WEIRDEST BATTLE ft. a British Tea Party (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Will War Thunder Naval Forces Be Successful? – Rant (War Thunder)

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  1. I am a simulator pilot in War Thunder.

  2. HEY PHLY! I just realized I have the same picture of the plane engine behind you! I feel so fucking cool now B)

  3. It’s funny how many people don’t know to turn their hull with their turret to increase the speed at which the turret turns.

  4. Comedy gold, that teaparty music.

  5. Yooooo phly take out the T-127 Russian armor too op and chose a plane of your likening

  6. LOl spoiling a Tea party naughty man and great vid as always mate.Attempt 6 #Tier 1 20mm mayhemPanzer MK2 20mmHe 112 A-0 20mm.

  7. Aaron Kuzniewicz

    why don’t you do American tanks as often?

  8. American intemidation m18 black cat and ad-2 skyraider

  9. Steven Scrapbook

    @PhlyDaily can you make a video teaching how to play realistic tank battles as great as you do? (such as how to aim properly and so on..)

  10. Do a custom battle: rocket tanks vs m22 American tiny muscle

  11. Go back to World of Warships and take out either the BB that you are working on now or the USS Missouri. Only citadels! o7
    Attempt #3

  12. Samurai combo Type 95 Heavy with ki-10 or you have a no honor

  13. Love the face cam videos

  14. can you play the ru251 hesh only

  15. Maybe they were engaged in some sort of strange roleplaying? Idk.

    Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war! A-20G Havoc and M41A1 Bulldog

    Attempt #1

  16. Queen’s Hellcats – Charioteer and Mk Vll and Hellcat Mk. 2. Attempt #1

  17. Revenge of the Tea Party

  18. Phly = dad

  19. Phly you fucker! they wanted a nice cup of tea by the beach and you ruined it!

  20. They can do big ships anytime they want. Remember the pirate ship April fools?

  21. PhlyDaily the Destructor of Organized Tea Parties. I believe this should be a new series where if you have a good game while fighting the brits. Attempt No. 1.

  22. Use the smallest tank in the game and camouflage it please like this if u also want to see this

  23. I would absolutely love to see the M103 and B-51A Canberra. I have a m103 sitting in a park in town and got to eat lunch on it.was awesome. try 3

  24. I choked on my tea… seriously, what the f*ck were those buttbuddies doing behind that utility shed? Dogging, most likely.

  25. Like a true Panzer driver you ruined yet another tea party Phly 😛

  26. beep beep, im a sheep

  27. hey I remember this stream

  28. Phly try playing the SturrmHaubitze 42 G with AP only, reason is it go a very nice buff at the last patch. and for air JU 87 (the siren one)

  29. Hey Mr.Daily remember The Captain from that one time in Foxhole when I drove you to that base with

    Just like to say thanks for the great videos.

  30. hey phly can you pls do some war thunder sim battles again? Keep up the vids

  31. Anything else notice the Churchill 3 on the enemy teams name. “Burn black people”

  32. Phly why did you have to go to that tea party and be such a….


  33. missed the opportunity to call it the Königsberg tea party

  34. i can hear the mouse clicking spam ???

  35. Phly Do SturmPanzer vs High tier tank

  36. Stickmanwithamoustache Withoutasurname

    What’s that faint song in the background?

  37. have you ever tried single missions? because i always fail at battle of britain and the last 2 missions, Eagle Day and The Hardest Day:/ so if you have, how do you win in them?

  38. i love how you Americans stereotype us English with tea and yes i drink a lot of tea

  39. Virtual Reality Farmer

    Play with the bt7

  40. Lt has come back from command and has given you a mission to push back the Germans and soviets with the m41a1 but lack of supplies will make it hard considering the quartermaster lost all the sabot rounds. Good luck getting five kills but to help you out with air cover the thunder bolt with full compliment of bombs and rockets will surely complete the mission good luck have fun.

  41. Who believes a Tiger 1 can pen IS-4m in the front within 100 metres with stock shell?

  42. more low tier german stuff

  43. Phly hasnt made a video on the Caernavron?

  44. hey phly what record program are you useing can you tell me

  45. the Cromwell that killed Phly after he ruined the tea party was BURN BLACK PEOPLE

  46. lmao killed by burn blacck people

  47. The Panzer IV F2 is my best german tank for now. I really enjoy playing it. I often get good results playing it.

  48. Nice music phly. Its from Power Glove – Motorcyle Cop
    New Retro Wave Rocks Thumbs UP! greetings from Germany

  49. unseen combo
    ad 2 skyraider and t 25 (or the t 35 new heavy if you like that one more)
    attempt 38

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