Welcome to Hell – E2 Sherman Jumbo – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Someone else write the ‘I’m first’ comment.

  2. Ace Wanker for that?!?!

  3. 3:00 ricochet-gasm mmmm

  4. Hey Circon! Just wanting to let you know that you are awesome! Have a great day, love from Canada Eh!

  5. Any chance you’ll use the 76mm on this one?

  6. My all time favourite tank.

  7. why do you call someone you do not know a piece of shit? be nicer, many look on to you to be better players

  8. still a bitch ass wargaming lap dog…..havent forgot you stayed a cm after the foch thing

  9. Its so goddamn easy to get an ace in the jumbo since no one’s using it. I had so much “mediocre” matches and still got a ton of aces. Luckily i sold mine before Circon started to make it harder to get aces 😉

  10. I fucking love the E2 stock turret and Derp, trolls the fuck outta lower tiers, go hulk down and 200 plus turret, and you can always hit them. Too bad they nerfed the gun a bit in damage

  11. “Warning shot HYPE!” *BOOM*

  12. “Is this a decent map”?
    No. Generic copy/paste piece of shit built around the idea of “let’s put a bunch of corridors at the edges of the map and vast, empty, useless area in the middle”. Same as Province, Glacier, Studzianki and some of the old maps…
    Yeah, programmers are known to be lazy, but this is too much.

    • see, this is why komarin should return. it had something useful in the centre…

      well, it was really a big donut. whatever

  13. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Ez damage farm lol

  14. If you’re going to use the derp, you might as well use the stock turret anyway. You lose like 20 or 30 meters view range, but your turret becomes impenetrable

  15. Reported for cyber bullying

  16. You know what grinds my gears is when someone blocks you from killing someone who just shot amd then they dont kill them

  17. chat: ‘Zeg eens wat liefs Circon’
    Circon: (in english) ‘hij dacht, ik kom daar even met mijn tier 7 lul zwaaien!’

  18. Agreed. The rage increases infinitely when aim bumped.

  19. 0.49
    I like it alot, there are many of gaps between building to flank our set up a crossfire.

    The map sucks if u play tankdestroyers (what i think)

  20. new sound when someone is subscribed is so fucking annoying

  21. Perma tracking is why I always run my KV-1S with the derp. Wrecking tier 7’s safely with its sub 10 second reload.

  22. Saying the E2 is trash triggers me

  23. 2:28

    what about arties that stun you for 0 damage right before you shoot while you’re in cover, causing you to miss?

  24. hey e2 is pretty fucking awesome Im at 99.7% my boi

  25. Should of named this video critical hit….lol

  26. Nothing annoys me more then when you’re aiming to take a shot at someone after stopping for a split second then Arty nails you and sets you on fire!

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