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Source: BaronVonGamez

1.53 Tanks Tier 1 Swarm!
– T26 Pershing T99 Rockets!

Thanks for watching!


  1. FIRST

  2. second

  3. 7th

  4. 7th

  5. Much love from Serbia :)

  6. baron is the best

  7. baron van fucked

  8. 396th – I really like your videos Mr Baron!

  9. Saba Khokhobashvili


  10. I remember in one of his Baronvonletsplay videos about KV-2 vs Pe-8 gave
    this idea

  11. I hate that you have to buy the Sherman with rockets first before you can
    buy this one

  12. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    slickbee = simon and garfunkel ×15

  13. get rekt by bt-5 lol

  14. Does Barron ever play with Phly?

  15. And this is another reason to carry HE, to rebalance the ‘OP’ american and
    russian rocket carriers

  16. that was to funny!

  17. Mad World XD

  18. maus vs reserve

  19. 10:19 LOL BT-5 gangbang

  20. baron you should make people use rokets while shooting a death star but
    only one derection the plane cab come in and need to bomb you all in one

  21. +BaronVonGamez If you don’t want people caping, use the mode “Battle.”

  22. 13:49 ARGh you shot ma booty ;O/ MA BOOTY! hehe great stream that was, was
    like being nibbled to death by ducks :3

  23. baron how does one participate in these awesome battles?

  24. one hell of a fight baron

  25. How did u get killed by a BT-5

  26. How did u get killed by a BT-5

  27. Good video as usual. Good job Baron, keep up the great work.

  28. +BaronVonGamez your face when you got shrecked is priceless lol

  29. War Thunder is becoming P2W

  30. RIP Barons Graphics card

  31. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    hi I’m Mr_Bombardier

  32. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    and goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baron

  33. Baron show us your setup

  34. Artem “artemikRus” Chaykin

    We need a Little-Baby-Pershing T25 video!

  35. Baron play the Hurricane mk. IV again

  36. I wonder if WT will ever add plane like the Mig 25 Foxbat… that would be
    nice, but on the other hand it would be able to crush every other WT plane
    right now…

  37. And his name is BaronVonCenaaaaaaa

  38. Baron, did you stop with the viewers decide series? :(

  39. do B 29 bombers vs F2A2 buffalo swarm

    You should have a custom battle with only rocket vehicles on Kursk

  41. Dimitri Islanuvanich

    Baron you should do a video about the best tank to kill a maus!

  42. 10:16 chinese tank orgy skinflick

  43. p40s vs bf109s!!!!!! PLZZZZ

  44. Aditya Putra Hartanto

    as that BT2 that kills you

  45. indosafety jaya mandiri

    its like emu war

  46. He couldn’t find rockets hahaha it was right in his face

  47. do something fast

  48. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Man, you’re so bad at war thunder. It’s fucking insane… Lol

  49. Blame them dumboos they destroyed how i set my controls they reset everyone
    so easy i just quit playing

  50. Bacon Gamer805 (Daniel Rangel)

    Baron is in his well armored rocket tank going against reserve tanks and
    gets annihilated not even 2 minutes after spawning :D

  51. im never 1st cuz i have a life,daaaaaaaayyyyyyuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm you
    wot m8

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