WG Pissed Off Players with new Matchmaking on Asia Server

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.20.1 Patch New Matchmaking Changes on Asia Server.

Article: https://worldoftanks.asia/en/wot-1-20-1/

So, Asia server received another feature with update 1.20.1… New Matchmaking.

What do you think?


  1. Shorted queue by 40 seconds and ruined the game. Can’t mark tanks anymore, can’t complete campaign missions. Almost everyone of my 50 games in the last 2 days have been 10v10. If they want to keep it like this its fine BUT they must change the rest of missions & marks to match.
    P.S this doesn’t even touch the fact that most games you have, 10 tanks go to mid or left and then the enemy go right and mid end you just switch sides. There’s not enough tanks to hold a map. If you spread out the enemy rush all down one side and win.

  2. if the limit the light they have to change the starting tiers for new players

  3. and here i want more grand battles

  4. i do not want them to knock down the number of tanks in any mode

  5. Citizen Kane001

    Anyone who can get a game on the HK server should consider themselves lucky, the last two days it has been horrendous, then if you do manage to get a game it is Japanese TD’s everywhere like usual when something new is put out. I’ll try again in a couple of weeks

  6. I’d support this on tiny maps such as Mines or Ensk.

  7. I am playing in Asia server , I think one of the issue is that the premium tanks can earn less profit than 15 v 15 MM due to less HP in the games

  8. I’m one of those that actually liked the 10v10 but not when every battle was a 10v10.

  9. Wot Addict Global

    It is well-known that Anthony Curtis is the most idiotic agent of them all. He is the main one who responds to Reports about cheaters in the game, and he always brushes people off with a “Hey-I-don’t-give-a-f**k-because-our-automated-system-is-handling-that-so-I-am-not-going-to-do-anything-about-it.-Stop-bothering-us” stupid response! And he also closes the ticket without giving you the opportunity to continue the conversation!!!

  10. Rizkiawan Mohammad

    yeah. as an asian, I hate 10v10 dude. it’s suck

  11. This MM would totally suck. If players liked smaller teams then Onslaught would be popular instead of having such a tiny player base. It is less than Steel Hunter, another crap mode.

  12. The reason is so many people have uninstalled this money grubbing game

  13. 10v 10 has ruined WOT on the ASIA server. 3 minute games everyone just rushes in. Terrible.

  14. i am only agree with the limited number of TDs

  15. anotherknight75

    Well, as a SEA player a good outcome is that I’m no longer playing WOT. Just started playing Roguebook. Much more relaxing.

  16. 10v10 and you got 3 TDs and 2 spg on both team! what can you say abt that? lol

  17. 1:46 “I’ve not seen Asian server players that mad before…” Really? They get mad every time there’s any change to the game. 😀 😀

    The MM change has been rolled back as of this morning. WG have confirmed that the expected outcome wasn’t what actually happened with the new MM going straight to 10v10 more often than not. (Obviously some programmer missed a few key strokes…)

    Impact on Missions is a legit concern with any change like this but otherwise, happy for WG to try things to improve wait times on a very low population server – especially ANZ peripheral server.

    • Indeed, it was implied it’s started with usual 15 v 15 and slowly dwindle to 10 v 10 if there’s no matchup after certain time. But we always get the 10 v 10 to 13 v 13 instead of the usual 15 v 15.

  18. Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf B

    aced the chi to sp 2x with the 10v10

  19. i hate it. i play on aus / HK server and its just so bad. changed the whole meta of what tanks now to sue in 10v10s. and they didnt adjust any of the missions to suit the new 10v10 style. WG fucked up huge with this change

  20. ASIA and ANZ servers are dying.

  21. I said my piece on forums and other YouTube platforms. I’m happy that Dez took the time to highlight the stupidity of WG and their lack of consideration towards players on the Asian server. I have uninstalled the game and even though they have apparently reverted back to old system from today, however, I’m done with it.

  22. Tbh I kinda like this new MM, last couple of days were just stupidly fun. It is hilarious how ppl react to the new MM by all in a flank and help that one dude holding the other flank enjoy some coffee while admiring the game landscape. My perf still pretty much the same but I die more frequently, but no more anger cuz seeing 8-9 tanks all push a flank like monke and duke it out is too hilarious. They notified the rollback, but only on the TD number on certain maps, MM stays the same.

  23. Map size is designed for 15v15. The game dynamics will also have changed. Not looking forward to experiencing this all tonight. Would be good to be able to opt out, all my missions are now pretty much unworkable.

  24. Maybe if they just gave an option to choose between 10vs10 or 15vs15 not make it mandatory! That would make it way better for everyone especially new players, not just for faster queue times which i think is ridiculous. I like the idea of smaller teams which adds more challenge to your strategy, but not for the entire random battles.

  25. I kinda liked it

  26. Yeah.. This matchmaking is fracking stupid, this is must be stop

  27. Good luck getting an Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal with 10 v 10

  28. The number of tanks can be limited during odd time but only for city/small maps. Open maps must always have 15v15 MM regardless of number of online players.

  29. While I like the small battle format, it definitely need some more thought and it wouldn’t be this bad if it was tested before using common test or at least be informed before live update.

  30. This change would have been OK on the ANZ server only but leave the HK server as normal. Iideally with missiomns scaled, but even if not, at least people could do missions on HK. This would be OK for 80+% of ANZ players as most ANZ players have fgood enough internet to get 100-200ms ping son HK. There is a fairly small percentage of ANZ players who would be rural and they mght get hit on the missions.
    The ANZ server players complain a lot about getting games and the length of time it takes to get a game. I live in Australia and I just acceot the exta 100-150ms ping penalty because getting games on ANZ takes so long and have a lot more +2 MM games.
    HK is playable and you ghet games faster and had better match making.
    So leave this on ANZ to shut up the ANZ players – and maybe attract some more back, and leave HK on the nomral matcxh maker.
    For those outside the Asia reagion the ANZ queue is normally somewhere around 120 players at prime time.

  31. Thai Hoang Minh Tam

    I and my buddy just comeback after 2 months, delete game again after 4 matchs. WG said “significant positive impact 10v10” well, positive in ask player to quit.

  32. BRO FOR REALS!!!
    Mate and I can’t even win a bloody game anymore because the MM is completely FKED!!!

    2 days ago we played like 12 games and lost every single one of them….
    And these 10v10 battles go too quick, especially when 1 side gets completely over run..

    Definitely not a fan being on Asia server atm…

  33. @NotMe the thing is I shouldn’t need a VPN to play a game. Every other game I play, even if on American servers with my USA friends I get <120ms ping usually

  34. its just their way to attempt covering up that their game is dying because of their shitty management

  35. let’s expect an exodus of players from servers in Asia to Europe, the precedent happened when players from RU stormed servers in the EU ???

  36. WG keep making changes players did not ask for, I can’t see how this change will do anything but lower $$ over time as players leave faster.. WOT is over 10 years old and naturally on the decline, WG recent changes are doing nothing but killing it faster imho. This is the time where WG want to be listening hard to what players want.

  37. As an Aussie player it should also be stated that the changes that were made were only announced 1 or 2 days before the patch went live. I played a few games with the new MM and I can confirm it was a cluster fuck. People abandoned all strategy and just started bull rushing enemy lines in fast armoured tanks and usually won because of the chaos that ensued. I am very glad the changes have been rolled back and its back to 15v15.

  38. @THECHIMA1RA I mean, as much as it sucks I’m able to get some great games in my amx 50 120

  39. The issue was they applied the same MM rules to the Hong Kong server which is populated just fine vs the Australian server that has a very low population. Made no sense to apply it to the HK server.

  40. wait times are fine for the most part though it does depend on time of day and on which server. Though it does look like Asia region is being the live test server’s again.

  41. Ironically making it a 10v10 has really made the amx 100/120 much better

  42. thanks for covering this dez.

  43. Remember WG listens and value’s your opinions….. unless ofc when your opinions dont match WG then you can go fun yourself

  44. only those who use boosting services, botting and rigging are mad because their win rate and general session stats went down while those who just play for fun love it due to having more battles in a 1 hour session

  45. The reason is asia server have too many camper. All type of tank player all camp in the base.

  46. i was annoyed how many player is p2w a lot of more than f2p

  47. imagine lot of platoon with 3x 279e or 3x chieftain what can we do? nothing…! pro player become more pro, trash player become more than trash… im playing in 50 battle only 11 win because that 10 vs 10 MM…

  48. Reality Dysfunction

    Dez you’re wrong about things like Ace Tanker resetting after a few weeks Because the battle size is random. You will get 10v10 but also anything between up to 15v15 so it’s going to be random. If it was always going to be 10v10 then yes it would reset, but not if it’s random.

  49. +shorter Match Making Time

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