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  1. 5.3-6.7 is the most fun tier, basically 1944-early 1950s tanks

  2. Phly, wanna do a vid of big bomb cratering the spawn points? See if the team spawns into a hole big enough they can’t get out of?

  3. Phly why did you kill a canadian馃槶

  4. Wiesel – not Weisel

  5. 8:11 well that got cringey lol

  6. zis30 at 9.0 please

  7. I thought it was weed

  8. Bush man Phly

  9. vietman gaming

  10. The server Is busy message 馃槶

  11. Maximilian Prautzsch

    Hello from Germany

  12. Bring us a…Shrubbery!!!

  13. bushes have atgm’s?!?!!?

  14. I love your videos!!! Could you make one about the ariete or the centauro?

  15. Light tanks in Wot be like:

  16. Hey Steve… tonight my fingers became the bush

  17. The holy trinity isn’t complete, you didn’t play the ozelot at all

  18. I used to identify as a anti-tank platform, but now I identify as a shrubbery.

  19. Titanium Mechanism

    You spelled “Wiesel” wrong, now it sounds like Wyzle and not Weazle.

  20. Phly did you use magnetic bombs on BTD-1? 馃榾 fun fun fun

  21. Day 150: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  22. 6:25

    Everyone’s gangster until the bushes start running.

  23. They are Gorge W bushe’s =P

  24. I believe is it called…*in my best Monty Python voice*…a shrubbery!!!

  25. You are a big influence on War Thunder how about you show the rest of players how to work as a team and not be points Heroes because everyone watches your videos I think so they can rush up like you can and they’re not that good and we lose the match and if we not on premiums like you are and they lose money or lions just saying and the other thing is you do well in a tank and you tell War Thunder to put it to a level that it should not be because we’re not all is good as you hashtag 5.3vs king Tiger in a Sherman cobra that is not a fair match up you’re making tanks harder for everyone else to play when you can play them so well and so they should be on a higher level

  26. WIESEL not WEISEL!!!

  27. They build prisons especially for criminal masterminds like you

  28. Idk why I keep playing such an unbalanced game. Once you get to 7.3 you stall and can’t get past the repair cost mountain and the entire game from 4.9 up is extremely anti-us biased. 5 years and I still haven’t gotten to 9.0 tanks. But I still haven’t put 1 cent into this game.

  29. 1:30 It is a shrubbery.

  30. Hellcat Tank Demon

    I was about to say the asu57 but you beat me to it and that is good but for the bushes have a squad of the bush army

  31. Day 3 of asking Phly to fly the B7a2 with the gang

  32. I think a luxuriant bush like that would be called a shrubbery, or maybe a growler.
    Funny, I’ve not heard it called a ‘weasel’ before… a few unfortunate Warthunder players may have called it “You ….!”

    If you’re not in it for the cheap innuendo, why bother?

  33. Welcome everybody and here we go everybody we are gon-

  34. I love how the weasel squeaks when it鈥檚 fired

  35. Phly you wrote Weisel not

  36. G谈u谈n谈n谈a谈R谈

    Hey the discord group is great 馃檹馃徏

  37. Pretty sure russian tanks have recieved a stealth buff.

  38. Phly: the wiesel are very good tank
    PT-76-57: they didn’t know I have 0.5 reloading rate

  39. day 4 of asking for the vfm5

  40. Please dig a giant trench

  41. Bro, bruve you read this comment ;P

  42. Lord Patrick Pedigo

    That’s a 70’s bush to go with magnum pi stache

  43. Wow. This man… Is a legend at singing 100/10 really really good I just cannot believe how good he is its just crazy.

  44. phly plesessesese play the chinese school bus fax machine

  45. you’re vids improved my tank gaming and as a newbie jet player it helped me alot thank you daily

  46. I still don鈥檛 understand how people think bushes aren鈥檛 unfair

  47. Please, A7E with gun pods. ALL the brrrrt.

  48. U don’t read comments if u do i dare u like my comment

  49. Camping Bush

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