WG turned it into DPM MONSTER! | World of Tanks Centurion Action X

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World of Tanks Big Tank Rebalance – Centurion Buff – Super DPM Machine. World of Tanks Update 1.20 Patch .

Information from:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/updates/1-20-CT-2/

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  1. When you boost DPM to the MAX with best equipment, you will get 4019 with APCR/HEAT and 4,946 with HESH… Quite nuts, because with this gun handling, you might actually be able to put that into action! 🙂
    What do you think about it? Still needs a turret buff?

    • Turret more important than DPM.

    • Just better turret would have been enofff..but yeah wg loves to over buff then nerf..and we get same shit back

    • I always thought the centurion was a good tank, has a good gun handle and even without the buffed it was a good gun/dmg, the real problem its his turret armor and speed (which got buffed now). This tank only need a good armor and better speed to be pretty good not really the dpm buff

    • honestly i think WG’s buffs are perfect, and as someone who has played over 500 games in mine, I have to say, i think it’ll have a similar playstyle to that of a CS-63, considering the crazy speed it’ll have if u use a turbo, at least, thats how I’ve been playing it in the past and i think its worked so far, considering i have 87% marks and 55% wins in it

    • man finally about damn time this tank got buffed it has been collecting dust in my garage and i actively avoided playing it despite being my first tier x and my second favorite tank in the game

  2. WG only cares about cash!!! You know… dolars and euros and the all other types of money… We have to “balance our wallets” if we want to enjoy this game!!!

  3. nerfing the progetto 65 is dumb, the tank isn’t even that good, the gun is not reliable and the dpm is average! the armor sucks. nerf the chieftan nerf the 260 nerf the 279 but stop nerfing tech tree tanks!

  4. Still worse than UDES, Leo 1 and at least 5 other mediums at tier 10

    And just because some noobs on test server couldn’t pen you in 8 games doesn’t mean armor is good

  5. “good players are going to enjoy…” is typically a sentence that states that the tank is actually fun and playable. Nobody wants something with no armor, dpm, or gun handling like the 30b or the old centurion. Same goes for Kpz 07 rh and Shptk tvp. They aren’t broken, but they are fun and good players can take advantage of the tools given. I think the nerfs to the AMX Mle 54 are unnecessary as it finally competes with tanks like the chieftain in all formats, but now they they’re rebalancing it to be useless again, it’s one less useful tank anyone will be playing in competitive.

  6. I think a hull improvement is all it needs.

  7. 4:00 bro ended up on a casting couch Xd

  8. The problem with the AX is not its mobility or firepower, those were both fine. I didn’t have an issue with its turret either. The problem with the AX is the paper modules. It’s like playing a tank with only 450 hp at tier 10. You cannot use your HP because you risk ammo racks and/or fire any time you take a hit.

  9. Watch the Progetto 65 be the next on track for a little extra trolling.

  10. All the AX needs armour wise is a heat shield like the tier 8 premium to hide the cheeks from heat shots, otherwise it’s alright

  11. Soooo… they’re turning the AX into a British Leopard.
    If you’re a fan of Leopard game play this will not be much of a jump at all.

  12. I was truly hoping they would buff the heck out of the Cent AX because I really enjoy playing the Cent 7/1, but I still think they need to buff the heck out of the armor to get it up to the recent meta of the game. When is the update going to be happening?

  13. Re-balance = no balance.

  14. Tuấn Ngọc Nguyễn

    The gun handling in the video is so crazy @@ what is this build?

  15. Does this mean the Jg100 will get buffed? lol

  16. Would be cool if it gets a good hesh round instead of normal hesh with old fv4202 gold hesh and keep the heat as well

  17. It’s a Good News for me after I heard they buffed this tank alongside 7/1… It’s one of my favourite Tier X Tank alongside 121B. The armor is quite unreliable yes (I usually think It’s an oversized Crom), but that gun is really good if the RNG treats me just about right so the gun buff will make it less derpy and more fun to snapshot.

    Though one thing that I really want it to get buffed is the module, especially the Engine and Ammo Rack. cuz I feel like they broke a lot every time I got shot.

  18. Every tank i own can get penetrated from the front. I don’t have streamer bounce bias

  19. Amx 30b standing in the corner crying

  20. Who caps on the test server??

  21. I think the problem with buffing Cent AX is that you can buff it as much as you want. It is still a medium. Dont forget that this is World of heavy tanks and we can not have mediums contesting the heavies. We now have heavies with impenetrable turrets reach key positions faster than most mediums. The heavies now days can also match the DPM and usually outclasses the mediums in alpha. Every small patch includes small buffs to heavies, experimental equipment for example is something heavies will benefit most from. Moveable objects is something hulldown heavies will benefit most from. The argument that 430U is one of the better mediums because it gives your team an extra heavy is a perfect exampke of the problem. Mediums needs to get its own niche in the game back rather than beeing a shit heavy at tX, maps need to be built around being able to flank. Heavy mobility over the board needs to be removed and access to Turbo also removed.

    • Juan José Del Pino Rivas

      Mediums should never have the crazy penetration they have. It’s stupid they have 330-350 pen to butcher frontally even the most heavily armored tank. They should be at most at the level of the TVP with 310 with HEAT and 248-252 with standard and then have mediums with more mobility, the are support class vehicles, not brawlers. Light tanks fit well in this system having the lowest pen of the classes.

  22. Where will this leave the Patton? It now will get the same gun handling with better final dispersion, better mobility and better dpm.
    Patton arguably have better armor. I guess it will be buffed next.

  23. I allways liked the cent and patton. I put equipment on them in such a way to basicly make them the same tank. 😀

  24. When rhino

  25. They made it like a better amx 30b 🙁 WG please buff amx 30 and 30b as well

  26. And for amx, they made it worse : less speed than before now….

  27. It was already better than the patton and now it does what the patton does well but better with gun handling.

  28. They are balancing with the sledghammer again

  29. Whats wrong with u CC s ?? as soon a tank in WOT get little improvement its whining your ass of its blah blah blah UBER META etc etc idiotic words .
    Not all tanks can be as you like it . Exactly the same with same reload same damage same armor . Then there is no point ….
    No get more stand out tanks in WOT . not the washed out crap it is today where all is almoast equal in “balance” way .
    And remove that idiotic fantasy thing shoot cupola to make damage its just so damn dumb .

  30. Cool but can it compete with 907 in clan wars?

  31. If Cent AX is getting is buffed, than WG should also care about buffing BatChat 25t, and Patton i think. These are outdated mediums.

  32. its ok to have mediocre tanks in the game, so i dont think it needed a buff. it was still fine. besides, its always better to nerf than buff, unfortunately that doesn’t generate the same short term numbers that they would like (albeit it would obviously help the game in the long run). corporate gridlock unfortunately, we will probably never see a proper balancing scheme come into play.

  33. This tank gets ammorack instantly but with this buff maybe the vert stab can be replaced to improved configuration. My fear is that again that overbuff and when people start to grind then WG will nerf it as usually they do.

  34. AX has always been a favourite of mine so buffs Will make it even more fun to play

  35. plz WOT buff Caernarvon AX…

  36. Still waiting for buffs on the tier 7 Panther. That cat really need an alpha damage buffs. Or atleast give it access 88mm L71 gun

  37. I am happy about the buff of CentAX… The FV4202 was my first tier 10 medium. And also the buff for the 7/1 is very right for me 🙂

  38. You remember, maybe, AMX M4, after BUFS we had BIG NERFS… So, the SAME will be with AX. We are not NAIVE, DIRTY WG.

  39. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I haven’t touched my AX in almost 3 years. 29% dispersion buff is HUGE. This thing will be able to snapshot now. The turret is still garbage but there’s no reason to choose the Patton over this tank now with these changes. The DPM buff will also make this tank very competitive.

  40. Dez, are you talking about the 105mm pen HESH round? As the 7/1 has HESH as a 210mm pen premium round, the Action X does not.

    • Centurion action X does have HESH, it is 105mm of penetration. This is the same round that the charioteer and the 7/1 have access to.

    • @Leo Salonen Yes, having watched the vid again, Dez does not mention the pen on the HESH round. So I believe you are correct & he is using the 105mm pen round.

  41. same story like AMX after few months will be nerf xd xd

  42. YES! these were my first lines I wanted to grind and now I can enjoy it

  43. Finally! My first love (or first tier 10) will be playable!…will it be? 😛

    • btw. instead of using stabilizer go for improved configuration – ammorack problem is gone… plus repairs can be crazy fast 🙂 or! go with survivarability improvement or how it is called (the new stuff) – fixes ammorack and adds some hp!

  44. Ax my guilty pleasure…

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