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  1. Sroud why you not play pubg

  2. Let’s go

  3. Raiyan Akid bin Azman

    i play war thunder its way realistic than wotb and wot

  4. OMG i don’t think you play this

  5. Shroud using Tiger

  6. Why does he have every thing u locked thatvtakes years ti unlock all the planes and tanks

  7. strange wonderer

    As a war thunder vet since 2014 I can say this is completely cringe and I love it

  8. I can see why people prefer War Thunder over the World of Tanks/Warships/Warplanes, but I just really liked World of … better, maybe I’ll try War Thunder sometime and then I can judge

    • To have gone from Wot to War thunder, I would say that War thunder is much more immersive and technical than Wot. On Wot the gameplay is very arcade and once you understand the game it becomes not very technical, the placement errors are forgiven (thank you PV), the gold shells allow to pierce heavy tanks with a light forehead etc.
      War thunder requires a lot of knowledge, it plays on placement, sight and hearing. The choice of ammunition is a tectic choice which is decided according to the target to be treated, the types of shells are very varied, the maps too etc.
      The sounds and graphics are excellent and the immersion and tension is there.

      Also it is a difficult game which forgives no error, but when we know how to exploit the errors of the opponent we are happy ^^
      For compare War thunder (watch to 2.20 to action) :
      And Wot :


    • the ninja I assume it applies to the ships as well, because I really like warships more then tanks or planes

  9. alexander bernal

    When he miss every thing like the scope in the tank and switch gun to 75 mm and press z to zoom

  10. alexander bernal

    Hey shroud, look at the view from just playing it

  11. Shroud should try Enlisted 😀

  12. 9:03 in warthunder what you did was equal to killing a child…..but the child is armed

  13. he killed an ls 1 using tiger E and a high explosive shell. wow

  14. A game I’m better at finally lol

  15. Damn, it took a pandemic for Gaijin to sponsor War Thunder

  16. Next time, play top tier tanks! 🙂

  17. Gotta play ground Realistic battles. Way more fun than arcade!

  18. It’s weird to see a TBD-1 work so well as a fighter lol

  19. dude i got killed bye you

  20. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Be aware of the hackers in the game. You might think there are none. But it does exist

  21. If he keep playing(he wont) for 2 weeks consantly,he would better than all of us playing for years

  22. 1v1 me shroud:)

  23. I am just a bit Kranked

    I started playing the French,

    hated my choice for two weeks until I unlocked the American tanks

  24. Here’s an actual Summary of what WT is. Multiple bugs and glitches(the not fun,gamebreaking types) u can’t have fun due to insanse grind and crappy ingame economy, unbalanced like hell, OP AI controlled Anti Air for Air Battles, like 3 only different game modes and its been over 12 yrs maybe, Gaijin entertainment or as i like to call “Gayjin” DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEY’RE PLAYERS and they even express it. (They do care about ur Wallet tho), can’t select the map u wnna fight on for example if you choose a Naval Torpedo Aircraft the game will spawn u in a map thats full on ground like “Berlin” and your weapon option of Torpedo is completely useless, Ghost Shells(this means that when u fire a round at anything and ITS SUPPOSED TO DAMAGE it doesnt), Gaijin treats every1 of theyre players like crap but console gets it worse(basically the full version of everything is on pc)crappy servers,and alot more crap you’ll find out when you play for a long time…also weebs are not rlly liked here…i think

    Pros:sometimes can b very fun, Realistic(but not that much) and Very Technical, yes theyre are 1500 vehicles here(basically if it exist, its in the game or will be added later), Dedicated Community to helping Newbs(like me ^_^), realistic ballistics, large weaponry options and Gadjets(stuff like ammo and Thermal sights), alot of MAPS, vehicles span from WW2 Era to Modern except for aviation and boats which is still in late cold war and Vietnam, very fun MILSILM Communities, constantly updated(tho Gayjin would rather add more vehicles than fix the game -_-), lots of players(surprisingly even gurls),mememable.

    My opinion: i love warthunder but i hate it at the same time and i dnt know how that wrks. Here are some of the top WT players(not opinion its a fact)
    Devildog gamer
    Napalm Ratte
    Bo time gaming
    Spit Flyer
    200 and 900
    Mighty Jingles
    Etc cus i forgor…prolly some random unpopular asiam dude who will prolly kick theyre butts tho.

    P.S there are also Helicopters and Gayjin might ban me for this comment

  25. Hey, Shroud, just a suggestion. If you want to snipe with Germany tanks, I’d say just go get KT2P/H and upgrade it. The 8.8cm will help you a lot.

  26. Did u get n apply 15x In mounted Tank Cannon? , cus I need sniper reflection on WT 😆😆

  27. Pewdiepie sponsored by world of tank.
    Shroud sponsored by war thunder.
    Me: NICE 👌

    Also me: playing both of them

  28. Thank you, Shroud 4 playin’ this game. I really love war thunder and this game has low online, so this game need in you and other streamers/blogers to get more populated.

    (sry my eng’s bad)

  29. War thunder nice game man

  30. Historicly accurate, yet sweden didn’t even participate in WW2 lol

  31. exploding creeper

    i think i saw my self lol

  32. Stuka best plane

  33. I think it’s so cool the shroud plays war thunder

  34. Subarashii Gaming&Tourism

    Shroud just orgasms whenever he got a kill with a tank

  35. 2:33 “imma fuck this guy up” he says in a hurricane then conveniently 2 seconds later he’s in a typhoon, hmmmm

  36. Play with phly daily he’d probably be more than happy to get you more familiar with the game

  37. If he knows that game he will know that is not War Thunder! that is Gug Thunder!!!!!!!

  38. Lol🤣he did play this game 😂 which mean I can flick with my Mustang🤣

  39. Isn’t war thunder available on steam

  40. Man 1700 hours later and I’m still loving this game

  41. He must have noticed going into his first game that he was fighting br10.3 matches with a 1.7 plane

  42. It feels amazing to see an increase in players from 50~60 thousand players to 111730 players

  43. This game supports keyboard and mouse on console

  44. How much money did they pay you to play this game? Jesus christ I havent seen you thus animated before. Respect though making money moves.

  45. あきられいこ

    Yeah shroud play war thunder finally

  46. hey shroud start with bottom tier vehicles and go up. cz jet fighter are manuver fights while propeller planes have turn fight and can out turn any jet plane.

  47. Youtubers, streamers and influencers never understand why people hate war thunder, because its a good game, but f2p users have to deal with a lot shits to be able to enjoy actual game. Is like diamond inside huge walls…. paywall, grindwall. Imagine to be able like him say “lets try germans”, well you can…. but after 300hours or some cash 😀

  48. I can’t fly right on console the turning and the up and down don’t have a button or strike !

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