WG Testing New Record DPM Tank!? | TITT Rozanov Spotted Live

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Source: DezGamez

New Tank TITT Rozanov with New Record DPM Under Supertesting. World of Tanks Update 1.21+ Patch News.

Token mission codes:
More info: https://worldoftanks./en/news/live-streams/token-store-mission-drops-may-2023/

Information from:
– World of Tanks Portal and in-game
– Maps: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/
– https://Tanks.gg

There is some testing going on in the live server… TITT Rozanov is played by the supertest players with absolutely DPM. There were news about completely different version of this tank, but what we curretly have is quite crazy.

What do you think?


  1. @BVMotorSports same on EU

  2. I just had this tank on my team today

  3. I think You have a typo in the first code

  4. Please the lower DPM as tier 8 is hard enough being full of premiums and don’t need another monster wrecking battles.

  5. can we please address the elphant in the room??? what are those huge ass steel wheels on front of hull???

  6. That has to be the most awful suspension on a tier8 medium ever. Even the tinest movement shakes the whole tank like a ship.

  7. I think that Russian Medium tank is just similar to Swedish Meds.

  8. I got destroyed by this thing in my T25 Pliot xD

  9. Romanov’s itits?

  10. alpha 200, reload 3.5, rammer should not be possible to install. Question over.

  11. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    It’s like the old E-50 with the crazy rate of fire of the 88mm gun but with the buffed alpha. It basically has the penetration of the Kanonen 90, so the dpm means nothing if it can’t penetrate its shots.

  12. glass cannon!!! pewpew pew pew… no joke!

  13. Playing new tanks on live server, that’s the definition of cheating right there.
    By the way, if you think is destroying WG building while all of them are inside, please do it, make the world a better place. 🙂

  14. Don’t worry. It will be nerfed after everyone buys it.

  15. I spotted the MBT-B

  16. I think the SHptk TVP 100 will perform better. Its faster with better gunhandling, power to weight and terrain resistances.

  17. Connor Girouard

    A 280 alpha dmg tank with an 80mm at tier 8? It should be like 180 at that mm and tier, and then the 4.3 second BASE reload is just ridiculous

  18. This tank put FV4202 to trash bin.

  19. That 2 wheels infront just for show? No use for it?

  20. This tank looks like it’s THE TITS ! 😀

  21. Bejoalan's Channel

    Give this tank 300 damage, 4 secs reload, 171mm pen on standard, 250mm pen on premium, 0.4 accuracy, 2 secs aim time.

    This is a win win solution for Wargamming and … well Wargamming. Because the owner will be forced to use premium shells, and others can use WOT PLUS!!!! to remove the possibility to meet this tank in the battlefield.


  22. Seems WG didn’t choose CCs as supertesters, Isn’t this a better option?

  23. Neaef it to 250-240 and it’s fine

  24. Wargaming has been doing dumb shit for 6 years straight. The game sucks now.

  25. battles are not fast right now,let them make more quicker


  27. wargaming meeting, men, women gather around at the table, we have to think of more ways to fuck over the game now put on your thinking caps…..oh oh oh me me me sir I know exactly what we can do, let’s put a premium tank into the game that when fully loaded up with all the best equipment and crew skills and supplies can do enough damage to kill 3.3 heavies in its own tier in 1 minute flat…4,981 damage

  28. I think whoever is running WOT was dropped on his head some years ago

  29. Amadeus Amadeus

    Saw the TITT once, but he threw his tank away, didnt really see it in action.

  30. Met a supertester in it yesterday. Done 800 and died XDD

  31. I would like to see it with 200 damage, but same crazy damage per minute. It would probably have a 3 second reload, like a never ending magazine.

  32. Claudiu Angheloni

    Why is WG keep adding ugly tanks, I get it, the tank will be great, but I hate it that they keep making them ugly as hell.. Why they don’t add the Europe tech tree, or something more modern looking? I’m so tired waiting for a good experience in this game..

    • Matthius Köenig

      ‘something more modern looking’

      Dude this is a ww2->early cold War game. The tanks look the way they do due to the materials (steel), modern stuff looks different because they are made of cermatics which has different strengths and weaknesses and different production techniques.

      You want modern tanks go play wot modern armour on consul or wait for it to be ported to pc.

  33. Yesterday I saw a udarniy in mailands life stream

  34. Wait we are back to the titts already:D?

  35. like its got a trampoline under tank every movement it bounced so much

  36. We know you dont care about DPM Dez, you just needed an excuse to talk about Tits.

  37. This bullshit needs to stop. These fucking premiums and other new tanks are pushing new records. More pen, more alpha, more dpm, more armor whatever the hell it is, Wargaming needs to stop throwing new records out there. Especially with these tier 8 premiums.

  38. This is what we need…..

  39. TITT cuz its the only tank that has TITTs on the front. Them *bumpers* :3

  40. “TITT” HAH!

  41. If two Rozanovs platoon, do two Titts make a cleavage?

  42. Rafał Zieliński

    luckily he’s already nerfed

  43. before you uploaded this video they already nerfed this tank a lot.

    • But if you watch the video, you see that CURRENTLY on the live server it is being tested with characteristics BEFORE the changes – With nuts DPM and 280 alpha. So will see what they do.

  44. Do those booba’s have a function like a new mechanics or is it just there for ‘looks’?

  45. What the heck is a Obj. 430B? 1:18
    Anyway, they will nerf the TITT from a D cup to a B cup before it hits the live server.

  46. Tortoise fully decked out to the max is 5,980 DPM.
    And Badger fully decked out the same way is 6,013 DPM.

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