WG Made Premium JagdTiger with 490 Alpha! | World of Tanks JagdTiger Prototype Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Prototype Review and Gameplay, New Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer. Premium version of Jagdtiger in World of Tanks. World of Tanks New Premium Tanks.

Last I showcased tier 9 premium tank destroyer TL-7 from the Asian server and you wanted to see Jagdtiger Prototype next… So here it is. The premium version of the Legendary Jagdtiger in tier 8.

What do you think?


  1. ruben veizaga chavare

    yes these tanks just scream x mas loot boxes

  2. the 3d model of the jgtiger prot. is exactly the same as the tier 9, very lazy copy and paste work from wg, nothing but just a cash grab. not even a slight different appearance.

  3. I love my jadgtiger, but this seems a boring tank as a tier 8 prem

  4. Gun looks a lot like that of the Skorpion G in terms of penetration and damage per shot


  6. Tanks in lootboxes with stupid low drop rates. Unless you’re a whale tank collector they expect you to drop mega $$$ to get new t9 premiums.

  7. I would buy this because I love mediocre tanks that look cool

    And it has no cupola.

    • I mean, you wouldn’t need a cupola to shoot if you could pen the entire superstructure or hull with regular round, but if you mean a cupola for aesthetic purposes, then to each of their own, I guess?

    • @JM Padilla i prefer consistent upper armour with no massive weakspot. if i know I can’t block 340HEAT with the superstructure, i’m not even going to bother in the first place. I shape my plays around the capabilities of the tank, but it’s hard to do that if the armour is inconsistent.

  8. If you want to suffer, if you want to hate yourself, If you want to curse every battle, every single shot, every minute and you will, or if you like all said previous then buy it. Otherwise, lol WG. LOL

  9. Dezzzzz you forgot the most broken tank in these lootbox. Its harder to pen than defender. Its like a 260 in tier 8.

  10. Why i should have JT with490..when I can have more agilty td and turret like skorpion?..
    They should give the JT 560 gun at least if they want make it worth

  11. i wondering they ran out of history tank yet? they starting to prototype everything

  12. yes do it…drawning isue…these players are weakminded people …sad
    Jagditger rocks! yes i would like to see this in the game…german premium line dont have heavy armoured td so I think it would be ok…

  13. Kinda sad that almost every 128mm+ Reload Time on Tier 8 Premiums I am aware of is shorter than the VK 75s.

  14. @DezGamez: Why do people drown? When you think about it the answer is really easy: to save money on repairs. Replacing the dead crew is free while the repair is not.

  15. Ctrl C Ctrl V

  16. the game is basically still in beta version with how much issues it has and wg are wasting time doing this shit. nice meme, much wow

  17. 2:38 Actually…. No. Not 100% the same armor. The 88 got a buff years ago for his lower plate in an attempt to make it more competetive vs the then lower average pen on that tier. It’s acutally 120mm vs the tier 9s 100mm. The new premium has the same 120 plate too.

  18. As a Jagd88 owner since 2012, I feel cheated.

  19. This have nothing to do with China though, ASIA server is mostly SEA server with Japanese, Koreans, and Aussies mixed in

  20. Modified config , may work for this tank , plus vent and , durability module

  21. In Wot Blitz the Jag8.8 have a 10.5cm gun wich is really Good in every aspect

  22. why drive in water so other team don’t xp of you it fun just think haha u miss out on my xp as well cheaper fix tank, you my not want be seal club or hot day want cool off lol. PS; just thinking cold water do make u feel cooler on hot day.

  23. A boxed joke! It’s so useless like the JT 8.8 in this meta! No money for you WG

  24. Thank you for zooming in on the stats when comparing. Perfect

  25. This and T 32M are stupid lazy copy pastas

  26. I have seen the TL-7 on the ANZ server(Australia New Zealand), but I have not seen the jagdtiger yet.

  27. Also the Jagdtiger PT is actually has the proper 128mm gun, which is the 128mm PAK 44 L/55, because back in WW2 the Germans did have a 128mm gun on the tank. It also had a little bit more armour than the Tiger II and because of that, it was slower and less maneuverable. The 8,8 cm one was not historical. The tech tree one at Tier 9 has a PAK L/66. The tech tree gun also has some sort of muzzle at the end as well as 2 jackets/sleeves that connect to the mantlet. The historical Jagdtiger only has the barrel, nothing else.

    • the 88mm one is actually planned to be manufactured if/when the 128mm is out of stock/not enough in service (only rumours spread that it saw service, no concrete proof) but yeah, the 128mm L66 one is completely bullshit.

  28. haha finally dealing with the hk shitters

  29. That Skorp blind shot was super sexy!

    PS. Welcome to Asia server. Your ping isn’t even that much worse than what a lot of us put up with going to HK server. (ANZ server often only good for low tier games.)

  30. Why are you whining about someone drowning them selves when you cliff dive? That’s being a huge stinking hypocrite, as far as I’m concerned. Are you one of those do as I say but not as I do type people? That’s what it sure sounds like to me. I personally have no issues with those that suicide at the end of a battle. Do you actually think your going to get an additional 1 K in HP damage? That’s absurdly dumb, if you ask me. Take what you get and be happy with it or just stop playing this game and move on to something else.

  31. There will be times where the devs will think that stock tanks downgrading one tier below is a good idea for premiums, and this is an example. Well, they’re a business company so there it goes.

  32. I’d swap my Jagdtiger 8.8cm for this, even with the lower DPM having the penetration and damage means so much more.

  33. pay2win armor meta cancer

  34. I used to play this game until they screwed the game up. The fact is that THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE ON WAR THUNDER THAN ON WoT. They ruined the game so you carry ons enjoy this nonsense.

  35. Cant wait for udarniy

  36. Jag 8.8 should be moved to tier 7 and this tank put at tier 8 but they all need armor buffs.

  37. So another clone for WG to make more money. Because a game that is pay to win is not enough.

  38. This is my favorite out of all three new lootbox tanks simply because of the amazing gun

  39. Its just slow, turretless, skorpion g lol. Nobody should get this imo, just get skorpion g if you don’t have it already, slow tanks are awful in the current meta and this thing has fake armor as well. Tier 9 version gets turned into butter by gold rounds frontally and if you angle even a bit to much the sides are paper. Just overall a really bad buy, the TL-7 or whatever its called I think will also be really bad but even thats a better buy then this.

  40. Let me tell you, all the new tanks will apear in christmas loot boxes

  41. Players drown their vehicles to not allow enemy players to pad their stats. I know i do it with my artys when i’m the last one alive 8)

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