WESIEL 2.9 TON | A Vehicle So Light An Antonov An-225 Could Lift 70 Of Them

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WESIEL 2.9 TON | A Vehicle So An Antonov An-225 Could Lift 70 Of Them


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  3. Los santos customs mans literally be going in there to do a whole body mod on it

  4. day 77: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  5. Joachim von Ribbentrop

    that weighs less than my truck lol

  6. im cleaning my room

  7. There are production vehicles that weigh less than that lmao

  8. “If you’re using a laptop, get outta bed, go on a desk”
    Sir I feel personally called out.

    Also, no 🙂

  9. uncletigger McLaren

    Hahaha ! The laugh is on you Phly !
    I actually cleaned my room for the first time since before the viral attack and I did it YESTERDAY !
    I even washed the back of the Door ! Which I suspect I didn’t even do either of the previous times I cleaned my room. I may have done, but who can be sure after a decade ?.

  10. Wesiel???

  11. The France spaa is lighter 2.3ton

  12. Thank you phlipy phlop I will go clean my room

    Ok done

  13. Here is an idea. Put 30mm MK103 on this bad boy, make it a PREMIUM and move it down to 6.0. That’ll sell quite nicely, no?

  14. my only regret, is that have only one upvote. that was entertaining.

  15. so germany tech tree has the most lightest and heaviest tanks?

  16. Ima get me a PhlyDaily body pillow

  17. So the servers are back?

  18. here in finland a vehicle has to be under 3500 kilograms to be classified as a car so…

  19. Server is down

  20. I’m still waiting for the AMX ELC bis

  21. Oh shit I betta clean my room and burn my waifu body pillows.

  22. I like that fun fact in the title😂

  23. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 52)

  24. the one with tow is better

  25. Russian trucks and type93 are light

  26. I dont have a dad so by default you are my dad now

  27. Object 120? Dont see many videos on it but is fairly fun to run and gun with

  28. Hello PhlyDaily, I’m gonna begin a new Youtube channel. You’re me idol ! I hope i will be so good as you sometime… 😀

  29. My computer when watching this video and seeing the graphics of the game makes me want to cry

  30. Now on wiesel news! Some tanky boy runs the battlefield!

  31. My life is now complete and over. Can I still burn my sour milk incense after I clean my room, dad. I mean. Floppywoppy.

  32. If you use phly 3%discount ur paying the full price
    3% gets phly if u use it 😉😂😂
    Lets say u pay 100$ and phly only get 3%… 3$/user
    Profit 😃 good deal

  33. laptop! hahah, dude I still play on a core2 duo, and I kick arse!

  34. It’s like an R3 and an ASU-57 got jiggity with each other

  35. Can you please play with IS-6 in next video. Thanks Phly 🤙

  36. 5:25
    Phly bumps IT-1
    *IT-1 Farts**

  37. French 1.3 SPAA is 2.2 tons

  38. Type 93 I think is lighter

  39. 16:37 No armor is the best armor


  40. what the snail didnt get right:
    these is a 2 belt feed autocannon. it can switch from apds to he in between a shot, without firing a single shot, the gunner selects the ammo, and the selected belt will feed the next shot into the barrel as the gunner triggers the shot
    basically all modern german autocannons work like that

  41. 01:55 A laptop is a desktop. How come many people make the mistake to think otherwise

  42. Doesn’t it say it has thermals?

  43. ANormalYouTubeUsername

    Day 1 of asking Phly to make a video on the chinese premium WMA301.

  44. I’m watching this video at school

  45. you still have 2 video to make Phly ! i won’t clean my room

  46. Day1: Phly, play the russian Type 62 it has a HEAT-FS in 6.7 with 300mm of penetration.

  47. He should play all 3 Wiesels in 1 line up!

  48. every gangsta until this and r3 also the uk truck joins the battel

  49. Any chance we can get a video showing how camo bushes on our vehicles really work? I am going to try and add 4 bushes to the Wiesel to see if I can hide in plain sight but would be fun to see a video showing how well bushes really hide you. Also do they effect IR signature?

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