Welcome back to WoT!

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Source: osirish

Feeling good today … expect some videos!

of for free at http://play.any.tv/SHPHQ


  1. OK know that feeling – sigh

  2. 8( WOT no Irish speaking, I’m heart broken…. Happy to see you are feeling
    better, Now to work on that arty force field.

  3. I’ve just paused the video at 1:19. This video is far too positive, this
    video is screaming “arty shot”. Will your smile turn upside down? time to
    hit that play button and find out.

  4. this is really soothing music mixed with wot sound effects.

  5. Its sad, cause it is so true.

  6. As soon as the flutes and woodwinds started I knew what the outcome would
    be….didn’t we all? :)

  7. music from famous Norwegian Edvard Grieg … 🙂 Welcome back!

  8. what a twist!

  9. Just stay quit on wot and start playing armored warfare in a week, arty
    doesn’t 1 shot

    ARMOR MATTERS!!!! and the premium tanks win extra credits AND xp on their
    first wins

    its a much better game

  10. A very accurate representation of artillery in this vid. Just missing the
    mouth breathing. Other than that…. perfect =)

  11. Welcome back OS. It’s been awfully quiet without you.

  12. AW 8 october open beta!!!!!!!! bye bye arty!

  13. XVM… and wn8 blue, with artys no party xD

  14. WCB, M8!!!

  15. Hey osirish, i got a question on which tier 8 premium tank to buy? Im
    thinking of getting IS-6 but i dont want to use gold and it has pretty bad
    penetration.I only did the russian heavy line btw.

  16. Welcome back to the land of the living! Glad you’re felling better.
    Excellent scoring and comments, very funny!

  17. Yeah, welcome back to the land of the living Os!

  18. lol, I know this feeling when you’re in a winning mood, and suddenly, the
    Universe (or the RNG in your case) says : nope !

    When it happens to me, I usually throw my keyboard through the window …
    it helps, but it’s a bit expensive on a long run … :D

  19. LOL! I knew that would happen! Welcome back!

  20. I just love your humor

  21. Best video you done, yet?

  22. As they say in Mad Max Fury Road, what a lovely day… :D

  23. isn’t the music that what was used in the film Soylant Green (1970’s) when
    the old man went to commit suicide? Just saying like.

  24. I knew you would get artied lel

  25. lmao i totally miss guessed when you said ‘life was wonderful’. I was
    thinking man he is gonna get one shot by the m53/55. SOOOOOOOOOO wrong, two
    shot haha welcome back

  26. Part of the reason I hate playing heavies and tds, if arti decides to shoot
    you, there’s very little you can do about it a lot of the time. You’re just
    not fast enough to dodge their shells.

  27. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    I love how even though there’s video evidence of someone NOT CAMPING and
    yet STILL BEING KILLED IN TWO HITS BY ARTY, it took a blatant threat (via
    Armoured Warfare) for WG to finally look at nerfing arty.

  28. Don’t WG has promised that artillery will be rebalanced soon™, and will
    make artillery more “elegant”. Which means that artillery will wreck you
    with more style sometime soon™.

    Oh yes, and welcome back!

  29. Most of my games looks like that lol… Welcome to the club…. Get well

  30. I won’t play tier IX X arty and I break wind a lot less, but true. Welcome

  31. lol…. Welcome back, Osirish…

  32. Have no fear, Franz is here!

    Hill(!)arious! 😀

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