What are these WHEELS made of?! – EBR 75 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Having a silly in the wheeled 75…


  1. I love the half face webcam, makes it look like modern art.

  2. Nice crew skins

  3. cant watch this shit, fuck that pile of crap

  4. first time i watched you, do you always auto aim???

  5. Waardeloze wielen troep. Verbieden die bende. Als een tank dat raakt is het plat en een 120mm kanon moet dat ding door de midden schieten bij ieder schot.

  6. Jagdpanzer e100: I can pen everything

    Ebr: eat my banana wheels

  7. ze ar med ov ze finzest beugett, no?

  8. Jessie that gaymer

    Wait, what are the other two potential tank lines coming? Not including the double barreled tanks.

  9. Circon, didn’t you know? The French got their hands on some Stalinium from the Russians and made the wheels for these tanks out of that stolen material!

  10. “What are these WHEELS made of?!”
    Most likely, Spartan shields…

  11. French rubber, the only thing in this game tougher even that Stalinium

  12. That game showed exactly how fucked up RNG can be in WoT. It is disgusting.

  13. Yep, experiences like the udes had made me quit the game.
    My colleagues ask me, why my mood got so great during the last couple of month…

  14. them vibranium wheels breh

  15. I mean, the wheels work just like tracks. The shell still needs to enter the hull.
    Pretty much all shots did not go directly into the hull.
    The only hull shot was the bounce, which is cause of the troll angles, which are more annoying than the wheels imho.

  16. Absolutely disgusting display of how a car has ruined this game. Magic indestructable rubber wheels. Instant teleporting tardis.

  17. absolute filth

  18. Wheels are made of fairies, pixie dust and unicorns. That skorp g shell is bigger than the entire vehicle, and all it can do is make the wheel wobble. Fuck off wargaming, u idiots.

  19. Compare this thing to the Lynx. It’s just flatout better by an insane amount. Literally not a single reason to play the standard compared to the premium.

  20. killing the game,,,,thats what 🙁

  21. Wheel dmg absorption in this game would put the “Russian side armor black hole” to shame.

  22. Krystian Olszański

    compleatly ballanced da da

  23. best example how bs the wheelchairs are modelled…

  24. Napoleon Bonerpant

    Wheeler vehicles should be able to keep running, but slower as is, but have to COMPLETELY stop for ENTIRE repair…? What di you guys think?

  25. They are made out of pure bullshittery. Worst thing they ever added to the game.

  26. EBR wheels are made of? Strongest metal on earth Adamantium!

  27. Remember back in the day when they nerfed chaffee for being way to fast… goodtimes

  28. Wheels are balanced

  29. They’re made of bulls*t.

  30. that is disgusting

  31. I say nerf the dpm and pen (realistic gun on a wheeled vehicle). Also nerf the speed with broken wheel and force them to a full stop to repair it…And let them crash like any other tanks…oh and remobe their magic auto aim.

  32. Imagine getting a steel wall in FL 10 lol

  33. Michael Grießacher

    Combination of Adamantium and Vibranium

  34. If the mechanics were real, any tank shell that hits a vehicle like this, that’s essentially a lightly armored pick up truck, would decimate the vehicle. To think a tank shell could bounce or simply crit is assonine. A tank shell hitting this vehicle, would disable it permanently. These tanks have ruined the passive scouting skill and pretty much makes any tier 7 or higher game frustrating as fuck. And what’s with the auto-aim? It’s basically the same as the banned auto-aim mod, yet it’s allowable on these lol.

  35. The wheels are made of Kevlar/carbon fiber covered Vibrainium.

  36. Chekch my replays!

  37. Vibranium tires

  38. they are made of stale baguettes

  39. Best side armor in the game, and no, it isn’t broken. Tank guns should rip the wheel off and blow it out the other side of the tank, but it was a new line so it has to be more powerful than what we had

  40. no luck at all, this is the way of the wheel, fucking hate those cars

  41. rubber armor = best armor 😛

  42. First of all, what is that gun handling ? Aim time time – non. Dispersion – non. Hull armor absorb anything. Logic.

  43. Unpenetranium. Those wheels are made of pure, undiluted, grade A Unpenetranium.

    Also known in the English speaking world as Pure Utter Bullshit.

  44. They’re made from pure, unadulterated bullshit. That’s what they’re made of.

  45. T110E3 155mm HE damages wheel. And this shell has splash radius – it should rape the car.

  46. Me: sure i have overmatch on EBR, if i hit i do dmg
    Wheels: No
    Me: but overmatch mechanics
    Wheels: no
    Me: so its broken then
    Wheels: shhh

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