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The impossible has happened in World of Tanks… Wargaming are planning to the T95/FV4201 Chieftain and Object 279 early as well as buffing and nerfing tonnes of other tanks in update 1.22! Here's all you need to know!



  1. the biggest problem in WOT is not the balance of single tanks, the biggest problem is MM +2. BlackPrince is fine, but it is crap against +2.

  2. Nice to see that they nerfed the “Cheatain”. Im not sure if the pen nerf will help since there is a hidden stat known as “weighted RNG” where the Cheatain is more prone to high roll pen….

  3. The nerfs to the Chief & 279e will surely slow them down but only a little bit.
    DPM doesn’t always matter.
    What always matter is gun handling or should I say “gun reliability”, which stays the same.
    The same accuracy, aim speed, bloom spread, shell velocity. They will still pen you just like they did before while being invincible.
    A bit of pen nerf only makes small difference for German HTs.
    A bit of top speed nerf doesn’t matter for those 2 tanks, they just go to 1 flank and grind everyone out anyway.
    These nerfs are not enough to address their problems entirely. They will still be the most dominant tanks in the game.

  4. They should be nerfed armor / weakpoint only … For me it doesnt really feel like a nerf, just lower their 3 MOE rating :/

  5. FV215b is the worst tank in game. just my opinion

  6. I really like the buffs on black Prince it’s so painful tank

  7. Love WG logic here. Problems
    – battles are too fast
    – some tanks (mostly premium) are too good for their tiers and destroy balance of game
    – add more tanks with better statistics then the previously added vehicles
    – buff tanks to level close to of newly added tanks
    – add new even more powerful premiums to game
    – more OP machines in game
    – even faster battles

    Rinse and repeat.

    What WG should do is chose some machines as point of start (base) and balance others around them and keep them as starting point for all machines forever. What they are doing now is just chaos. Random nerfs and buffs based on what? Like AMX 65t – its 3rd change is short time for this shitty tank. I`m almost sure that this is not their last word and they will change something again for this tank. WG balancing lack cohesion and direction.

    Their actions are based around one thing – making more money by releasing more premium tanks. But to sell those new tanks they need to be better then previous one. So that damn cycle that i stared with will repeat over and over again until this game goes black screen mode forever. Maybe if WG would focus more on selling new skins rather then new premium tanks as the source of income there would be a chance to change this cycle, but I think that it’s too late for it now. Player base want new tanks not new visual changes to old tanks nowadays.

  8. If there are Tier 8 BZ in game is simply leave, yolo the first tank i see and move on. Dont play very often any more have a couple of premiums sold everything else. Stats mean nothing in a rigged game. God help new players as they will NEVER make any progress any more even if they pay to play.

  9. Players wasted a lot of time on 279 and fv4201 to get them; these players are core players.

  10. Only when they nerf E25 will I believe.

    Maybe then I will return to WOT.

  11. Thank you thank you oh thank you WG. I love my Churchill 1, Churchill 7, Black prince and even 110. And they are buffing them all? Very nice. These tanks are not bad, they are not played well. I think I am going to now have a blast. Wonderful. Please put these changes in the game WG…

  12. Stupidbaby said Chief is bad cause it`s as fast as a medium. In the same time, Obj 260 is laughing in the corner!

  13. I never touched a turtle !!! so you good players doing the stats, not average players

  14. LOL you can’t use the statistic from the 279e for anything. Only the better players have this tank and they will perform better overall. Give this tank to everyone and then watch the statistic go down.

  15. I dont even remember how many years it took them to rewrite few numbers in txt file… These developers must be recruited in kindergardens with efficiency like this

  16. Personally don’t think this is enough for the 279e. The 279e will still stomp most other tanks. The ROF decrease is good but its the almost impervious frontal Armor that makes it so strong. the Nerf wont change much. Will still be a gold spam and ram. The chieftain’s nerfs are also better than nothing, but honestly i am in disagreement about the Top speed nerf. That is one of the characteristics of the tank, same are the Armor profile on the 279e. ROF nerfs and Special ammo nerfs on both tanks is a welcomed sight though.

  17. The Obj. 279e is so disgusting that my favourite (and I have been playing for 10 years) moment of all time is this: I was perched on a ridge with my FV215b(183) and there was this Obj moving ahead in a street. He was oblivious to me and I knew he would turn his turret once he reaches a certain point. He did the exact same and I was ready! One big 183 mm doom slap went straight to his turret side and for a second or so I rocked the whole campaign roster! I mean forget about whatever effort was put into the campaign to get that thing, just watch this fucking shot man! I still have wet dreams about that shot…

  18. Baixar Counter Strike 1.6

    bz 176 when?

  19. I did not expect such great news today. I guess it might be worth coming back to the game if they finally start balancing the game. I say this as someone who just got the Obj.279(e) like 3 months ago (though I have like 3 battles with it). Fuck that tank!

    I also hope that they will also buff more of the forgotten premiums. I want playing my T34 to not feel like shit anymore.

  20. FU and wg for nerfing 279 and CHIF

  21. Bring back my AMX M4 54…..

  22. Maximilian Schubert

    I was really excited for WoT again after reading the video title. But after seeing it I have to say im off for good. Balancing the reward T10s but not making the chief vulnerable to the turrets will keep me from playing this game ever again. Wargaming you lost a potential lifelong fan of your game. You really messed up the past few years…

  23. I think, that WG do this so new tier 8 op prem can handle thesw monster more ease.

  24. Hey that’s perfectly fine they’re going to nerve premium vehicles but then they better start refunding people who want their money back after they get their vehicles nerfed and they no longer want it

  25. I thought they are gonna buff IS-7……..

  26. Too little, too late for the idiots at wargaming!

    The ONLY thing that will save this game is fixing their broke-ass matchmaker, which they refuse to do. Introducing skill based match making will correct a lot of what’s wrong with the game.

    About the only time I play wot, is during Clan Wars now. Playing pubs is an extremely frustrating experience, and frankly there are other military type games out there that aren’t so aggravating to play.

  27. Dang bro, I will no longer be able to terrorize player with chief anymore. :/

  28. BuZz-lecLAiRauChOcoLaT !

    its a perfect decision, sad to see they dont nerf the “turret armor layout” from the chieftain…thats the only thing.

  29. 1 year too late for me

  30. AT15 does need some help, as soon as everyone loads gold you just get pulled apart

  31. Stil lhope this is the first step towards premium nerfs. or make them a tier higher if necessary

  32. The problem is not that the Chieftain is OP. It SHOULD be OP if historically accurate. The issue is that it is matched against tanks that should not face it. The game is just not very well designed in this respect.

  33. The BZ-176 doesn’t need to be nerfed. It needs to be moved up a tier and everyone’s happy.

  34. Dude i stop playing like 3 years ago coz i did not believe this will ever happen, finaly they nerf OP special tanks

  35. The fun part is. That none of the tier 8 mediums and heavy tanks. Gets close to the Renegades.

  36. Hmmm the sweat lords

  37. making slowtanks faster means exactly what ppl said they want from “out of meta” vehicles, as they are “too slow for the fast meta today”- probably thats why.heavies with better view range? the AMX is SO G`HIGH that it should have such range.

  38. I am an average player, although per WoT newsletter in the Top 40% somehow still… and I think the Turtle is strong. I pack a 56% win ratio on mine, I don’t think it needs changing really, but especially not buffs. Looking forward to the Cheif/279e changes, I’ll feel more confident in matxhes I play against them, currently I only get that from my JadgPzE100

  39. whats the point of playing scouts in this game any more… with all the view range saturation they offer nothing. make then relevant

  40. Took them Long enuf

  41. T25 is not tank, its a joke =_)

  42. I think the moment they decide to nerf a tank is the same moment they should honestly ask themselves the economic value of that nerf. If they truly provide fair or even better compensation then it seems reasonable. Not ideal but much better than just saying sorry, we changed our minds. Personally, I think a 100% refund option should also be offered.

  43. time to use single shot vz 55 gun

  44. Would imagine if vz 55 nerfs go in as is, maybe we’ll see the single shot gun a bit more and probably play out as a more armoured 5A

  45. Also the speed buffs may not be so bad as alot of those slow tanks are most likely packing a turbo regardless, opening that slot for hopefully more variation

  46. WG are applying the salt on the wound finally, althought their armour is still the same but any nerf for these 2 op tanks is welcomed, maybe it’s a new chapter and a new meta coming, other than the hull down and farm, but thank you WG for that and thank you QB for always voicing about it.

  47. I agree premium vehicles should be balanced but I think you glossed over the legal aspect of changing a vehicle paid for in cash. On newly purchased premiums, they could add a disclaimer. I suppose they could make a change to terms of service to allow for this but I feel they would need to allow for people to get their gold back.

  48. The tech tree buffs look great, a lot of the tier 8s being buffed have the worst winrates in their class. The changes are big but the tanks need it.

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