Weird Tank, Rarely seen! – SU-101- World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Enjoy everyone! <3 Hows your day going?

  2. I see it a lot, because it’s in my Garage 😛 the one thing I find most weird about this is that the Stock gun is Worse than the top gun of the T7 as it actually is I believe the second gun on the T7
    Personally I prefer this one over the T7, but everyone has their own thing

  3. I think people don’t see it much but I think people get thru it quickly too. It’s a good tank

  4. I like the tank, maybe because it is different. It does not pretend it has gun depression. 🙂

  5. “Rarely seen”
    In like every game lol?

  6. Troll armour, troll gun when the Russian Number Generator isn’t with you but yes, fun to play.

  7. I had one of my best games in this tank (“ice road defense” on wot replays, im a noob tho 🙂 ) . Once you get the big gun, it makes it much better to play. I disliked it overall because of the lack of armor compared to the 100m1, but the gun does make the grind bearable.

  8. I like my SU-101. It’s a fun tank to play.

  9. I actually see this tank a lot

  10. Yes the tier 7 is A LOT better

  11. This tank is such a hidden gem. The reason people think it sucks is because they yolo in and die in 2 minutes. The gun is so good especially with that heat. tier 10 isnt a problem

  12. Grinding it right now, likng it a lot, but the low trraverse is annoying.

  13. i love the 101 still play it to this day, armor may be mediocre but i still think its a solid td tier for tier.

  14. play it when it used to have 320 gun love old 263 but when replace it with v4 i hate the entire line

  15. And i still miss my SU-122-54 :-/

    • @Circonflexes wasn’t it the one you had 90% WR in 20 games? 😀

    • That tank was a DPM monster, I have no idea why they removed that tank from the game, it could flex and shit all over whatever got in front of the gun. . .

    • @Delimon007 they felt it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the line (it was supposed to be a high dpm, low alpha sniping line) so naturally instead of just tweaking the tier 9 and leaving the rest of it alone, they completely fucked with the whole line and made the tier X another pointless, overpowered (at the time) blyat cannon.

    • @FireShorts

      440 alpha at t9 was pretty damn low for a td

    • @Delimon007 and then they replaced it with a tier 10 with 550 alpha :/

  16. Ah what a coincidence, I’m currently grinding the SU-101 in World of Tanks Blitz, to get the almighty Object 263 xD. The lack of gun depression is annoying me but its a great tank.

  17. >rarely
    when I play T8 tank i meet it like one per 2 battles

  18. I wish the rework of this line didnt happen, not even because of 268v4, but because SU-101 was way more fun back then. 100mm gun with +3k dpm, 219/330 pen, 6 sec reload and hull traverse so quick you were able to defend yourself from light tanks trying to circle around you. It may have better armor now, but this tank is too sluggish to make it worth imo

  19. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    This Bobject was one I liked before they made the tier x

  20. 10:15 , slow it down, you will see the perfect example of a ghost shell. #Fuck Wargaming.

  21. “you don’t often see” like every one other game isn’t often

  22. Funny that this tank and the tier 7 one have more armor than the tier 9 sUpEr HeAvY TD (the jagdtiger).

  23. Never understood the dislike towards the old t7-8-9, I had a great time grinding through the original tds, especially the t54-122 (or whatever the name was).
    Haven’t tried the reworked 263 yet, no crew :/

  24. Working up this line and you are right not a lot of people are putting much out on this tank.

  25. keep doing what you’re doing ! i wish this youtube algorithm would put your content more often at the top. top quality content for years.

  26. Yea, I still love the SU-101. Such a great tank, and the SU-100M1 too. <3

  27. That thing with the ammo rack behind the front bumper?!

  28. Christian Sanfilippo

    I miss this when it was still in the object 263 tier X line, before the bobject.
    The 100mm gun it had preceding the 122 was fucking amazing with heat, it reloaded in like 4.93 seconds with 320 damage, 330mm heat. It was absolutely obnoxious.

  29. Su-100m1 was freaking amazing, almost never had a bad match, the su-101 was a bit of a letdown, kinda felt like it wasnt sure what it wanted to be.

  30. It has its moments? Did I have to pay for those moments? Only thing this tank gave me was a hernia.

  31. Before they ruined the mobility and fast traverse of this tank by giving it armour that doesn’t matter it was my favourite tier 8 TD that I often used as a pseudo light tank when it still had camo. 268v4 patch ruined the 100M1 and 101 for me.

  32. I love this tanku. & still remember those good ol days when this tank had 2.3 degrees gun depression, instead of 3.
    Plus, it had a high dpm gun.
    I always used to joke around, “its the happiest tank in the game”, because no depression.

  33. I always wanted to play this line, but the 3 degrees of gun depression is just disgusting

  34. SU-100M1 – Has really nice armor can play pretty nice
    SU-101 – doesn’t have the armor like the Tier 7, but has a nice gun, no gun depression

  35. It’s good at long range stealth sniping AND it can be a short range bully while it has enough mobility to alter between those two modes. So in its own way, for a non-turret TD, it’s quite versatile. It’s stronger than its base stats suggest.

  36. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I liked it before they changed it, fast and sneaky with a bad pen but great dpm… now its clumsy and awkward to play… and the grind… I was already finished when they changed it but it had two expensive guns…

  37. su 101 is really strong when side scraping

  38. WG killed my interest in this line with the rework, I was very happy with the SU-100M1 and not long after I researched the SU-101, they dropped the bomb and removed the tank I was most interested in. Kinda wish I would have started playing the line sooner to have experienced the SU-122-54 and the yolowagon in its full glory, but I guess I’ll have to do that on console, as they are there like they always had been, just with the bobject tacked on as an additional tier X option on the line.

  39. I hv 2 gun mark in this tank

  40. I really like the tier 7, 8 and 9 of this tech tree, im still on the tier 9.

  41. I paused it right as you shot at the BC 12t and your shot *was literally right on his rear end*… but OH NO! WarGaming said “NO” and screwed you from that kill…

  42. I played it pre-bobject and quite enjoyed it. I’m not a very good player, but it really fit my play style at times. I can be semi-agressive, using the medium tank mobility, and the funky bounce characteristics of the armor. I’d defintely say that having the same gun as the IS-4 is the best characteristic though.

  43. I’ve had this thing sitting in my garage for about 2 years cause I just can’t bring myself to finish grinding it. It’s this weird TD that just does everything badly. It can’t brawl cause the armor isn’t that great and the traverse is abysmal, while it also can’t snipe cause the gun handing is trash and the gun depression makes it a damn struggle to maneuver on anything but perfectly flat ground. You really just need those once in awhile games where you can get high damage by catching people unaware, much like you do did in this replay. It doesn’t really do anything else very well unless you somehow get into a game where you can bully tier 6’s and 7’s.

  44. I actually enjoy the su-101 one of my favorite tds it might help that I have a 6 skill crew for my russian tds though

  45. They’re pretty common here on NA, and IMO difficult to deal with because most players know how to use them: protect your lower plate and farm. They’re really annoying to deal with

  46. I loved it. back when we could still all chat, i ran into a platoon of su152s who talked shit to me about how bad it was. i killed all 3 of them face to face. but i also loved the old 263. i usede it like you did. chased them down and fought them close range. lots of people cant figure where to shoot you and while they look for a spot you just pen em for 400+.

  47. I am grinding this tank atm, even tho the armor probably is better on the t7 I never got it to work. The gun is so so so much better on SU-101 so I prefer it every day.

  48. You see a lot of them on the SEA server.

  49. This tank is very good and easy to play, altho tier 7 is much better tier for tier.

  50. asia server lots

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