^^| Week of Circon Highlights #9 Funny Moments

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  1. Pretty slick memes, yo.

  2. Thanks for including me in the video circon! My name is St3rpl0xage ???

  3. Love the LOL memes~! Keep up the great work Circon!

  4. Hey Circ I was having a really bad day but you cheered me up, hats off to you my good sir

  5. Week 8.9.1

  6. im in one of the games 🙂

  7. The Scorpion's Den

    Flawless editing as always Elliot! Thanks for making Circon’s streams even more entertaining!

  8. thekai3000 -RGT-

    Ay the Type 4 Heavy is a clan member. ^^

  9. gj on the edit circon top meme

  10. The Sanity Assassin

    Thanks for all the Memes Circon… you made me smile for 10 minutes, priceless =o)

  11. Vytautas Vasiliauskas

    Best circon video in a while

  12. yaaaaaaas finnaly a new funny moments

  13. Jandre Labuschagne

    Circon I Literally came when I saw this …. TYQ Meme lord
    Tell Elliot I love him #nohomo

  14. Sometimes watching Circon play makes me want to play WoT again. This video reminded me why I stopped

  15. This one is the best one yet! Favourite Series hahahah

  16. Hey Circon!

    What is this “assaaaad” or something like that at around 1:12?

    Could you give me some info? I’ve seen that vid but don’t know its name. Thanks ^^

  17. This is great!

  18. This is what I call a nice meme

  19. Circon do tou need 13 90 and ltwt 9.18 replays? I have 2 really nice aces

  20. How do you survive the tiger P grind.

    You have to unlock two separate tier 8 heavies from that thing, what the fuck.

  21. LOL the in-bread potato

  22. I absolutely love these videos circon. Fantastic editing and content. Great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you.

  23. these videos are my favourite!!!

  24. Who is the guy at the end?….9:18.

  25. I caught the Hank3 in one of your clips.  Hat’s off to you sir.  Good taste in music.

  26. Username TripleZero

    I LOVE these videos 😀 !

  27. What does that mean when you say “asad” like on 1:15 ?

  28. metallica one and new album are noticed

  29. Tommi Hakkarainen

    “inbread potato” 😀

  30. Hey circon, lets say, hypothetically, that I had a game in my maus where I blocked 18k. Would you be interested? If so, where should I send it?

  31. Can anyone tell me when the clip of the KV-1 is from?

  32. Finally! you need to do these more often, cracks me up every time 🙂
    Keep up the nice work!

  33. Johnny Junior Rodriguez

    the memes are to real

  34. xD love this

  35. Hey circon im quite new, i have been wondering what is your WN8

  36. Had a bunch of games like that last night, don’t know what is going on but tanks that I normally do well in couldn’t hit anything.

  37. I_am_not_stupid _

    I just love this funny moments videos!! Circon pls make more

  38. I need more of ur memes in my life.

  39. this is my favorite edit ever

  40. I can never say it enough how much i enjoy these highlights! so much fun to watch! <3

  41. I don’t know how much effort it takes to make these style videos, but they are the absolute funniest thing in my sub box.

  42. Eliot truly does an amazing job on these

  43. WHAT!?!?! was totally expecting the ass to ass alien compilation with sn00ze. maybe next reel. 😀 😀 D:

  44. *1month after #8*
    “I guess that was the last of thee montages of memes”
    *#9 comes out*

  45. TheAirbornePotato _

    1:58 killed me

  46. the amount of Russian rng in this video – that mt-25 , the is2

  47. Fuck… that POI… that was justice served…

  48. Matthew Sinclair

    Love these highlights videos

  49. Elliot da real MVP. circClap

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