WHAT? 10,000 Damage in Tier 8 IS NOT NORMAL (BZ-176)

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks BZ-176, New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank, New Jet/ Booster Heavy. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 Loot Box Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 – , Free Gift Tank, Rewards.

BZ-176 has been in the game for roughly 2 weeks now… and it has left quite an impact already…

What do you think?


  1. Can I get pinned for no reason

  2. The roof can be overpened by 128mm+ guns and it extends to the movable hind part of the gun, so you can shoot it as long as it’s aiming towards you. The thing is, that caliber is not that common in its MM until tier9 and if ever you have that gun caliber, good luck shooting it in mid range. You can also try shooting the cupola, before it shoots you back. This tank is still BS with that humongous gun without any significant drawbacks.

  3. Scale down pen to 120-140

  4. I’ve taken a break because of the BZ. I have a lot of tier 8 premiums and I feel like I have wasted a lot of money on this fucking game because of it. The BZ slays them with ease while I even after shooting at lower plate dont penetrate shit. The loss of Russia is telling on this company even if they say otherwise. I was even going to buy some more loot boxes until I realized how much I actually hate WG. Half of the vets on here will be like oh do this and do that because they have been brainwashed by WG and this game represents a lot of their lives, but eventually we’ll have 500mm armor and 200mm gun in tier 8, anyone want that?

  5. This “Tank” is a complete failure for the community,that is to say ,WG has released a Game destroying Tank.
    The “Want to Play ” Tankers are and will quit playing in droves !
    Congratulations to you Wargaming you have killed your own game!
    The only way to fix the Whole debacle,is to remove this thing just like the WTF TD ….
    The game is completely broken with this thing ,I have one and refuse to play it because it is destroying a game that deserves better than this!
    Come on WG just Admit your Mistake and remove it before the player base completely Walks Away!!
    Thanks Dez

  6. It’s a great reminder of buying the pixels. Though thru it you can see the future = not worth to buy any.

  7. Was this abomination super tested?

  8. i see BZ-176 as a better, more brocken version of Caliban

  9. lmao I already transferred to War thunder and check WoT for each update. fck it not going back. I wish I can bomb that horrendous thing with my plane.

  10. Andreas Apostolidis

    “normal” my ass…
    They made millions,i dont think they give a damn about what we believe it;s “normal”

  11. Yeah, I think I’ll stay below Tier VI from now on.

  12. I miss the days when the kv-1s was the most broken thing in the game.

  13. This will be balanced after the boxes are no longer on sale by match making. It will mostly be bottom tier and very rarely see tier 6s

  14. Totally agree with you on this one Dez.

  15. You compain but there are so much better premium heavy tanks like Shkoda t56. This tank is only good against equal and lower tier. Higher tier it struggles a lot

  16. We need powerfull/high tech modern tanks time is moving and tanks in wot is too old in comparison with where the real 2022 tanks in real life . Plus balance game will not be a thing even irl

  17. so what, one in 10.000 battles is like this and mm will change after all this new year fun runs out. Tank is nothing special. 90% of players shoot 2-4 times per battle in bz. U cant take one extreme battle for an exmple , if u do so, than u can say same for every tank in game by pointing o0n that one lucky battle

  18. I say bring arty back into the power play. Buff the pen and dmg of arty AP shells (in many cases the dmg should be twice that much), increase pen on standard HE shells and such monsters will have much harder time. Remove the stun mechanics if need be (after all, the stun is there to make up for the nerf, so artillery would still be relevant at least a little).
    Also, roll roll back the HE changes, and hull downs won’t be as OP as they are.

  19. Balanced:):)

  20. This tank is even more toxic than arty…

  21. There is one more stupid thing about this tank. That booster combined with its strong frontal hull and its weight can be very successfully used for ramming… Thx WG this makes the game even better.. I hate that tank.

  22. this tank was designed by drunk people

  23. I’m not a good WoT player at all. I see myself as average.
    But even I do over 5000-6000 damage with the tank sometimes… that’s not normal.

  24. Whats most ridiculous is the accuracy. Yeah, on paper its bad. But it hits those shots like nothing. Sniping? No problem. Turrets? No problem.

  25. WG: “This is fine. Everything’s fine.”

  26. now compare this tank to Caliban… so sad

  27. It makes me think maybe I should quit this game! I have a lot of tier 8 premium but they are outdated and has no fun to play against the latest OP tanks. You can’t penetrate it frontally and has -10 degrees gun dep has jet booster and deal 900 each time. I honestly do not understand how they balance the vehicles. Lower plate is quite tiny weakspotand turret overmatch is only for 124mm+ gun. I f we compare it to Caliban: Caliban has extremely bad gun handling, horrible reload time, much weaker armor and top speed also really poor. 🙁

  28. Tier 6 should never meet tier 8s. That’s just wrong. And about BZ-176… that’s also wrong, waaay to OP.

  29. BZ is easily my most hated tank of 2022, even more so than Italian TDs. The HESH pen of this tank is too high and the only reliable counter to it is VK 10001P. But then again BZ can just rocket boost away at 50kph and don’t give a sh*t

  30. Before release 1050 damage, like jpz e100 put to tier 8, with armor and turret and depression,

  31. Its an abomination

  32. It is making holiday ops not so fun that is for sure, play teir 8 and face 3 of these most games, play teir 7 and face mostly teir 8 battles anyway and there are 3 of them and again more often than not tier 6 faces tier 8 so no safety there, only option is to play tier 9 and 10 and miss out on a chunk of the credit bounty due to gold fest at top tiers. Id get rid of the rocket dynamic which is frankly stupid and ensure the gun really is as poor as the stats say it should be so sniping becomes unreliable. then its ok.

  33. I wonder why you folks are still playing this shity game… I already moved to War Thunder…

  34. My opinion on the BZ-176 is I love one shotting them in my Tier 7 Italian TD by firing 2 well aimed shells under their jet boosters simultaneously setting them on fire and damaging or destroying their ammo rack XD

  35. Tornyak von Vlashic

    Pretty much how the IS3A was broken when it was released, I think there is still Skill4ltu video of IS3A review before the silent nerf of gun handling (a game on Normandy map) soon after the sale started…

  36. Picking on tier 6s is not impressive in the slightest.

  37. it’s like playing kv-2 before HE nerf. Against tier 4-6. but this thing got boost and armor.

  38. If I play arty with those tanks as enemy I only hit them, dont care about any other tanks.

  39. Idiots in WG balancing and decision making department. Nothing new… Balance is not important, only baiting people to spend money and buy boxes. Shortsighted fools.

  40. the best is when a BZ hits another BZ

  41. Thats how they keep going for p2w

  42. State of the game when I have to take out another busted T8 premium just to counter queue against these things. That being said, Skoda T56 is a beaut for overmatching the gun roof and dumping 900 damage in 3.5 seconds and giving them a taste of their own medicine. It has some spaced armour to survive poorly aimed shots too.

  43. It’s time for +1/-1 mm, t6 should not meet today’s obscene tier 8s

  44. Fun fact BZ-176 have 41mm of roof armor. So it can’t be overmatched by 120 mm guns.
    Remove that 1mm and it’s gonna be fine.
    But no – cause it’s premium

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