Welcome to War Thunder

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  1. Hey.

    Hey guys.
    This game was designed with planes, so expect planes 😳 i know its a wild concept, but they even added AA vehicles JUST FOR YOU.

  2. Отсечка Randolph (Отсечка)

    I like this video so much. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website in China for the embarrassing reason that YouTube is blocked from accessing in China. Of course, I will give sources of the original website. Thank you very much.

  3. humphery flaubert

    That’s high tier gameplay

  4. I fking hate the SU25

  5. Welcome to War Thunder!
    Its either packet loss or pocket loss😂

    Also credit to Nordern (another war Thunder Youtuber)

  6. Yep, I stopped playing because while im in a tiger 2, drones and helis fly above me, clown game

  7. 7 deads for 5000 points in uptier 🚬🗿

  8. I wonder why videos that are supposed to be a resume of the war thunder experience only show top tier gameplay, while the average f2p player like me hasn’t even started to see modern vehicles after months of playing with good results…

  9. You crying play with wot and you Will be happy with all these

  10. Paythunder

  11. Советские СПС для X-plane 11

    В конце натоскота ещё показали мммм)

  12. Bro , i was using sturer yesterday . The enemy is right in front of me like less than 10m . I shoot at him but it said only hit . What the F !!??

  13. All high tiered pain in one video

  14. Certified CAS moments

  15. i really f***king hate planes in tank battles.

    want to make planes in tank battles? **fine**. give me AA vehicles in plane battles.

  16. I feel your pain I have a wolfpack Chrysler and t34, playing 9.7 it sucks 🤣😭

  17. Titanium Mechanism

    I’ve stopped playing Warthunder years ago, but I still like to check back in every once in a while to see whats going on and too feed on your guys’ suffering.

  18. When I play the object 120 I’ll just find a hidden area near where all the action is and get 10 or 15 kills before dying

  19. Ground RB players: WT should add ground only battles.
    CAS/Heli players: “Skill issue” “GiT GuD” “Spawn SPAA” “unrealistic” “go to arcade”

    Also CAS/Heli players: CRIES because AI flak SPAA clapping them from 5KM away in AIR RB (imagine you can spawn SPAA with missles who can slap you from 12kms away) i guess more crying then becuase its unrealistic.

    GRB players: Why can’t we have a ground only mode but in air RB you can’t spawn SPAA?

    CAS/Heli players who can’t answer a question or suggestion logically: “Go to WoT” “This game is based on planes only so suck it up” ” Quit the game then” “Nobody is forcing you to play”

    I really don’t understand why CAS/Heli players getting mad that tank players are asking for a tank only mode.

    AIR RB= Air only
    Mixed Battle= Air/CAS/Heli with Tanks
    Ground only= Tanks only
    I really don’t see the problem here.

    Possible answers: 1. CAS/Heli mains getting fewer targets to clap because most tank players will play tanks only battles.
    2. CAS/Heli players can’t play tanks only because they are not very good with tanks and can’t spawn CAS hence taking away their advantage and let’s face it most of those CAS mains are also not very good at AIR RB so they go to GRB to flex their frustrations and boost their ego. 😁✌️

  20. В этом видео прекрасно всё. 👍

  21. there should be a ranking system that matchmaking uses to avoid bad teammates. the more points capped and enemy kills the higher your rank is. that way you get matchmaked with other skilled players instead of people who opened the game and then went to walk their dog or something

  22. welcome to warthunder at top tier ?

    nah i don’t think so… only if every single one new player buys top tier premium vehicle

  23. Cursed Talking Ben

    dying in war thunder feels like dying to a crit in tf2 and then they taunt afterwards

  24. gayjews made it so EVERY NATO nation automatically loses when goin against shitviet nations

  25. that swedish player on second place also with 7 deaths….his repair cost…lmao 🙁

  26. I love that its all night battles too lmao

  27. CAS is a game ruiner, and the main reason I DON’T play realistic most of the time. I get so tired of playing a bad tank, like the Sturmtiger. To just be bombed 10yrds from spawn Killing me, in a rather ineffective vehicle. It is just so god damn annoying. You can’t killed them, I don’t want to fly planes. I want drive tanks and fight FING TANKS!

  28. Top tier = dogshit

  29. Wich country is the best please cause i play german but in tier 9 there is no spamming tank

  30. Worst thing about aircraft spam is my ping is too high to be good with aircraft, so I have a big disadvantage even when I have a great game on the ground

  31. 1:35 : Especially sad when you remember the LAV-AD is a 10.0, according to Gaijin it’s “able” to fight a Ka-50 😛

  32. watching cas get dunked on gives me immense satisfaction

  33. 50% of Ground RB battles devolve into Air battles

  34. This why I don’t play this game.

  35. Crislenard Quindoza

    When wotb player plays wt 4 first time be like
    Bro Where are the hit points!? Planes!? Machine guns!? And cannot heal tank crew!?

  36. guys i think im gay

  37. Yo that “teammate” needs to be fired from War Thunder.

  38. Keep it 4.3 and below and have fun!

  39. Anyone who doesn’t know how to play should be banned.

  40. Welcome to hell

  41. This released five days ago and now I get a notification

  42. That s the reason why i hate top tier because of these helicopters jets drones these rat things that when you are MBT you cannot do anything against

  43. Щепак Артур

    welcome to big tier

  44. Лучше в аркадные сыграю))

  45. and people say russia gets the worst cas
    probably the best in the game, aircraft tank damage and have like 1000000 rounds of every type of thing, even things they cant afford to produce

  46. “””Ground””” battles


    can we get a bruhhhhh compilation

  48. пендосская техника изи шотается со всего, фашистская тоже, ссср имба

  49. this is why i never play anything past 6.7 and even these days i no longer play 6.7

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