WG Said, This Tank Shouldn’t Deal Damage… | World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay

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People say that this tank doesn’t deal damage, shouldn’t deal damage… But this battle alone shows you why EBR 105 is of the most stupid vehicles in the history of World of Tanks… A LIGHT tank which can literally carry games, with ez.



  1. did you see the aim time when it killed grille? 0_o

  2. Physics is so wrong on the clown cars if they had anything more then a 20mm gun would flip if turn at any speed when they fire a 57 mm + gun would almost come to a stop the real clown cars with big guns and it would be 105 tube and anything more would never work they have to stop put support down fire pull support up then move on swinging the gun 90 degrees would flip the car and armor might stop a 50 cal but any more then that the car would not move like its does wot clown cars 100% BULLSHIT when a A 10 fires its 30mm gun it makes 19k pounds of thrust making the plane have zero thrust >> ww2 b25 with a 57 or 75mm anti ship gun would also feel like it stops in mid air c130 fires 105 mm moves it some 20feet and thats a tube like arty has not a penetration round >>>>>>> Gross weight: 122,400 lb (55,520 kg)

  3. Burn them all down to ash!

  4. i hate that this thing has such high alpha

  5. Because the Player was so good with it it dosent Mean it should be removed, yes i know i dont like it but imagine if someone was good with a Sheridan that is a Monster when it comes about his derp gun i dont think is should be removed if a guy played good with it and yes the Damage of the EBR and the Pen are a little on the roof but we cant do anything about this only to find other games to play thats all

  6. Lol, until halfway trough i thought you were replaying it in 1.5 times speed. I didnt believe you when you said “its normal speed now”

    Sorry dez

  7. At least artillery has obvious weak points. The problem with this tanks is you can’t hit them, you can’t spot them, you can’t outmaneuver them so the difficult on deal with this tanks with a good driver.

  8. how can I give this video 100 thumbs up! I hate these gocarts with a passion.

  9. We’ve been dealing with premium rounds, spgs, premium tanks and now it’s wheeled vehicles…..it’s still the same wot we know after they started screwing up, nothing’s new

  10. Just when you thought WG couldn’t screw up the game any more they introduced this crap I’m done

  11. Can’t wait for the italian wheeled tank destroyer line.

  12. Why should wheeled vehicles magically get such insane HE pen? Why? Why? WHY? And much better on the move accuracy, why? And completely unrealistic physics on top as well. Faster and more agile than tracked lights but not 10 times more agile, come on.

  13. And still only 190k in fucking tier 10 with 1k profit… Damn that game is total shit

  14. I can’t give a double or triple like for this game braker video.

  15. god the ebr is op
    why is the manticore so much worse in comparison

  16. If it’s not Russian it couldn’t be OP… the player in this game was highly skilled and enemy made mistakes. Stop complaining.
    I love you EBR

  17. Thank god the Console Devs stated they won’t be adding wheeled vehicles. I hope they keep that idea alive because we definitely don’t need this type of salt on our version lol. But you said it best, super fun to play, super crap to play against.

  18. Fucking broken tank!
    They need to have wheels count as hitbox and the gunhandlign severly nerfed. Make them stand still to take shots if they are gonna have that mobility.

    • They are balanced (underperforming just a tiny bit). They don’t need to be nerfed.

      But they are broken. They should be limited to 1 WV per team.

  19. Introduction of this entire tree shows how WG is unaware of theif own game. EBRs should not have been there in the first place

  20. still arty is making more dmg to MM and gameplay than EBR

  21. Why????you all stupids were so exited for this shit!! What happened now?? When it was on test server, I told if they make it real, I would quit and I kept my promise. I see this game is not playable anymore. Now I hear only complains about this tank, every game has these shits, other lights are useless. Wg shits eventually are going to nerf it but first they must ruin game for a year. Its their rule, you shits accepted that so no complain, think that one light can hit over 10 k.

  22. They are completely broken.

  23. every advantage has a critical weakness if my game is useless !!! then it is not worth playing
    dislike for ebr is not a balanced tank, as when adding double-barreled tanks the same will not be balanced

  24. You must be an old man. I get the vehicle is annoying to play against but the enemy team wasn’t playing the best against it either. They could’ve killed him way earlier and ended the game.

  25. I would have loved it if that last shot was a low roll and he couldn’t kill the Jageroo

  26. Bullets Forteeth FULL AUTO

    The wheeled tanks have been a bane since their inception, especially when you get swarmed and have to deal with more than one. There is no way a tanks turret can target or defend against them at close range when they swarm you. I just give up when that happens coz it’s futile when they can easily out run my turret. You can here them laughing at you.

  27. Dez, I honestly do not think any vehicle is hated as much as this thing… I mean it’s even more of a miserable thing to play against than the e25…. Which is saying a *lot*.

  28. They come up with this shit, but get rid of the original T50 and T18. I hate this game but love killin!

  29. Maybe Wheelie Boy Karts (T6AMD to EBR 105 etc) should be seen as a separate class?
    So not light tanks but so something else, say ‘fast scout’ and then WG could limit how many can enter each game?

    • I agree. WV should be their own classes. Logo could be the light tank diamond with a round “half wheel” bottom.
      They should be limited to 1 per team (as well as arty) and they should always see eachothers. Then they could have their own mechanics like losing camo when using the speed boost etc.

  30. The EBR is best at aiming time

  31. Germans were just idiots during WW2 they just had to make their tanks out of rubber ínstead of steel…

  32. “Earld of Tanks” 0:19

  33. Now i’ll wait:

    – Wheeled SPG’s
    – SPG’s with hydraulic system like you see in their models (for better accuracy and dispersion but prone to counter-arty attacks).
    – (Premium?) Tiger II with autoloader gun
    – KV-2-II (double barrel derp gun)

  34. These things need to be removed. Broken AF

  35. it is ridicilous how OP these fokking fake wheeled “tanks” are…I think WG made a big mistake by introducing them into the game like they are now

  36. the whole line should have shitty guns like elc even 90 has, to balance the things a bit

  37. EBR is more op than WT auf E100,They should put new mode called:modern tanks,and put this shit in that mode,together with new tanks

  38. If this really existed with this performance, France would be a superpower

  39. review of wg balancing dep in 1 tank . i used to hate spg….now i dont

  40. Michael Lewandoski

    Game was more boring than watching the 279e

  41. Just let them roll over instead of having special physics. Then mobility can be used for relocation and not absurd maneuvers.

  42. Wheeled vehicles are destroying this game. It should be possible to elect not to play in games with them in the same way you can block certain maps. They are a fucking joke.

  43. vladimir paligoric

    burn the witch

  44. I would MUCH rather play with arty than wheelies, they need to just remove those fkin things

  45. For once i wont click thumbs up to the video as i hate those wheeled bastards.. if they at least could be tracked like ALL other tanks in the game they might be hated a little less

  46. These wheelchairs are a PLAGUE on this game

  47. They should remove half its ammo… that would balance it a little bit

  48. Hating on EBRs is just admitting you can’t aim 😡

  49. Best way to nerf them would be, that they have the inabillity to turn the turretlike the AMX ELC bis with the 90mm gun. That would make them less dangerous and would maintain the role of a active scout.

  50. EBR is not real world and shouldnt be it is broken

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