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  1. *YOO! Tomorrow Phlyday please tell your mom and dad and sister and brother and neighbors!* https://www.twitch.tv/phlydaily

  2. Panzer IV/70 is probably my favorite vehicle in the game and what does Phly do, play the mutant heresy version of it

  3. Problem with air spawns? Play SB instead

  4. Play until you get a win.

  5. I’ve never seen anyone play this tank before.

    • you’re not the only one…….
      I’ve nuked PLENTY of Pz 4/70’s in my day with my Su-152, and to my knowledge, NEVER encountered THIS thing……

  6. hey phly pls. do a loving the unloved D.520
    pls like so Papa fly sees this

  7. but remember maus is gone

  8. There is an error in this front armor.
    It shall be the same body armor as Pz4H, 85mm in front and 80mm in front for Jpz4/70A. need burf

  9. Why do I get the feeling this is SU-85L but it’s a repost from Germany….

  10. 3:30 Me_irl

  11. Personally that extra elevation really helps in key places to exploit.

  12. Amerika tank T95

  13. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Attempt #336!!!!!

    Play the M48 in stock configuration. You may use APHE in one battle if you want (170 pen), but make sure to play one game with APCR only.
    No camping allowed (and not sure it would help)
    If you have fun during it, i can guarantee you are not doing it right
    . The challenge is to not lose your mind or uninstall right after.
    Good luck, you will need it.

    Requesting it before the sh!tst0rm of the stock syndrome

  14. That M22 meme ?

  15. Hey PhlyDaily you should do your sound mod with the phantom II and the MiG 21


    I smacked one or those with my brand new M4A4 SA50

  17. Hey phly! I challenge you to take out the VFW/88mm Flak with explosive rounds and try to get one plane kill
    Attempt #2

  18. Lol gotta love what a piece of garbage this game is. After nearly a decade…..still has invisible shells.

  19. when that music started i expected you to die in a horrible explosion instead

  20. Phly are you ready for floating pizza cars next patch.

  21. Challenge Request Attempt #15
    Play any tank with an untrained crew.
    Suffer with the rest of us who don’t have golden eagles.
    (Milestone Edit) For every increment of 10, this challenge request becomes more difficult.
    Play any tank with an untrained crew, and without modifications. (No premium tanks)

  22. This must be some noob server or something if i would park my tank on top if a hill in the middle of the map I would survive that for maybe 30 sec maximum 2 minutes

  23. buy the is 2 tank

  24. 6:30 GAIJAIN RULES!!!

  25. I hate and love my Ho-Ri Production.

  26. 4:51 my motto in high school

  27. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    Too bad this thing can’t take a hit from things like the russian 57mm even. The only thing going for it is the NOT nerfed gun zoom, as it still has the 5-9.2x and is not limited to 5x.

  28. Parks on top of hill out in the open, complains about getting bombed.

    Doesn’t go for the capture point, complains about losing.

    Come on Phly, you’re better than this.

  29. why not bringing a few APCR shells for Jumbos? 75mm L/70 APCR is pretty good.

  30. It’s funny I was looking for ths video by Phly 2 nights ago. Well here it is!

  31. Phly pls play the nashorn aka jumbo remover

  32. Rear: Brumbar
    Front: Excuse me but my gender is custom

  33. Hi Phly, any chance you can do a review of T-55AM-1 ?

  34. Looks like some one tried to explain what the Jagdtiger looks like and Failed

  35. has he linked the sound mod yet?

  36. I’ve used this one a lot more than the JPz IV/70(V) but only because it’s a Premium and it’s usually a “When I don’t have anything else left” tank. It really is….okay. Mobility is my biggest gripe with that thing, it’s like a stock Firefly driven by a group of sloths. The gun is a fucking monster though.

    P.S.: The MG port is a great weakspot on the JPz IV’s, managed to kill one with my 75mm while everything else (besides breaking the gun barrel and tracks) was impossible to do.

  37. With the removing of the maus why don’t they give it its historical 240mm of turret armour

  38. Locust: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  39. If i have to say which is my favouring tank destroyer in game, i would say Pz 4/70(V). Sick mobility, great gun, excellent armor.

  40. My fav phly vids is when he is playing mid to low tier.

  41. >Minute 16:16
    >watching a corner of the battlefield PROFOUNDLY for 5 minutes.
    >starts driving away
    >exactly in that second, a enemy tank appears
    just war thunder

  42. I wonder sometimes,why does it take the whole team to take down phly?

  43. In honor of the new Japanese auto-derp cannon being added you should play the original Japanese Auto-Loader… The Paper Fortress, The 2-Ply Samurai, The Anime Panther… The Chi-Ri II.

  44. Challenge Video.
    Take out the M60 or the T-62 on the map Fulda and try to blend in with the environment ones.
    It could be hard so good luck!

  45. Growing a beard to hide your lack of a chin. Oldest trick in the book works for tanks too?

  46. can you play the b 34

  47. I agree. WT needs to change air spawns. I’ve calculated that it takes roughly 45 seconds for a player to respawn in a BR 5.0 airplane and bomb you after you kill him. It takes 27 seconds for an IS3 to reload. So you can’t really hide quickly enough to save yourself from getting revenge bombed. It’s absolute nonsense… airplanes should take at least 2 mins to get to the battle.

    You have guys who will rush to the cap and then get in their airplanes and bomb tanks which barely got out of the spawn…. How’s that good for the match?

  48. I have some good experiences with this TD.. It’s cool to fight with it. The gun is very capable.

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