WHAT A HERO in World of Tanks!!!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m going to need a hero in World of Tanks… good thing my whole team is lining up for it in the Skoda T 27!



  1. My grandpa just passed away so I am watching your videos as a disstraction, wish you all luck and happy christmas

  2. It needs like 1 extra shot nothing else changes and it would feel great

  3. t-34-2g: “ok. Whos quackybaby?”

  4. A Lithuanian threw the game nothing new

  5. Rammus plays T34-2G 😳

  6. Quickybaby do video on hwk 12 you have never done one on it

  7. Rule number 1. Never trust your teammates

  8. That last player got 5,842 battles in that VK XD

  9. Empire-class fire nation battleship

    The FT probably thought QB was being sarcastic and that’s why he replied with “OK”. Either that or his English wasn’t good lol.

  10. Make FiatGreatAgain

    OMG let the vk plays, next time dont spam the tchat, its toxic for real, u made a mistake u better stfu

  11. Source of Arrogance

    LoL, what a noob VK

  12. So all of sudden QB is praising brainless baboons that rush without thinking ?? This “hero” didnt die like every other monkey that act like that only because of pure luck,get over it.

  13. I feel a new series coming – wot chat review with QB

  14. Sorry, but you Back Sear comanded and flustered the VK. You shouldn’t have been so insistant and so distracting. I get it, you were excited, you were invested, but you distracted the VK a bit too much. Don’t do that. In the end, they are left, let them do what they can, regardless of wether you like it or not

  15. On console its called “General”

  16. That VK was a donkey at the end of the game.

  17. “wow, what a hero” is often used in a sarcastic way in this game. Maybe the T-34-2G thought you were insulting him, which is why he just said “ok”.

  18. I guess if u did not anonymize your name, players will listen you more if they saw who you are. Just saying … I mean, behind that anonymizer could be a 45% player who do not know what he is doing. Merry Christmas!

  19. i guess he wasn’s sure if you were being sarcastic 😁😁 this is WoT after all

  20. Happy Christmas QB! Thank you for the terrible content!

  21. Metry Christmas quicky 😀 all the best

  22. T32 GFT BIG balls

  23. Maybe the vk didn’t pay attention to enemy health bar, he got told to deal with vz first, but he hasn’t been told that vz is one shot.

  24. Skill doesn’t come with an ebay account 🤪

  25. Its Christmas day now in the UK

  26. Merry Christmas! Love the content. Also I’m really sorry for this but “WoT a Hero” would be an amazing title

  27. That T 34 G is like me in Jadgpanzer E100 make 8303 dmg go and kill all 😂

  28. WoT needs less tryhards and more “this is boring let’s just charge in and have some fun” kinda people I think.
    I often do what that WZ did too, cause I hate waiting, so I’ll often do suicide rushes just to break the stalemate and make the game progress, even if it means I die and get a worse game, as long as it helps my team win and gives me some fun I’m happy.

    • I myself often will take initiative when I feel there is a pause in the situation that I can take an advantage from for the team; sometimes it works, sometimes it creates an impetus for another ally/comrade, others yet it fails completely.
      I will blindfire when I think it is useful, or spamfire to pin an enemy in their cover for others to get towards them.
      If it aids and assists in our team victory, then it IS worth it in my opinion.
      …I also never follow a Lemming-Train (when75%+> of team all go in one group of fools down only one side of a map,) no matter what insults or reasons they give. Them giving 2/3rds+ of a map to the enemy is almost always a defeat; as such, I’ll be forced to go guard the weakside and use what little I can do to try and take a portion of the open map from the enemy.

  29. Joyeux Noël QuickyBaby ! Greetings from Belgium ! And of course thanks for the nice tips and video’s you brought us !

  30. Qb is back seating a lot

  31. That AgentCrab guy has 5,842 battles in the VK 30.02 (D) out of 13,300 games total, so I guess he really likes that tank, but I guess he’s lacking camo skills, considering how easily he got out-spotted.

  32. What an idiot that player was, haha. Cheers, Merry Christmas.

  33. 12:57 Yes… I think it was a typo, and he said it about himself 😛

  34. Merry Christmas QB! 🎄🎅

  35. I love it too when a player has balls, usually no one wants to risk some HP for a good push or when you yourself go in as a tanky sucker no one follows with you… x’D

  36. AgentCrab, lol 🤣

  37. this happens when ego gets in the way of a great game.

  38. The most positive WoT chat exchange.

  39. QB: don’t armchair general when you die in a battle
    Also QB:

  40. I really miss all chat, really fucked the WoT community.

  41. Merry Christmas, QBaby!

  42. hey people i need an explanation of soemthing

    so in qb best moments you sometimes see people get crushed by dead ammoracked turrets and the kill goes to the dead player, my question is does the damage aswell goes to thw player or nor?

  43. World of bots … Gj for you

  44. Those are not heroes, those are bots :))

  45. Qb is no stranger to having games thrown by VKs
    “he’s so bad, so bad, so bad…”

  46. You fck that game in the end

  47. i have a question what u have to do so u can get those (marks) in the cannon someone pls answer

  48. I love the commentary, makes you feel the tension of the game

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