Well S**T, First EVER Tier 9 Premium Tank STRV K in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of STRV K, Tier 9 Swedish Premium Tank. First Tier 9 Premium Tank in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

– https://thedailybounce.net/
– https://.com/wotclue
– https://wotexpress.info/

They actually did it… From nbow on, tier 9 premium are going to be a thing! Let’s take a look at the first ever one they have released.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Oookay, while releasing the video they had no official information about that…
    But here, in this article they actually confirmed everything, this tank is going to be our first ever tier 9 PREMIUM tank in the game: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sabaton-spirit-of-war/
    What is your take on it?

    • And when yesterday Dez talking about the marathon… 😅

    • They’ve pushed tier 8 as far as it can go. This tier 9 will be quite average or worse so it can get buffed in future to balance after the better and better tier 9s appear. Like WoWs then in a few years tier X premiums appear. Brand new player running OP tier 10s on your team at top tier.

    • Can’t wait to blow one up with my T30. Send him back to the garage asap. LOL. That tank does look very cool.

    • Just another premium tank I will not buy 🙂 Starting to look at and test other games now, seems like it soon time to move on after 11 years playing this game.

  2. Does this mean T11 is coming?…..?

  3. i just saw someone playing with one in a game i had.

  4. The first of many many T9 prems. To be followed by T10 prems. Guaranteed. its WG

  5. They shouldnt be able to buy tier 8 before 10.000 battles. Thats how i see the game.

  6. Dude what? Fantasy garbage in world of tanks??

  7. I havent played in a while but I knew this day was comming soon because of the already rediculous pay to win aspects that were introduced in recent years. WG’s greed is growing by the day, im glad that I quit and dodged the bullet on this new one

  8. auto-loaders, ebrs, tier 9 prems. crew 2.0. sigh

  9. jeez t 9 prem thats it im over this fuking game

  10. SirFoch was right when he stopped playing WoT….He was right about everything

  11. T9 Tanks could buyed before already. With the Battlepass.

  12. Doesn’t matter about number of games to buy a T9prem as playerbase by tier is FUBAR anyway and can not get any worse.

  13. Sabaton is the lamest wannabee “metalband” in the world.

  14. Why dont just give reward tanks a lower, maybe 30% bonus instead of 50% and make them worth to play? This is just new cash machine game breaker.

  15. Why not? They will hide behind the “You can’t buy tier X so it’s okay.” Since they aren’t fucking up MM letting players with 100 games buy a tier IX for money.

  16. It is the Centurion 7/1 turret with also the exact same armoring.

  17. Looks like Darth vader tank with that skin.

  18. There is a reason why no one likes to play tier 8. Its because of all the OP premium tanks that towers over the tech tree tanks. So thay are now gonna fuck up the most balanced Tier… Why??
    And they are gonna creep the bonds value by inflation too WHY? Bonds are now gona be the new “gold ammo” that you need to have to be able to play the game.
    Mabey they should try to fix what broken insted of breaking what´s working. FFS

  19. It was inevitable.

  20. WG never learn, with 3 World of titles you would think they would look at the feedback / pushback they get from each title. They introduced a T9 Premium Plane in World of Warplanes, and people went feral about it. They introduced the ‘Field Modification’ stuff to WoWP also, though called different. For a Fighter, you could add light weight wings, which made you plane more maneuverable, but they took more damage. Again the feedback was bad, but they don’t learn. They think it’s a good idea, bugger what the players think, so they keep pushing this shit down our throats. I have up playing WoWS due to them being completely deaf to the community, at least they’ve put Crew 2.0 on the back burner to make some more changes as the entire community said no, that’s fucked in it’s current state. Shame they didn’t learn the same lesson in WoWP and WoWS.

  21. Lets see how many players will actually play the stages and not just buy it 🤷‍♂️🤔, or shall i say who is good enough not to just buy the tank but to play and finish all 10 stages…….

  22. Funny thing is, WG is putting in so much effort in things that is not really needed in the game instead of working on something that so many players NEED. For example making server transfers available. I do not have the time and the money to start a new account, and when i joined WOT about +-9 years ago we did not have the warning coming up telling us which server to join. I now live in Europe and playing on NA server, unable to do certain events like ranked etc……..and there are so many other players in the same situation. WG should be working on things like these if they really value their players.

  23. Well… They couldnt milk us with Crew 2.0 (not yet anyways)… And now they be like: “lets take advantage of Frontline (a game mode everybody likes) and shove in some Tier 9 Premium tanks… O look it makes credits, oooh wow bonds tooo, oooooooh and a cool 3d effect for the 3d style, And SABATOOOOOON…” *Doge Bonk* Wargaming is the new Mister Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants… cha-ching $_$

  24. Console players: First time?

    Don’t worry, we are still waiting for the dreaded guns on wheels.

  25. Ah ah, open your wallets lads. W O T needs money.

  26. 2:39 me, a free to play gamer with approx 2k battles and 2 tier 8 tech tree tanks.

  27. I think that when they will sell us 80++ Tier 9 premium tanks, they keep on with Tier X Premium vehicles. The game is already a lot pay to win, but it will be soon total pay to win.

  28. Sad that wargamning tries to fix something that is not broken. Tier 8 premium tanks are okay and all, pretty balanced most of the time. But a tier 9 premium tank with stats close to tier 10 vehicles that can see tier 7 vehicles would be a mayor flaw in the gameplay. It is the same story with the AT-15A, which literally has the same armor values at the tech tree version, yet it can see tier 5 tanks.

  29. That tank is trash. 11 sec reload on 390 damage ? Ahaha fuck that i rather play bisonte I can do 360 damage every 3,5s and its even tier 8

  30. Not going to finger point but didn’t some ytuber made a graph on what tier the community enjoy the most? I’m pretty sure wg got the info from there. YIKES

  31. As i said in skill4thu channel you have to stop this you the YouTubers you can stop them

  32. Srđan Vasiljević

    wg money greedy bastard

  33. Fun fact: World of Warplanes had a tier 9 premium aircraft since 2018

  34. just ridiculous, but it will work….
    it will sell like the czech heavy premium…
    and the xmas surprise is still not yet revealed…
    either WG are geniuses or we are idiots to support this, up to you guys and gals…
    much fun with wasting time, emotions and money by still playing this game…

  35. But Dez, isn’t the AE Phase 1 a tier 9 premium tank, albeit available with Bonds only?

  36. To make this balanced, would be nice if they actually put t8 giving way more credits then the t9… come on.. t9 will give credits and bonds..

  37. A good suggestion, limit any premium tanks depending on number of battles completed. All tiers!

  38. Rip tier 7s and all tier 8 +premiums aswell.

  39. My char futur 4 is a t9 premium…???

  40. about stinking time, nothing wrong with t9 or even t10 premiums for those who dont have the time to put in the game like most lifeless college kids or such, myself have a busy life which is more important than a game full of pixels and such so yeah look forward to t9 and t10 premiums down the line

  41. dimas aji pratama

    WoWs player: don’t worry guys you will see more often of this 😌

  42. Wargaming knows what it’s doing………🤔………..😶…………😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. I’m starting to think about stopping to play wot.

  44. Tier 9 was buyabel bevor See battlepass you can buy komplete pass and get the Coins for the Tier 9s also in wows you can buy um to Tier 10

  45. WOWS has their 10s for money why not, you pay you get it all good in this game…..

  46. Christophe Roulin

    WG is becoming greedier and greedier… : – (
    I bought many premium tanks until recently, but now enough is enough!!! I didn’t buy Skoda T56 and don’t plan to buy premium tanks anymore… I am simply fed up with WG’s policy and won’t support it any more…

  47. Dez do you see that, over there on the horizon. Is it? No, it can’t be can it? It’s a loot box, what’s inside? Wow it’s a chance to win a tier X premium tank.
    This is just going to get worse & worse.

    • Getting chills only thinking about it!

    • @DezGamez Yes, it’s like the loss of all the original WOT developers has had a negative impact on the game. I have noticed that WG has a habit of sucking out the fun & presenting it as a “New Better improved game” just look at crew 2.0, battlefield modifications or better yet how they nerfed the Christmas events by removing the set bonuses from all tanks & limited it to just 6 tech tree tanks.
      They have lost the plot

  48. 9 game losing streak – minimum 4 players on my team each game with 0 shots fired. I’m done with this game, effective today.

  49. 5,000 battles is a stretch, I have 5,500 battles in world of tank and already own 3 tier 10 tanks and about to unlock my 4th.

  50. Agree … at least have a tank that level and played it for a while before being able to buy one on the same level … new 36% WR accs with onyl t8 prems on it … not helpful.

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