Weiredest Game EVER (War Thunder Tanks – Panzer II H)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay – Panzer II H Tank Battle, Very Weird!

Thanks for watching!


  1. What happened at the beginning of the video that scarred them?

  2. all you had to do to flip him was attach the cable to the middle of the
    track on top the pull him

  3. think war thunder physics. u need to be perpendicular to the fliped tank.
    the place tow rope high on the tracks then pull forward or backwards,
    depending on which way I are facing.

  4. Take out the is-4m once again, it was a really fun tank.

  5. Having done tank retrieval in real life you guys suck at it.

  6. Randall Starling

    Just imagine if a Pe 8 came along with the 5000kg bomb!!!!

  7. kv85 or the strv81 (I think that’s it’s name)

  8. Panther F

  9. were you guys drunk?

  10. stijepo the gamer

    Som man is named baronvonfails in heroes and generals

  11. who would win In a King Tiger off. Baronvongamez or Frankieonpcin1080p?

  12. The next plane battle with slick use the H8K3 its a good plane for me I had
    so many clutch moment’s in it

  13. I’m not saying it’s the best plane but its the best plane for me thought

  14. bron can I do tank v torps or planes vs flak or deathstar PMs with you?

  15. here’s a challenge, play with the M2A2 shit shooter

  16. Cris Psirogiannhs

    I say dirty bomb it’s free and it’s a good game to play.

  17. play the Zis30 spg XDDD

  18. You Should Play Joseph Stalin Son The Mighty IS-1 If Not You Get Sent To
    Gulag My Comrade

  19. Barron you got to play das flack panzer2 op 5 u

  20. be careful with your HANS jokes you fucking US *****

  21. the pz ii h – also known as the baby tiger! get into it! hint – next time
    just time load up mainly apcr… in this tank it shrapnels quite nicely

  22. The Fighter Royal

    Can you play TB-3M with T-35 Stalin’s premium/rare combo????!!!!!!

  23. if you thought flipping a Pz3 – L was tough try fighting one!

  24. baron saw one weird ass german porn vid and assumes germans are kinky xD

  25. Kaid “Jun” Nickl

    Bt-2/bt-7 bum rush!!!

  26. t-80 for the motherland !

  27. play with t-10m or leorpard 1

  28. let op! dit is een kanaal

    play with Phly and Slick.

  29. Kv1-Zis5 76mm plz

  30. PIIH is a great TD.

  31. Admiralanal Anal

    Its so funny to watch your vids as a german 😀 keep it up!

  32. Stalin want you to rape the enemy. SU 152 RAPING SHELL IN REALISTIC COMRADE

  33. drive the KV-1 ZIs or KV-2

  34. good video m8

  35. Weiredest spelling ever Baron xD

  36. Dominique Goffin

    Should practice a bit on flipping tanks back over. You guys need it. xD

  37. dude, you were kind of a dick to that upside down tank. it’s super easy to
    flip a tank when with 2 other tanks, just pushing it around is useless.
    noth connect a cable to the tank; one to the top on the underbelly of the
    tank, one at the bottom on the other side, and both drive away in the
    opposite direction.

  38. Ze Germans like zheir Erotische Überraschung

  39. hey Baron u should put that video between 13:55 to 17:00 mins to Thunder
    Show, its funny really very funny moment that was ,u should put it to show.
    ! ;-D :- ]

  40. hey & also play SU-85M NEXT, for “MOTHERLAND RUSSIA & FOR STALIN ,UURAA”

  41. M8A1 PLEASE

  42. Cute

  43. Andreas Drostgaard Børsting Laursen 9A Marienhoffskolen

    SU 100-Y and tu-4

  44. Chips'N'Dips Gaming

    Barron, the soviet navy calls you! take out the PT 76 and the IL-4 with
    torps and storm the beaches. Long live mother Russia!!!

  45. TOW PARTYYYY!!!! Well, to you, it was the weirdest game ever, to me seemed
    like an ordinary War Thunder game (too much crazyness in this game
    sometimes). How about a Panther next time? :D

  46. sturer emil

  47. Take us to the gun show, take out the T-35 and Tb-3

  48. i think they should play p51 d mustang again

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