

  30. it been happing to me all weekend shit just vanish

  31. Load the Skill rounds

    Thank you sir! For the LoLs. Life is hard sometimes.

  32. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    Everyday in WoT

  33. The Sanity Assassin

    “There are just too many majestic meme’s in this most epic of Highlights
    vid to quote only 1.” TheSanityAssassin 2017

  34. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    shots missing, bouncing, or ghosting though the target?


  35. Welcome to my everyday experience in World of Tanks…

  36. Special server 1 is NA West server after 2pm and on weekends

  37. that jackson gameplay killed me

  38. Now I know not to play today.

  39. Hilarious! :)

  40. Not to brag or anything, but from the replays you have shown, all I got
    from it was, “Welcome to my world of Tanks MM every day, all day.”
    Nice to see that even UNICUMS get shitty Match Making, glad to see that you
    didnt rage quit after getting this crap all day every day

  41. Nice editing work Circon! Would love to see more of this!

  42. at least it wasn’t only me having these Monday teams today. got 40% winrate

  43. More of this. This is gold. Huehuehuehuehue

  44. beautifull.

  45. Wait what? Circon is human? He has bad games too?! No way.

  46. I was laughing my ass of watching this video but then I released that this
    is actually all true, the RNG in WoT is so god damn fucking high…

  47. #mondays
    Monday ftw

  48. Mohamed ali Maraoui

    i got the shit xD grinding american meds and kept on getting T8 russian
    heavies in city mapswith an easy8 xD got afull stock T20 and mm placed me
    with T9s xD needless to say all games had below 30% chance to win

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