Weird Game.

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  1. First?! !!!!!!

  2. Watched this during the live stream. It was a pretty good game.

  3. i like what u said about the turret, the hull, and the heatspam… really candid

  4. love uploads bro! + notificaton squaaaad

  5. It’s bad that the t55a is not a great credit maker tho but you had a hell of a game tho ??????

  6. hello crion notice me

  7. Only weird thing was that you didn’t carry full heat lime I do

    • Bryan Nieves No wonder why your kind spam HEAT at anything

      Fuck off dude

      I see you have the best hull down tank at tier 8?
      Fuck you HEAT in the face

    • My Hentai Girl :v someone doesn’t know sarcasm in the internet .. If I feel like spamming heat all day I’ll do it xD you think I care if I piss people off? Its in the game so yeah I’ll use full heat if I feel like it

  8. play the a-44
    DO IT

    • justin santiago It have decent mobility that’s the only good thing it have going for it. Rear mounted turret, awful gun handling, modules get destroyed all the time, crap gun depression and so on.

    • don’t forget the armor not to mention its a 107mm so 300 alpha is alot for a tier 7 med but i get that the gun handling and gun deprssion is shit

    • justin santiago To be fair I’d rather be in the tier 6 T-34-85 in a tier 8 match than the A-44 in the same match. Yes the alpha is nice and the mobility is decent, but as a complete package vs other tier 7 MT’s it not something I would recomend to anyone.

    • eh most tier 7 meds are medicore

    • justin santiago Wouldn’t say so in the current MM, I’ve 3 MoE most of them and play most of them quite frequent. The Comet and The T-43 are personal favorites, the T-34-1 used to be great as well but the last changes to accuracy made it a bit to derpy.

  9. Circon, pls make a video talking over wargamings latest meme stunt: Their 900$ thanksgiving bundle. Observe it in all its glory as long as it lasts!

  10. I don’t get it , what is so weird in the game ?

  11. why aim at weakspot of at15 after ran out of ap? Seriously at15 is soft af.

  12. I play the ships, not the tanks, but i love watching u mate.
    Wondering what ur overall survival numbers are.
    Blijf spelen vriend, blijf ik kijken.

  13. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm


  14. I have never seen a south team not take that ledge at H3. South spawn has an advantage on this map because they can reach that ledge faster than the north base tanks can and that should give them center control but they camped near center. I have never seen a team do that. Near the end, only that type 4 heavy left and a td still sitting at your base…I think he was hoping to shoot towards the bridge at the type 4 but it would have been better for him to drive in to get a shot instead of just sitting there like a bot.

  15. You kept saying why are we losing while you were winning 9-7

    • Peter Alderson because the Type 4 was still rather healthy and the rest of the team was massively out matched by it.

    • Aaron Thomas so if I was in a type 5 heavy with full hit points on my own against 15 enemy tier 8 tanks all one shots I would be winning ?

  16. 6:03 ” Artillery discourages camping”

  17. Circon? Who is this guy? Who am i watching since 2 years? Has he the memes? Is he on twitch? What is Life?

  18. still not as impressive as 900 dollars bundle.

  19. When you just finished watching a circon video and another shows up

  20. I would have been rage charging the arty and lost, damn sky cancer makes me so angry

  21. Hey Circon, I watched the advert so they better throw some ducats your way.

  22. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    I dont know, even tho the T54 is better in every way i still prefer the 55A

  23. The T-55A is probably my favorite tank in the game despite every con Circon said. Basically because they fucking ruined the T-54 with the “hey we saw you people only use one gun on this thing and complain about the low pen, how about we ruin the gun for you” routine. It’s the old T-54.

  24. I know this has nothing to do with the video but… There is currently a bundle in the NA premium shop that includes over 80 premium tanks.

    For the low price of only $909!

    And that is at 50% price.

  25. Wooo T55A thats gonna be good !

  26. Is T55A worth it? I have both this and T54, but haven’t played a single game in T55A.

    • Just good for crew training for German tanks if you don’t have a premium. The 54 has almost better everything and you get a choice of two guns.

  27. ” I dont get it” “I dont get it” “How are we losing” “how are we losing” god damn dude are you an imbecile? You were ahead at the time!

    • Guy Parris Just leading by kills does not mean winning the battle. You’ve got to take the enemy’s surviving tanks and their HP into consideration and compare that to what tanks your team has left. Like, how many tanks can penetrate that Type 4 except Circon in the end, and how many tanks can be penetrated (or at least damaged because HE) by that one Type 4. Yeah.. “Being ahead”. It’s not always that easy, I’m sorry man.
      Oh and btw, no fucking reason to start insulting. Why is the internet always soo toxic?!

    • Anonymity Sir Godcrept, anonymity

  28. How is this a close game??? omg are you an idiot??

  29. This is probably the weirdest enemy team placement I have ever seen.

  30. What crew skills and modifications i.e. (Gun rammer) do you have?

  31. Circon is WOT worth playing still? I rage quitted wot after the release of the crystler gf and don’t know if there’s still a reason to play wot with all the BS op prem tanks

    • Almost no-one plays the Chrysler GF because it’s ugly as hell. Style points count.

    • Lol chrysler is nothing special, you shouldve quit when they introduced the defender or the patriot.
      Or just dont give a fuck and keep on enjoying the game like i do.

    • Play tiers 9 n 10 and don’t give a shot about tier 8 premiums. You can also play tier7, as for some reason, it has the best MM out of all the mid tiers.

      I mostly use tier 8s in SH/Faceit/Team battles, playing some of these mediocre tier 8s in pub games is a cancerous experience.

  32. “I never undestood why people go to the bowl… never works as far as I can tell…”. Goes to the bowl, makes it work 😀

  33. The Type 4 was like the boss at the end of a game

  34. arta gud for the game, da

  35. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME SYMBOL ON MY TURRET ! i m so rpoud that Circon choosed the same :

  36. Old MacCircon had a farm ee aye ee aye oh, and on that farm he had some tanks, ee aye ee aye oh, with a boop boop here and a boop boop there, here a boop, there a boop everywhere a boop boop

  37. er staat een paard in de hall xD really ?

  38. that enemy team is the type of team I always get

  39. I farted during this

  40. the sale price of 909 dollars is still there lol

  41. LoL one of those comments from twitch chat: “thank god arta is there, Circon was in danger of having fun” dude you got me right there, good one 😉

  42. USSR tanks = very easy mode

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